Is it OK for me to do anything I want to other people because ultimately it's just co-creation?

Inspired by this question

I wonder, if we were to rephrase this question slightly would your answers still remain the same? Let's say you don't want to kill someone, you just want to hurt them a bit. Still OK because it's just you? Still OK because they were just going to get hurt some day anyway? Or OK because they attracted it, otherwise you wouldn't be where you are feeling inclined to do whatever it is with them standing there for you to target?

What if we were to rephrase this question heavily? Torture? Genocide? Rape? I'm going to even insert a very specific situation a friend told me about recently. Most adults would agree, there will be an endless list of things children will want to do, only because they don't know its implications or consequences. This is why we say don't touch the stove; no screwdrivers in the light sockets, sparky; playing tag with cars is bad; etc. There's some young kids being babysat and one of them starts kissing his neck. Of course she's just a kid and wants affection and doesn't understand. But we've all seen the cop show with the man saying with a lucid clarity "She was asking for it."

So, if we are the genies in the world of the LoA just waiting to grant the wishes of our co-creators, shall we grant wishes to murder?

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Great question Snow. I didn't answer Rob's question because I don't believe EVERYTHING is a co-creation; sometimes it's only a match in vibrations.

(06 Jun '13, 21:42) ele

@Snow Great question Snow - this needs to be raised.

(07 Jun '13, 02:34) Catherine
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Again I would have to say the answer will always pertain to the individual. Anything I say would only be a judgement call. If it's okay within your state of consciousness then it's okay but if it doesn't feel good to you then it's not. You are the one who assigns the meaning to what you do and You are the one who has to live with your feelings. Ultimately it only matters what meaning we ourselves assign to any action we take and it really doesn't matter if anyone else deems it positive or negative...To thine own self be True. :-)


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@Michaela I think I understand what you are saying but what about the bit about living "with your feelings"? Are you saying that that is what karma is ... in other words, living with your own conscience is what is commonly referred to as karma.

(07 Jun '13, 03:17) Catherine

@Catherine no I think our feelings and conscience our indicators from our higher self letting us know whether we're in alignment with what serves our highest potential. Regarding karma, I'm still on the fence on that one...if it does exist I think it's just Consciousness presenting an opportunity for the individual aspect of itself to make a different choice :-)

(07 Jun '13, 11:49) Michaela

I personally do not like doing anything that would harm a person or to the very least make them sad. But if you were to ask me to look at this on a deeper and more technical level, I would give you a completely different answer.

I would tell you that your Universe that you are currently existing in right now is literally a different Universe than mine, than Releaser99, than Wade's, than every single person, than even your loved ones.

As a human physical being, your consciousness is limited to only being capable to "experience" one existence out of all of the parallel realities you are simultaneously and currently existing in right now. You can only experience "Time" from A to Z. Which is what you perceive as forward motion. Not Z to A, Not A to K-and then back to A again. No, A to Z. At least for me that is.

So with all that being true, even though everybody in your universe , even though they are all truly conscious "real" people, just like all the other many versions of you existing in all of the other parallel realties right now, You can only be conscious of 1 of your human physical existences at one time.

Which means that you have no idea, to truly know what existence everybody that is in your world if that is the one life that the their consciousness is truly experiencing, and the same the other way around from their perspective. Because you can only experience your own reality through your own consciousness

This is what Bashar is saying when he speaks about LOA, in saying that you do not "CREATE" something in your world that you want. You Switch to a parallel reality out of all of your infinite and simultaneous existences where it exists and thus consciousously experience that particular one. Those other yous in the parallel realities you just skipped over and even the one you were just previously were in still keep going on with a conscious version of you, But YOU, yourself, your consciousness is only EXPERIENCING ONE out of all of these at all times.

Therefore when you are Co-creating [Insert Blank] its only to you that you are affecting the entire time truly. Trust me, you can come kill me if you'd like or any of us, but Me, Releaser99, Wade, and myself, are most likely nowhere near on the vibration to experience that particular one type of reality.

If you killed all of us, we would have no clue anything had happened. This would be because it is happening in YOUR existence. You would be killing conscious versions of us that we are not experiencing. You truly would kill us and experience our deaths however, and then it would be up to you whether to feel good, unaffected or bad about it, but for us it wouldn't matter because we are not experiencing that reality that you are in where you came to kill us. We would still continue to see Snow post everyday on InwardQuest and continue having an awesome time sharing information with him like nothing ever happened, completely oblivious to the other reality where you had chose to experience the Universe where you had already killed us, because We would be interacting with a different version of Snow that was more appropriate to OUR realities and to what our consciousness chose to experience.

PS. I know you would never do anything like that of course, and hope i don't freak the others out by using myself and the usuals on here as an example. But I figured for example's sake, it would help explain the answer a lot more clearer for you to understand the explanation. -Lots of Love to you and everybody on here.


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@ikaruss21 love the style you used to quoted Bashar I could almost hear Bashars emphasis on the words .Well done ^5

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(08 Jun '13, 03:25) ikaruss21

awesome answer :)

(22 Jun '14, 13:08) Olga Farber
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What do you mean by "is it OK"? This is the most important part of the question.

The universe most certainly doesn't care. It does not send criminals to the top of a "to punish" list and saints to the top of a "to reward" list. If that is the role you want to play, you can. Hitler enjoyed many wonderful gifts from the universe while his victims were suffering in slave camps. Mohammad supposedly suffered a lot while young, and presumably innocent of any "negative actions". When he got older however and began to practice "negative actions", the result is that he lived fairly long, had a harem full of young sex slaves (including children) and plenty of wealth, as well as the satisfaction of seeing the corpses of his enemies pilled up in ditches, after having seen their women made into his sex slaves. On the other extreme, that symbol of goodness known as Jesus of Nazareth was brutally tortured to death.

So what do you mean "is it OK"? Who are you asking permission from?

One way Neville puts this issue is like this: we are all one. You can hurt another but in doing so you are only hurting yourself. Not figuratively but in actual fact as God is the only actor and all persons merely characters in God's eternal soliloquy. In simpler words, there is no person but yourself to feel the pain you inflict.


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Mmk. So basically eventually I will live or have lived any life there is for me to be inflicting anything to? A very curious concept. I wish I were able to validate that from the perspective of my own experience. My question is which of us has already lived the other's life here. =] Maybe that'd explain other people making jokes about events that happen later. Maybe they aren't future-seeing, they're remembering a past life of being me. O.o

(08 Jun '13, 18:39) Snow

This temporal concept is flawed. Time only exists within the context of an experience/story, just as space only exists within the context of an object/environment. Think of "reality", the real meta-reality that is, as a hard drive where many movies are stored. The movies are an experience, perspective, story. That story we call a person, you, me, Hitler, Obama, James T. Kirk, etc. The movies, while on the hard drive are dead. They only become alive once you, the meta-you, God, watches them.

(08 Jun '13, 21:05) flowsurfer

Not claiming that is true, it's just something to consider.

(08 Jun '13, 21:06) flowsurfer

"God's eternal soliloquy"...I love this!!! Pretty much sums up this whole journey :-)

(08 Jun '13, 22:46) Michaela
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I'll answer this from co-creation perspective.

If we refuse to do the negative thing the negative co-creation can't exist. A coin needs two sides, deny the creation of the negative and it denies the ability of the negative to be experienced.

When you refuse to be part in the negative co-creation it can't be created. The more people turn away from negative the less people there are to fulfill the one side of the coin. Eventually it would become impossible for anything negative to be experienced.


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Wade Casaldi

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what if you are on a atom right in the middle of the coin and the decision you make brings you on one side of the coin or the other? those that grow get toward the light and those that do not grow get towards the darkness. darkness is when there is no light the stronger the light the less darkness there is. for the moment let the children grow together until the harvest.

if I have been your helper so be it, and let it be.

(23 Jun '14, 21:20) white tiger
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"Is it OK for me to do anything I want to other people because ultimately it's just co-creation?"


"Is it OK". Definition of "okay": Approval, acceptance, agreement, assent, or acknowledgment. Redefining this question: "Am I approved, accepted; do you agree, assent, or acknowledge my actions if I do [insert negative action to others]"

The approval is within you. The acceptance is within you. The consciousness, energy of movement and action, is within you. "Seek to understand, not to be understood".

So the answer to your question is:

You decide, you choose. The rest of life(of which you are) will respond like interacting waves and consequences/reactions will be experienced in some form or another.


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Gabriel Yusef Buchanan

gyb, perhaps there is the responsibility of sentient creations to know how it is they are here in this time and place now

(26 Jun '14, 08:09) fred

I loved what @ikaruss21 said :) I will add more from Abraham-Hicks' and my point of view, the vibrational one:

"There is nothing big enough to protect you from unwanted things, and there are no unwanted things big enough to get into your experience." ~ Abraham

It lives well with the parallel universes theory as implementation, but doesn't have to use only it.

It means, if it's in someone's vibration, it will happen to them anyway, and if it's not in their vibration, you can't do it to them.

Abraham often brings an example of children that behave differently in the presence of different people.

So in a sense, no matter what you do, you don't change what they would be getting, anyway.

And there's a second side to it: your experience. When you do something to deliberately hurt another, it is a "bad vibe", low vibrational state, that you act upon, express into the world. So you create in your own life the reflection of that vibration.

About non-deliberate hurting others, I would recommend to read this article - one of my most favorite articles of all times. :)


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if it is ok to do it to you it should be ok to do it to other. but sometime you are not in their shoe so walk a mile in their shoe then do it to you. then you can do it to them if it was the most proper thing to do to your self.

first clean the inside of the cup it matter more then cleaning the outside of the cup.

if you have pure water in the cup and it spill it will clean up the outside of the cup.

but if you have dirty water full of poison and dead corpse inside of the cup even if the outside of the cup is clean when it will spill it is going to dirty the outside.

from what cup would you like to drink?

Do not forget it is not what you put in your mouth that will defile you it is what is coming out of your mouth that will defile you.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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