While skimming the news today I discovered something.

Reading the headlines just as a matter-of-factly then moving to the next one and not adding my story to the "story".

Once anyone reads something, like once we name something we automatically divide it. Any one of us can read the same exact headline (purely factual no opinion) and have a different reaction. Why? Because we instantly add our own story to the story.

Today was different, I just read each headline and very consciously did not add my opinion to it. (and let me tell you this ain't easy)

but after words I felt lighter, like Idid not attempt to change the story by adding my own editorial to it.

Throughout my day I am going to do this more often and see what happens.

Do any of you have similar thoughts about being an objective observer?

Wondering Dude (someone accidentally called me that and I liked it ha ha )

asked 14 Jan '11, 14:03

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jim 10

that was me' wondering 'dude , i often get letters mixed and only type with one finger . it rather suits you . lol

(14 Jan '11, 14:57) blubird two

Sounds like the symptoms of Spiritual Growth to me!

(14 Jan '11, 16:25) The Prophet

Thank you Neil :)

(14 Jan '11, 16:26) jim 10
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if for some reason you do react, trying to understand why so
and then let it go


answered 15 Jan '11, 02:15

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Nice Fred thanks

(15 Jan '11, 02:24) jim 10

Let’s stick with the idea of reading the news headlines, such as when scanning it using an rss news feeder. Rather than viewing any and all news (which is always relative) as either right or wrong.

Get into the habit of viewing it from a perspective of: will reading the full story serve me or not? If not, simply move on thereby ignoring the negative stuff.

Be 100% selfish in terms of adding to your vibrational mix. Only then will you be in a position of helping others - just by being you! Just in case you were Wondering Dude! :)

Caveat: Any and all news that you need to know, will find its way to you.


answered 15 Jan '11, 02:33

Eddie's gravatar image


edited 15 Jan '11, 02:51

Actually Eddie that is exactly what I do. Every morning I scan the rss and move on. Sometimes (more lately than ever) I do leave other sites after getting into the opinions. Breaking old habits by being more aware of thought patterns. Thanks Eddie!

(15 Jan '11, 02:47) jim 10

Yes Dude, and as time goes on you'll probably bother even less :)

(15 Jan '11, 02:54) Eddie

I really don't need to read any of it. How much of the news affects me? Little if ANY! If prices are going up I guess I'll find out when I get to the store.

(15 Jan '11, 03:00) jim 10
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i agree , wandering dude , not reacting is a good way of saving energy as well ,

useful energy for other things


answered 14 Jan '11, 15:05

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blubird two

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