I was asked this on Facebook and answered as follows:

I've been giving this some thought myself. Batteries use positive and negative equally, alternating current also uses both equally. Everything is energy including people.

Now I'll switch to water instead of electricity since it is easier to imagine. Air does the same as this is why we have dust devils, tornadoes and hurricanes but I'll stick with water for this. When water flows in one direction only there is no resistance and thus only a straight flow. Now if some stones get in the way the water can turn back on itself going in the opposite direction, this crashes into it self but since the flow is strong it finds a way to handle this by creating a vortex of spinning water at that spot. This can be seen in streams, these areas of water vortexes. So everywhere this force going in one direction meets for going in the opposite direction creates a vortex of spinning energy.

Now to go back to batteries they have a positive and negative terminal and what they get plugged into has a positive and negative terminal, what if where our chakras are are all terminals for receiving and sending the flow of electricity from and back into consciousness that we call existence?

So my question is what do you think chakras are?

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Wade Casaldi

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what do you think chakras are?

They are energy transformers for the human body.

In the same way that some electrical devices need a power "transformer" to step down the voltage so that the device can safely plug in and utilize the energy, the human body needs a series of energy transformers (chakras) to safely plug into universal electricity...Source, God, Higher Self, whatever term you want to use.


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Yes as Stingray so clearly points out they're energy transformers.

Chakras are part of our magnetic field ... our mind, emotions, thoughts all take place in our magnetic field. The lower the noise and resistances in the field the more energy we have and the more we become a radiant light being. It's a whole lot easier to heal on the level of the mind and electromagnetism than it is on the physical level. Physical is a result, energy field is causal.

The electromagnetism that energizes our bodies is the same force that powers the stars. Just above the head is a positive energy center that connects us to the universe and just below the feet is a negative energy center that connects us to the earth. So we have 9 principle chakras that are part of the torus that surrounds our bodies. The positive and negative forces rotate within us, we're all unified with the earth and the stars.

All this is linked with gravity. What is gravity? It's the "dark" energy pressing in on the planets (earth, sun, mars ... )that creates gravity ... this downwards energy bounces off the center of the earth and creates an anti-gravity effect that we can actually experience emotionally when we feel uplifted.


Update: The chakras can be tuned just as a piano ... Eileen Day McKinsick practices biotuning, she actually tunes the chakras even at a distance using tuning forks



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perhaps a central relay
station for their domain of
the body, junction box, receive and send energy


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