I belief I am very sensitive to other peoples mind states.

In addition, I was raised to be a people pleaser and seek approval from others. I have worked a lot at changing that.

However, I still have a hard time not taking on others influences.

Sometimes I think I just "pick up", like a radio antenna, the "chatter" around me, or the spirit nature of the mind state around me, even when it is not a good thing to absorb!

How do I turn this "receiver" around into a transmitter?... or at least NOT a receiver of everyone!

Also, how do I do it without coming off as an ass hole?

I have seen countless people who hold such mental poise with ease and not look like an ass hole........ but I just don't seem to have that, at least yet. When I do it there is a very apparent "wall" around me and people can tell.....

Any advice? Thank You.

asked 12 Nov '10, 01:42

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Can you be a little clearer about what your goal is?

(12 Nov '10, 06:36) Vesuvius

How do I NOT pick up on those frequencies ?

(12 Nov '10, 19:52) Back2Basics
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My dear, you are brimming with Love! Just remember, you need to show that same amount of love and attention to yourself. You also matter, how you feel, your wants, your needs. No one respects a door mat, they'll go on pushing you, because that's the message you're sending out. You can be ascertive by firmly stating your position in a kind way. At first they'll be surprised at this unexpected reaction, they may test you. Stick to your intentions, firmly but gently. Soon enough, they'll realize you don't push B2B around! No need to worry of coming off as a not nice person, if anything, people are more attracted to outspoken/self-confidant men rather than Yes-men (no matter how nice they might be!)

Blessings, namaste


answered 12 Nov '10, 09:47

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Thank you...........

(12 Nov '10, 19:51) Back2Basics

I do not know what is right for you. Personally I am fairly self-absorbed. Generally I have some mission I am working on. I pick up on other people very well. I can read through their BS. I'm not to affected though because I am really some place else; even though I may have joined the conversation. As I stated I am a man on a mission. Some times It gets too hot for me. I have to leave the room. I place my hands and arms over my solarplexes so they can't get to my emotional center. I do it in a stealth way. I sit there nod my head but I a million miles away. I tune in if they have something of value to say. If you can tune in you can tune out; but be stealth not rude. You ask for advice so here goes. Be on a mission or missions. If you can't be intense about it in a situation be generally on you personal mission. Thanks for asking the question because it help me as well.


answered 13 Nov '10, 03:34

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But Tom, how can you be in the now if you are a million mile away? shouldn't you be fully engaging in your daily life instead of escaping? how is it working for you?

(13 Nov '10, 07:10) daniele

Daniele you may have missed something. If I am around a lot of negativity. I can tune it out and still be in the present. When I am a million miles away I am working on my mission in the hear and now.

(13 Nov '10, 23:55) Tom

Comment if your unclear about it, I'll get back to you.

(13 Nov '10, 23:57) Tom

Sometimes being sensitive is not a gift. I know just how you feel. Lucky people can enjoy any conversation, I have to work on poise and self protection a the same time. Hehe smile

(14 Nov '10, 00:03) Tom

Tom, sounds like we have experienced similar things, thank you for your advice. Question: What if I am not always on a "mission"? What is this mission of yours, what do you mean by mission?

(15 Nov '10, 17:34) Back2Basics

Back2Basics, I am new to this site. I was looking for a magic way to change my situation. I have made it my mission to live more abundantly. You are always creating. Make it important. Make it a mission. Make it a fun mission. Tune in on how you feel. Then feel the best feeling you can. Don't let other throw you off mission. Blessings, Tom

(16 Nov '10, 03:07) Tom


(16 Nov '10, 16:32) Back2Basics


(16 Nov '10, 23:53) Tom
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You have to come out from under your shell, and flap your wings a little. And I can assure you that it is fun to flap your wings here, and there, and people will take notice of you, and your unique way of doing things; and they will crowd around you to find out what is your secret, and what makes you into the vibrant person you are etc.

Practice this exercise in front of a mirror, and in a short space of time you will develop the skills of self confidence, and leadership, and you will learn to do things in a certain to attract the right attention.


answered 16 Nov '10, 02:04

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Vee, what exercise are your referring? - "Practice this exercise in front of a mirror"

(16 Nov '10, 16:33) Back2Basics

@B2B, (Positive Mirroring) you go in front of a mirror and practice taking on the role of a winning personality of someone famous, successful, intelligent, charismatic, a motivational speaker that has inspired you, or has been a role model to you. Role play in front of a mirror until you can convince your self that you are confident and are in control of your audience. See your audience captivated by your presence, and you are well loved and respected by them etc!

(18 Nov '10, 05:18) Inactive User ♦♦
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