Scientific studies are showing that for most people beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder:

Psychology Today article

What does this say about the way spirit expresses itself?

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It looks like that from the article it is talking about physical beauty. That being said, to me, it is about taste. I like to say that there is no bad taste. Just popular taste and unpopular taste.When a certain amount of people in a given culture agree on something it becomes good taste due to i's popularity.

Now, it would be safe to say (and from now on I am talking strictly about physical beauty) that a disfigured person is not normally at first sight attractive. And then you have a scale from one end of (consensus ugly) to the other end, where beauty is defined as a healthy, clean, well-put-together person. Everything else falls in between.

This is where the "eye" of the beholder comes in. I have a preference to the color blue, Italian food, and dark haired women. Do I like all shades of blue? No way. All italian food? Not a chance. All dark haired women? Uh Uh. No I just have preferences. Trust me a dish that almost everyone else finds delish, I might not.

There in lies that taste is in the tongue of the beholder.

Michael Overman-Wandering Dude-Alcibiades Sheridan



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jim 10

I agree, its not.

The vast majority of people think that women that look like Keira Knightly,Anjelina Jolie ,Sheryl Cole etc are dead fit and very sexy.

The vast majoity of people think Ann Widdecombe isnt.

Its not to say that ones better than the other,its just that there is a standard of good lookingness that seems to be almost universal. Now note i didnt say completely universal.

However it is possible for a person who isnt, shall we say a looker to attract someone who is.

So there are some people who arnt bothered if someones a little fat,unfit,lethargic and not very good looking. Fortunately my wife fits into that catagory.

Proof positive i think that there IS something in LOA!!



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Monty Riviera

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Our idea of beauty is for the most part not our own but an image imprinted upon us by our culture and media. Beauty is how you feel about yourself and things around you. It is not a look. It is a feeling. It is how you are made to feel, whether it is about you or another.

Thank you, namaste


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I would really like this to be true.....

(20 Jan '11, 16:47) Back2Basics

You should have read the next installment in the author's series on stereotypes. In it, he explains that our perceptions of beauty are evolutionary adaptations.

Beauty appears to be an indicator of genetic and developmental health, and therefore of mate quality; beauty is a “health certification.” More attractive people are healthier, have greater physical fitness, live longer, [etc.]


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Mamie Van Doren seems to fit that perfectly, look how old she is and still a knockout, and still alive too. Born in 1931 and still going strong.

(22 Jan '11, 02:31) Wade Casaldi

Although society has a stamp upon what true beauty should look like, and sound like etc. In true essence natural beauty come first from within the heart, it is a feeling of joy, and happiness, not only a physical appearance. It is your behavior, your character, and how you live!


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You are referring to physical beauty it seems and from my experience, although there is a general concensus on people who are physically more pleasing to look at, it does not come close to or reflect inner beauty.

I frequently come accross men who most people would qualify as good looking but who really lack personality, charisma and intelligence. To me, it is those qualities that give more weight to overall beauty and I think a lot of people will agree.

In terms of physical beauty, I believe that if you feel good and beautiful on the inside, then you will look good on the outside to yourself and to others. Physical reality is only a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs.


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Pink Diamond

When it comes to physical characteristics of humans, I fail to see how physical reality is only a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs. It seems to maybe be the manifestation of Gods thoughts...

(20 Jan '11, 16:51) Back2Basics

Even if I do accept your point that we are born with certain physical features, surely you believe that people's physical features can change from then on. Nobody would age otherwise. And aging is a direct product of our practiced resistance over time.

(20 Jan '11, 17:13) Pink Diamond
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