Personal opinions. Agree that it would be beneficial?? or disagree based on what ever reasons??

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I personally do not think there should be any institution which exercises power and control. People should be have complete freedom of thought, speech and action.

Therefore, any government whether local or global is not desirable. Most of us need such an institution as we are not in control of our thoughts and actions and most important we fear the thoughts and actions of others and how they can affect us and our close ones. Therefore, we feel the need for such an institution to enforce specific rules and regulations for our safety and protection.


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Pink Diamond

Complete freedom of of thought, speech and action means that you must necessarily curtail those freedoms for others.

If you decide not to work, who will support you and your children?

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Nature shows us that diversity is the healthy way to go.

Universal government would place too much power and decision making in too few hands.

You will not believe what was found tucked away in the Copenhagen agreement... a 146 (?) page of plans to usurp the power of elected members of parliament. It was only discovered because someone was astute enough to realise that the size of the file was far too large for the supposed 2 page file described.

Believe it or not...

Find and read everything you can on what Lord Christopher Monckton has to say about this and the climate change debate. He is 'a saint' .. what courage.


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a world order where the Golden rule was the law . I see nothing wrong with that.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace - Jimi Hendrix


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One world, one government sounds great... in theory.

Lets just take one extended family as 'the small picture'of singular government.

What would be the difficulties you might be confronted with in trying to convince ALL of your relatives (nice, alright, notso nice, and the we don't talk about thems) that a few selected relatives are going to make decisions for them on every aspect of their lives ??? We have church goers here, gamblers, introverts, extroverts... just like countrys have their own well known personalities.

Most country's governments have enough trouble trying to integrate their indigenous, immigrant and mainstream populations already. And any reasonable person would agree that they all need their own space as well as the common space.

The Zodiac is One, but it is composed of twelve individual sections, each contributing it unique ingrediant to the Whole.


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The New World Order is coming people fear it because they do not understand it, Good News for Americans that fear it the most, where do you think the very start of the New World Order came from? Remember when America was called the New World? Now think of the United States all separate joined together in agreement as one United, has that worked do all our states fight with each other? We have had peace since unfortunately our civil war, but ever since we have had peace together. Next came the United Nations this was a big leap for the world in economy as well as general well fair of all people, when one needs help all help. Then came United Europe, it is interesting the UN had to come before the UE but this was how it had to come. The greatest minds have said for Earth to survive through the nuclear age it must untie, do any of you see a pattern here of peace and prosperity? The vision of our forefathers is coming together piece by piece. furthermore when there is One World Government over the Governments of the world we can then begin the serious work of space exploration and planet colonization, immortality, and so much more our progress as a whole unite will be beyond imagination when all share their knowledge and understanding for the progress and benefit of humanity.

The internet is world wide, people communicating sharing and peace.

Now you see there is nothing to fear about uniting as every time it was done every step that started with the United States (which was a great experiment) it worked. That was the model for the New World Order.

One more thing this will be a 'golden age' setting the stage for the second coming of Christ on earth as all are in peace the world mind will be in a place of non-conflict prefect for the return.

Think of why this would bring a golden age, once United, most that we believe will never change becomes obsolete, no need for any weapons of war for any country, no need for borders or passports, terrorism will cease to exist. It will finely be realized harming another country is harming your self. World hunger solved, world poverty solved, in other words we grow up and stop fighting each other as countries and join as One People, One World for the benefit of humanity, not the greater good but the good of all, everyone benefits.

No one lost freedom when Europe United and no one came forward proclaiming to be the new ruler over united Europe, all of Europe benefited from uniting, the Euro was created but did not replace all the countries currencies.


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Wade Casaldi

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unfortuantly wade where there is power there is evil. do you truly think everybdoy has the same mind state as us?? you being a good person would use its power to benefit the human race. but unfortuantly their are many who would not and do the opposite, as seen in history (adolf hitler, napolean, sadam hussien, stalin etc.)

(08 Feb '10, 18:43) Mebb

That was the old way through force and conquest and take over to control, the NWO is the new way through mutual agreement based on the need of survival. Countries are learning slowly it is better to be with the UN than is it to be against the UN. I believe United Asia is coming next they are closer than Africa to uniting. There is going to be a big danger to get past though of uniting or conquest, when there are four super powers.

(08 Feb '10, 20:03) Wade Casaldi

When we, the people of the world, come together as one, this should actually be a good thing, right?

Who needs national borders? They always merely have been artificial barriers, spinning their web of separation through time and space. When I live near a border, how come that I should feel closer to a "fellow" countryman 800 km away from me, whom I have never met, than to my neighbor over there just 50 m away whom I see every day, but belongs to another nation or even another culture?

We are one planet. We all share the same problems. We should also all feel the same joy about the beauty that is left.

Globalization could solve many problems if done right, if done by people with heart and courage and idealism. Same regulations for companies everywhere would mean no more child labor. Companies being harmful to our environment would not be able to flee from regulations anymore by offshoring production into less restrictive countries.

However, as said in another thread, we the people get the government we deserve. As the world is inevitably coming together as one, we will get the one world government we deserve. Surely globalization conferences are unfortunately attended by certain people of the industries who make sure that things are going happen in their interests, i.e. that the current (im)balance of powers will prevail. This is where we have to look for to protest.

We have to keep our eyes open. We can watch more and more unbelievable shit bubbling up to the surface lately, thanks to today's modern means of communication. These are important and exciting times ahead. Many important courses will be set for our future. It depends on each and everyone of us to make things turn out best.


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The time is now for people to open their eyes to what is going on around them, really. Everything you see and how you see it has been manipulated. The "Architects of Control" Psarion, M., have you in their grips. We are being denied free energy for the purpose of control and power. Just watch all of the Project Camelot Interviews, link text God Bless and Good Luck!


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There are people behind all this for such a long time now. They are trying to get absolute power over the world, they own the markets, they own the money, they manipulate governments and politics to make people toe the line in a way where people don't have the foggiest idea; one of this is fear, and "to protect us" they give rise to all these laws that cut and trim our freedoms and liberties until we become slaves ( the economy is one of those tools). Debt is another, terrorism is another, crime is another, unconstitutional laws in another,...they try to keep us busy with many toys so we don't think about what is important. It's a complex plan but is working and the most scary thing is that most people who carry out the plan (work for the chiefs) do not know it though they get well paid and gratified.


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Jose m

All through the ages of time there has been some form of governments, kings, Queens who had power but they were not satisfied with the power that they had and they wanted more power they want all power they want to control all of the lands and the people. At one time I heard that great Britain control 3/4 of the world.So if the people sit back and don't pay attention yes some government, some king, some form of power will take over and rule all the world if the world of people let them. We are all losing freedom everyday all over regardless of what name it goes by.

This is where trusting in God and Jesus Christ and creating our own reality come into play in a strong way.


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We got a small taste of that here in Europe where some bureaucrat in Brussels decides on everything including the shape, size and type of banana that is allowed into the EU. The fact that you may like a different type of bananas is of no consideration!

Listen, the fact that one can read doesn't stop him from smoking cigarettes with the warning on the label (my husband is highly educated and smokes). The fact that we've been told over and over again about eating healthy and exercise, doesn't stop the majority of people from eating junk and lazying around. But hey, it is Free Choice, their choice. The point is, One World Government means no choices. Means good bye free will. And who will protect you against such an institution when you can even barely defend yourself against the IRS! Now imagine an institution whose job is to regulate everything in your environment including your family life.

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Lord Acton (1834–1902)

thanks and blessings, namaste


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