Humans are so amazing and complex, could we have evolved into this amazing being? Half the stuff we can do, most of us don't even know we can do it. Plus the subtle yet profound differences among the physical features of the races of humans has always been a question of mine. What made white people white, and black people black etc? And as a side question, why do races show resistance towards other races? I feel like there has to be more to the story, Thank You, Peace.

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I echo Jai's perspective, as I am very comfortable the Extra-terrestrial explanation as well.

The alien theory fits the existing evidence much better than the ones that we are taught to believe.

We still don't have the technology to build the the Great Pyramid of Giza with the same precision and size of blocks used.

Check out Stingray's SECOND answer to this question: I think it deserves many up-votes.


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Yes, genetic cross-breeding and "manipulation" by extra-terrestrial intelligences is an explanation that has been hitting me from all sides for the past few years. And when that sort of thing happens in my life, it usually means (for me, at least) that there is something to it. And yes, those Nassim Haramein videos you are linking to in that other question are excellent. I challenge anyone to sincerely watch them and not find themselves thinking twice about ET involvement :)

(04 Feb '12, 14:14) Stingray

Just researching the head-binding that takes place in a lot of far distant cultures made me a believer...I, too, have been hearing a lot about ET involvement....Something we can agree on, eh, Stingray? <giggles>

(04 Feb '12, 18:21) Jaianniah

interesting that this question shows up when it does read an interesting site the other day about us humans and seeding

(05 Feb '12, 08:32) ursixx
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Wow! You have touched upon a real hot topic with this question...whether you realize it or not. There is a paper written by Omi and Winant that tries to explain all the ramifications of race, which I suggest that you read.

I surmise that humans originated in Africa, as fossil remains indicate. Then, a general migration of man seemed to occur, separating groups from each other, and allowing for the various differences in skin color and such to develop. Northern groups of people had no need for dark pigmentation, and I would guess that this gene became unnecessary and the peoples in the North developed lighter skin as the sun was not as strong in the North.

The Japanese believe that they descended from beings who came from the Heavens- the Emperor is a direct descendent of these beings. This is a belief which may just suggest alien involvement with humans- I don't know.

This idea has been investigated as skull binding, to elongate the skull, occurs all over the globe and perhaps suggests that just maybe aliens had something to do with human development. You can start out looking into this here.

I surmise that humans evolved to be different as genetic changes occurred in each group of people. I do not think it has any more deeper explanation than that. But it is an interesting topic! Thanks for bringing it up.




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Man has been here on Earth a lot longer than our history books say. And I do agree with possible alien connections. You might find this man's views interesting as a great starting place. Michael Cremo has been trying to tell the story of human origins for a long time. Watch and also look up his name.


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I've done heavy research and investigation into this topic and have delved into many different sources - all offering different information, theories, and claims, scientific or otherwise. I am surmising that your question is referring to Homo sapiens, yes? If so, Homo sapiens were initially derived from genetic mixing and engineering of the DNA of hominids known as Sasquatch (purportedly surviving refugees from the planet Maldek - now our asteroid belt) and a sub-section of the Extra-terrestrials known as the Anunnaki. Afterwards, different Extra-terrestrial races mixed and engineered their DNA with that of the Homo sapiens, creating different strains of Homo sapiens, which, in turn, created different races of 'humans'.

However, long before all this - and this is where things become really convoluted - there were humans residing on this planet who were refugees/colonists from the constellation of Lyrae - an E.T. race which we refer to as The Nordics. Although the Lyraens were not from this planet, their children, and their children's children, etc. were born on this planet. Would this not make the Lyraen off springs Earth humans, even though their genetics were established off world? Something to ponder :o)

Anyway, there were human and humanoid civilisations on Earth known as Hyperborea, Lemuria (MU), and Atlantis. The initial populace of these beings was not from Earth, but their offspring were born on Earth. These beings and their offspring had understanding of the power of electro-magnetic currents/ley lines in the Earth, and were co-creative in the manifestation of pyramids, stone circles, etc. There was no currency at this time, and every thing was supplied - as it is now - by our Earth mother. There was no want or need, until they shifted to a vibrational frequency where want and need became a match to their vibrational frequency. Needing to control nature and needing to control others led to their downfall.

Of course, purportedly there are existing Lemurians living today underground on the West-North-West Coast of the U.S.A., which was once the Eastern region of Lemuria.


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Please, watch this DVD. It is not a theory rather an actual experimentation thru DNA. It explains the origin of man and why different races. It is available on

Journey of Man DVD Dr. Spencer Wells


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Someone definitely screwed with the gene pool. There is an unaccounted jump in human development. That was a splice. Advanced technology. Most likely from the skies.


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The Knights Alchemy

on the resistance,
some would say that is ignorance
and thoughts of separateness
instead of the reality
of all being one

on our beginning,
from the candle before time
the core of each was lighted
individual evolutionary pace
may be the variable


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Even though ancient man was about as intelligent as modern man it doesn't explain the pyramids an other ancient anomalies. As far a the race issue; the differences only appear to great.

Scientist say our DNA is very similar; and I don't think is should matter at all. In another 15 years it won't matter except to extremist. This not say there won't be social differences.



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