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MIND THINKS IN TERMS OF SEPARATENESS, division analysis. Through mind, life is divided into fragments. Life itself is not divided; life itself is a unity. Life itself remains undivided, but the mind thinks in terms of fragments so whatsoever the mind says is bound to be false. The tree over there, the sky above you, the earth, you and everything are in a deep unity. The tree appears to be separate from you. but it is not. it cannot be. The sun is so far away. but you cannot exist here if the sun dies. Immediately, you will cease to exist here. Without the sun there – ten crore miles away – you cannot exist here. If the sun ceases to exist we will never be able to know that it has ceased, because there will be no one to know it. We are part of the rays of it. The whole universe is a cosmic unity. You are not isolated; you are not like an island. You are connected; you are rooted in the ocean of existence just like a wave. Unless this is felt deeply, one cannot enter samadhi, one cannot enter the total ecstasy of existence; because if you think yourself separate you cannot merge, if you think yourself separate you cannot surrender. If you think that you are not separate, surrender becomes easy; it happens. If you feel that you are one with life, you can trust it. Then there is no fear. Then you can die in it happily, ecstatically. Then there is no fear of death. The fear of death comes into existence because you think that you are separate. Then you start fighting, then you start protecting. You start seeing yourself as an enemy, in conflict. You think in terms of conquering, of being victorious. But then you will be defeated; your defeat is certain.

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Not a great QUESTION but lots of good stuff in there.Very deep and it covers SO much.I like it.

(22 Jan '11, 14:35) Monty Riviera

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"Life itself is a unity" - I'd also add that life itself is a flow that must be allowed. Thanks for sharing your 'awareness' :)

(22 Jan '11, 15:47) Michaela

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When we allow our consciousness to envelope the world we may be opening up to experience of the worlds suffering. That stimulates compasion.

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I think there would be a lot more compassion, this is the Christian ideals that we are all brothers and sisters in the body of God. What you speak of is the same that unity brings not only peace but compassion for all humanity, the meekness spoken of in the bible. Within the meekness is great strength to bring peace, love, happiness, harmony. There used to be a song "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing In Perfect Harmony", that expresses it very well. When an event happens we all gather in unity and either say I am proud to be a part of my town, my state, my country, so far nothing to join the world yet maybe some space invasion??? But I say why does it always have to take some common enemy to join us in unity and harmony, why not join together in love and peace just because it is better that way? I believe once we can get all people to recognize we are all brothers and sisters no matter country or race then there will be a progress so great for humanity that we spring forwards in knowledge and invention like the earth has never seen or known. Not only this once this connection is realized I believe nature will come next to be realized that it is connected too.

On my God Consciousness Experiment yahoo group I had an experiment similar to this. Look at everything close and say this is here, gradually look farther and farther away and still say this is here. Until you are looking at the stars and saying here are the stars, the stars are here. In this meditation you are removing the separating word "there" and replacing it with the unifying word "here."

Here is another one.

I am here in this room, I am here in this house, I am here in this town, I am here in this county, I am here in this state, I am here in this country, I am here in this continent, I am here in this planet, I am here in this solar system, I am here in this galaxy, I am here in this universe.

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