Does being in love make you feel like you're in the FLOW?

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Anything that makes us feel good puts us in a state of flow. Without a doubt, being in love would do that - hence we look better, feel better and quite frankly act like much nicer people when we are in love and because of this we are connected to our Source and the world looks rosy. What most of us don't realize is that we are able to access this state without necessarily having a partner to love - we just have to get still enough to connect with the source of all love.


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Ahhhh, great answer!! You're right!!! Thank you Michaela!!

(16 Aug '10, 22:11) figure8shape

The flow state is a state characterized by focused attentiveness, and a high degree of effectiveness. Athletes and artists call this state being in the zone. Abraham calls this state The Vortex.

Certainly, being in love can produce this highly-evolved state of attention. But so can anything else that you become deeply immersed in.


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Indeed. Thank you!

(16 Aug '10, 21:36) figure8shape

When I thought I was in love and I put my mind to things, everything did seem to work easier and faster for me than it had in many years now. Maybe that is just my perspective though.


answered 16 Aug '10, 21:45

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Wade Casaldi


I am pondering the very same thing... I guess it boils down to us "believing" that is how it is (or was)...interesting thought.

Thank you Wade!

(16 Aug '10, 21:52) figure8shape

If all is going well with the love, it does put us in the flow or the vortex!


answered 16 Aug '10, 22:05

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