You may have all the wealth in Christendom, but unless you recognize it and make use of it, it will have no value; so with your spiritual wealth: unless you recognize it and use it, it will have no value. The one and only condition of spiritual power is use or recognition.


How do you personally recognize and use your spiritual wealth?

asked 24 Jan '11, 16:49

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By becoming aware of my own egoic reactions and making a conscious choice to change them to the most loving response in the moment. By realizing my limited beliefs and fears and challenging them every chance I get. By accepting responsibility for everything in my life experience, knowing that I created it and if there's something I don't like I, alone, have the power to change it. By trying to be the person that I want everyone else in my life to be. By really opening my eyes and realizing how abundant I truly am, and how much I am blessed and being grateful as much as possible for that. By recognizing this same abundance in everyone and by living from that place of knowing that we are all One - Some days I succeed more than others but I keep on trying :)


answered 25 Jan '11, 14:47

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I agree (if this is what you are saying) that we only have spiritual wealth compared to our "spiritual Lack" I am very thankful for my lacks, for that is the only way I can gauge my wealth. Being with my wonderful faults :)

(25 Jan '11, 22:16) jim 10

Spiritual wealth? Yes, I believe, like the rest of humanity, that I must have some. The main way I use it to help others is through prayers. Haven't found yet anyone open-minded enough to share it with, though I've tried! (but hey, I am considering volunteering at the local prison, so I might end up with a captive audience after all :)

Thank you, namaste


answered 25 Jan '11, 16:33

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Yes you have found someone to share it with - us at IQ - thank you! Good luck with your volunteer project :)

(25 Jan '11, 16:59) Michaela

Thank you Michaela!

(26 Jan '11, 07:30) daniele

You recognize it by the fruit of the vine, what kind of fruit is it producing, good or spoiled fruit? When I pray for my friends I see results and they see results, so I know my spiritual gift is my faith in God. By my faith I have seen amazing miracles happen for my friends this shows me what my gift is, I must use this when friends come to me and not turn them away saying I don't have time.

I have other gifts like being able to pick up a musical instrument and play it in a few minutes even if I never played it before. I know this because again of the fruit I do this and trust and believe, not only trust and believe but I enjoy with a leap before you look faith that if others can play this I can too. There is no caution, no feeling of apprehension but wonder and exploration, the joy and adventure of finding out how this works.

I also know I have other gifts such as the ability to answer questions and let the wisdom flow through, at many times I look and say I didn't know this myself wow that is a great answer! This is not an egotistic I'm great remark it is an amazed wow that came from someone through me remark, maybe the Holy Spirit maybe God I am not to judge the source as a jar can not tell of the funnel used to pour water into it, it can only tell of the water it has in it.

So what is it that brings good fruit that you do or know, how has it benefited society and can it be used over again when needed?


answered 24 Jan '11, 19:52

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Wade Casaldi

edited 24 Jan '11, 19:59

Interesting, I never thought of answering questions and playing music as using spiritual wealth.....

(24 Jan '11, 21:13) Back2Basics

Yes any gift you can use for God, does it make you happy can you share it to make others happy too?

(25 Jan '11, 01:52) Wade Casaldi

Beautifully put wade! thank you

(25 Jan '11, 08:10) daniele

I am glad to help thank you. :-)

(26 Jan '11, 09:09) Wade Casaldi
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to make people smile,to say something good to and about everyone, to know people feel better when they have been in your company.To me that is a sign of spiritual wealth.You don't have to push it at people, just being you is enough.


answered 25 Jan '11, 07:37

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Quite true! thank you evelyn

(25 Jan '11, 08:11) daniele

it may not be so easy to find unless your heart is in the right place,
for we usually see at the level of where we are at.
our intuition is there, it comes with our spark of being though sometimes clouded or covered with layers of desire and personal gain.
you will know when you find it, be it insight to console the problems of others or the ability to create in the arts


answered 25 Jan '11, 00:18

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