Are some things better than other things, or do value judgements simply not exist?

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This idea (answer) is clear in my mind but requires a looong answer. So I'm going to condense it for now.

I believe good & bad are products of a universe that is based on duality. But why duality? You may have heard the expression "from nothing to something"

When you have nothing that's all you have. Nothing. So the creative impulse created something. Everything around us creates a presence through oscillation. That is a movement back & forth from a place of rest like a pendulum.

Have you seen a pendulum swing to one side & liking the result chooses to stay permanently swung to that one side? It's impossible. The swing to one side automatically causes the balancing swing to the other side.

In case of creation energy the balancing effect seems to manifest simultaneously in potential energy form. Something like the pendulum swings to both sides at the same time; therefore the sum-total is that it is at rest.

In order for the universe to explode (hint at spiritual big bang) into an exploration of what's possible, it simultaneously manifests "good" and "bad" in potential form. Then we volunteer, depending on our adventure, to manifest this energy exploration into events in reality.

When I say "it simultaneously manifests" I'm not saying that the universe cranks out everything that is possible & we choose from this ocean of posibility. the "It" in the universe "IS US" along with all other life forms. Our action in consciousness (the first action we take is in consciousness & the physical counterpart reflects back so that we can see what it is) automatically thrusts the balancing counterpart in potential form.

So our good intent automatically manifests the counter balance, and our bad intent manifests the opposing good intent, at this stage it is all energy. nothing has physically appeared yet.

So we as a species are creating our own energy databank of potential both good & bad.

Or so it seems.


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The Traveller

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Kinda like this one...It appeals to my sense of order and balance, for some reason.

(02 Dec '09, 00:55) Vesuvius

Let's start by asking , What kind/level of existence we are talking about ? .. Good and Evil, Better and worse .. all exist in our personal minds. that's also existence. out side our minds, they don't. but since existence can not be separated, they do - really - exist. but of course, in a personal individual level. only when our outside actions are affected by these thoughts, they take form in the outside world. not as pure thoughts, but in many other forms of actions and reactions. humans are very complicated beings !


answered 14 Nov '09, 12:08

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I didn't think there was a distinction. When someone says that good and evil do not exist, I assume that they mean that good and evil do not ever exist.

(14 Nov '09, 16:07) Vesuvius

Yes, some things are better than others but it differs from person to person. There is no general rule that can be applied to everybody with regards to what is better or worse because we are all quite unique in terms of our preferences in life.

I would qualify what is better for me by how much I want/am inclined/feel inspired to do something as opposed to another. Nothing else needs to come into the equation of working out which option is better.


answered 01 Dec '09, 16:02

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Pink Diamond

Everything exists in the individual mind and if attention is focused on something then it will exist in your world or your reality but not necessarily in my world - if that is not where I place my attention. Therefore good and evil, better and worse may exist for each of us on a personal level, depending on where we place our thoughts and attention, but after all they're only labels and what may be better for me may be worse for you or vice versa.


answered 01 Dec '09, 23:33

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Oh, Good and Evil exist, alright! Can we say that the eleven million deaths that occurred in WWII, six million of them being Jewish, was a good thing? Did a future Michelangelo or Beethoven get slaughtered in that war? From a Nazi perspective, they would say that they did a "good job" exterminating Jews, but on the whole, does the rest of the world agree? I doubt it. Everything exists on a scale of very good to very bad...but we also exist on that scale. Our perception depends upon where we sit on that continuum. The more people that agree that something is "good", the more likely that it is. We have a greater guide for this in the Words of Our God left for us in texts such as the Bible. This book tries to show what is good from God's perspective. If we are not of this faith, then we form other values based on experience and upbringing, but those values tend to coincide about what is good and what is bad. It is generally believed that one does not sacrifice humans; one does not kill children; one does not hurt another human to further his or her own gains. Our laws of our countries are set up to decide these things. Good and bad are still relative, though, and what we think largely depends upon where we are coming from in our minds. A controversial answer? Perhaps. I hope it helps. Blessings, Jai.


answered 02 Dec '09, 11:12

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I agree with Adel. Also good and evil, better or worse are all based on comparisons and as soon as we compare we seperate. There is only unity. Therefore, better or worse is only in the mind of the beholder.


answered 14 Nov '09, 12:29

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I guess I'm wondering, if there are no comparisons, then what do we have left to talk about? How everything is the same? Doesn't seem very exciting.

(14 Nov '09, 23:10) Vesuvius

I think its a matter of awareness or consciousness. As soon as we need to put into words, good or bad, better or worse, up and down. We have to define it to express it. It's just one part of a whole. Like a coin, heads and tails but it's the same coin. Evil having a lesser degreee of good or a lack of good. Still the same consciousness. It's all about where on the scale of understanding are we. There is only good, creativity, unity, harmony, etc. It's just a matter of degree until there is suck a lack of something it is described as an opposite. Hope this makes sense.

(15 Nov '09, 10:30) RPuls

I'd really like to share this with the people who think about this. It has come to my mind,that everyone sees "Evil" as a problem. But I wonder if anyone ever thought the opposite,well,you see. If there was no such thing as "Evil" or "bad". If there was no negative side in the world,well for starters,there would be no need for policemen,thus millions of people losing their jobs. Millions of people would have no job,as a result,population would decrease and so would the number of births,don't you think? In other words,outlaws keep some people ALIVE,while they can kill other people too,well It's rather ironic. Now,when you think about,if the devil makes us do bad things,does an evil spirit so called "Satan" tempt us to be "Evil"? Well,I think no one "kills" or "steals" for fun,unless they have a mental disease. Outlaws usually have reasons to be outlaws. For example,when a child is raised on a violent environment,he/she will be violent,and probably become a criminal. If someone murders someone,It was even for personal reasons,or for money,or they really do have,a mental disease. So you see,It always has an explanation,people don't kill for fun. Now,this doesn't prove that there isn't a "Devil" tempting us to kill someone for revenge,or hatred. I'm not too religious. I do believe in God,and him to be our beloved father. But,sometimes I wonder if some of the told stories are true. I mean,they were written so long ago,they say. What if they are mere suppositions of someone who believed in God,long long ago?

Well,we've seen Evil and Good are both needed to keep our world spinning. Then,what if God created two angels to watch over us,and make sure both Good and Evil exist in our planet? Yeah,like a Devil,and an Angel. But well,It's just a chance. I guess we'll see when we die. But we can conclude,that what the Japanese say about Ying/Yang,is true,so it might be interesting to check out some of their other legends and myths. I enjoyed writting this,hope you enjoy reading.


answered 29 Nov '09, 10:35

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Evil does exist and it was create to give man something to choose from since God man/woman free will now they have something to choose God from. Good or evil they are both real.

(29 Nov '09, 11:01) flowingwater

Good and evil does exist. God create evil because he had gave man/woman free will to choose and if there is nothing to choose from but one thing than there is no choice. So he create evil for man to choose hopefully man would choose to serve God who loves him.

Man kind has to choose to do good things or bad things it is always an choice or the choice has been made for him by someone else, Or by default. Everyday you are continuing choosing things whether you realize it are not.

Why is lt so hard for people to believe there is evil. They mostly believe there is an God, some higher being, universal consciouness, higher self or something else. I believe in God and Jesus Christ and Yes there is much evil and good in the world. It is us human to decide how we make choices.

Well, everyone is entitle to thier own opinion.


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Hi flowingwater, could you let me have the phone number of the person who decides what is good and what is evil? I need to have a quick chat with them and get a few things reclassified ;)

(29 Nov '09, 13:16) Stingray

Yes, I can Stingray the phone number you are to call is an 24 hour service open all the time his name is GOD and his phone number is the same (GOD) you may call him anytime to discuss what is good and what is evil he will be glad for you to have an long chat with him and he will get a few things straight and clarify things with you for he loves you and his arms are open wide to recieve you and your call anytime of the day or night. He is always waiting on us to talk to him so he will be waiting on your call with joy and happiness to answer all of your questions and to give you understanding.

(30 Nov '09, 01:27) flowingwater
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