I believe that manifestations only occur when the feelings are fresh, pure and in alignment with the universal mind/the source. When daily issues affect that feelings or affect the pure process and stimulate some actions which could be contradicted actions. Is that delaying the manifestation more?

Here is example; well it is the truth :):

If I am working on manifesting some fortune to come in easy way, a funny way universe can manage and I am enjoying the process, using Abraham way, focus, get in alignment and evidence reveal itself, BUT when some issues which require money shown, and which cannot be postponed, well so far it could be but lately there is some urgent case which effect my focus produce negative thoughts and really disturb my belief which cannot be shaken but it is a disturbance set me back steps and I have to start over again.

Is taking a contradicted action such getting a bank loan will delay the process? Or on the opposite it could pure the mind from the needs into create it in more enjoyable way?

When injecting these needs with that small loan, healing them and go on my mediations in peaceful way. Am I doing it right or mix it all up. Please advice.

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If the action feels to you like something urgent you need to do and you cannot see any better-feeling alternative to doing it in that moment, I would go right ahead and do it because it's probably the "path of least resistance" for you right now.

For example, if you are driving in your car and you hit some ice on the road and your car starts skidding then it is probably better to immediately turn the steering wheel and apply the brakes to prevent a crash...rather than trying to get yourself comfortable in that spinning drivers seat, entering a deep meditative state and making a list of your next best-feeling actions :)

The fact that the urgent action has a lot of emotional "kick" behind it is a signal from your Higher Self that something within it is important for you to take notice of.

However, because you are not interpreting that urgent action in a positive way, that implies there is something within your current belief system that is causing resistance to doing it.

It's what Bashar means by Anxiety just being Excitement viewed through a negative filter.

Ideally, you would want to clean up your resistance to taking that urgent action so that the negative filter is removed from it and you can feel/see more clearly the "excitement" (or good feeling) inherent in doing it. You would then be able to more objectively consider it within the context of the other good-feeling actions you have available to do.

But if your situation is urgent ("your car is skidding"), you may not feel you have time to do that (especially if you are relatively new to vibrational molding) so it is probably better for you to just go ahead and do the action.

The feeling of "relief" that doing the action brings you should then give you a bit of breathing space to consider what the next best-feeling action really is without the urgency of the situation hanging over your head.

Will taking these sorts of actions delay your manifestation?

To me, it really depends what you do after the urgency of the current situation is dealt with. If you continue after that to always reach for the best-feeling actions that you can take in any moment, you are speeding up your manifestations not delaying them.

And bear in mind that choosing to deliberately mold your resistant thoughts into better-feeling places (when the urgency is gone) is just as much a valid action as taking out a bank loan.


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know your self find the inner peace in you. know other see how it all fits in. to get money usely is not easy it is men creation men made a system so there is always a lack of money forcing you to work more and spend less. so yes those issue will follow. if you take a loan you will need even more money you will have interest to pay. do not take a loan if you can't pay it. or if it is not really needed. up and down is not the way the middle line is the answer. experience and enjoy.


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@white tiger - yes the middle road :)

(31 Jan '12, 00:23) blubird two

You are digging up the seed after you planted it. Plant the seed, and leave it alone. Then act with your intentions as your guide. Don't worry about the particulars. It WILL grow.


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why should self-centered thoughts
be acknowledged for
immediate assistance

if it may grates
with natures way
you'll debit karma


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