I am trying to mend a relationship with someone, who is not being particularly pleasant right now. I constantly visualize them being friendly and acting in a pleasant way towards me, yet it keeps manifesting into me being the one that is pleasant and they're the opposite. Why do the roles keep reversing? Why am i always the one that ends up feeling what I want them to feel? I don't want them to feel it for bad reasons, I want it to happen for both of our happiness. All of this role reversing is actually making me too scared to keep trying.

asked 08 Jun '10, 11:00

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Keep in mind that you are dealing with an individual who also has their own free will, and their own manifestations. So the notion that you can change their behavior is probably an unrealistic expectation, although you can influence their behavior by changing your attitude towards them.

As you may have noticed, the outcome is not always what you might expect. Some people are so desiring of attention (even if it's negative) that they will react badly if you choose to no longer play into their manipulations.


answered 08 Jun '10, 18:51

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You have let the universe know what your intention is: to be with this person in a mutually pleasant relationship. I would now drop the visualizations and see what happens. As Vesuvius mentioned the other person's free will is in play here as well and when we try to manipulate others, it often backfires on us. Just let it go now and it may go the way you like in time, and it may not. Be OK with it either way, want "the best for yourself" however that may turn out.


answered 08 Jun '10, 19:59

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