There are times when, while doing menial things like washing dishes or organizing papers at work, where I just suddenly remember things that I did from the past that make me cringe. Like things I've said that I have later regretted saying and things I wished I didn't do.

I'd say we all experience this from time to time, and that this is normal. But these past several months these "sudden recalls" became very frequent that it just breaks my mood in and relives my disappointment to certain people from my past, mostly those who have judged me for the stuff I did.

I have tried to do some vibrational clearing through EFT, remembering the memory and tapping them away. They do help for some time, and then these issues resurface.

But the real problem is this involuntary habit of recalling embarrassing situations, most especially with those people that ended up judging me based on how I acted and the direction my life is in.

These randomly resurfacing memories affect may creativity and my confidence in unreasonable levels. They happen very randomly and I want to break free of these thoughts.

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Have you tried emotional freedom technique (EFT) - it helps reduce the emotional charge of events.

(24 Apr '20, 08:24) Inner Beauty
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I have been meaning to post this technique on the forum for everyone to find out about it because this has been for me, the most powerful, transformational, life-changing tool i have come across. IT WORKS. it works immediately, it works over time, you notice the change right away,

i sometimes cannot even believe that what im experiencing is actually happening to me.

So this is what you need to know, there is no way for you to completely forget moments in your life, whatever moment it is- if you have a strong emotional response to it- you will remember it. And trust me, everything serves its purpose- even bad embarrassing moments have value. What you want isnt forgetting about them, but not having an emotional response if you think about them. Its not the memory that hurts- what hurts you is the emotional pain attached to that particular memory.

What needs to be done is we need to put behind us the emotional pain, we need to release the pain completely so that in the future, when you think about that moment, you wont feel ANY negative emotion, thats right, no negative emotion when you think about that moment- it should feel like just a moment, as if you were to think about that time you ate a cheese sandwich- nothing special, nothing emotional- just a cheese sandwich.

And the technique we are going to use for that is called the Magic Frame. I learned it from dr. David Snyder, who has an AMAZING youtube channel, i recommend it highly.

here is the explanation video for the technique, its 7 minutes and 34 seconds long:

**watch this video, he explains everything very clear. it takes 5 minutes to do the technique, you will be needing your imagination and own two hands, you do it by yourself, its completely free and it works immediately. Try it- youll see. its amazing.**

Let me know how it went and what you felt when releasing.



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I'd suggest don't try to forget the memory instead remember the memory objectively. This happens most easily when you begin to lose your false sense of self that is composed of your past. So when anything from past comes up you don't relate it with what 'I' did but objectively see from a third person perspective what happened so in your memory however embarrassing that may be it isn't you who is getting embarrassed and if you probe deeper even embarrassment is a meaning attached to an event that in itself doesn't have any meaning.

To awaken to our false sense of self, we become aware of the space within and without where everything rests by the process of mindfulness and meditation.


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