This question relates to: Why do so many people believe the world is going to end in 2012?

Why would God create something and destroy it too?

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This idea comes from the "old" beliefs about God, stemming from the view of God in the Old Testament.

The New Testament paints a different picture of God, thanks to the teachings of Jesus. He calls God "The Father" and tells repeatedly of His love for us. Jesus also speaks of the fact that He came to "fulfill" the Law: "Jesus fulfilled all the laws requirement by his perfect obedience, taking upon himself the penalty and the curse of the law and with his dying rendered it inoperative for the believer (Rom.10:4-5; Heb. 8:13). To say one is going to keep the Old Testament law because of requirement is to ignore the work that Christ did in our stead in the New Testament covenant."

I can say that this new Covenant with God abolishes the need for God to "destroy" anything. Christ's dying was to set us free from this need to perfectly keep the laws of the Old Testament. Thus, God is now reconciled with Man, and has no need to "destroy" us or anything here on Earth.

This is the belief of Christians today; with this belief, we are freed from the fear that God will "destroy" us.

I am just telling of Christian Theology in this matter. I hope it helps some people lose their fear of the world ending anytime soon.




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That is the power of the creator have you not create something and did not like the way it turn out like pottery or an painting or something. Either out of anger or just wanting to do it over again an make it better the next time?


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