Ever since I was a child, people have been predicting "the end of the world".

I actually remember the hysteria around 06/06/66 (the Number if the Beast)...

I have heard about something in 2012 (yes, I know that was another question)...

My point here, though is this: Is the World going to ever End at all?

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the world? thats a big place-no, the world as planet earth will probably never end or go away. we, the people- thats another story. we must remember that god created all and its within his power to destroy all.we live here as tenents -we own nothing. we come here with nothing and we leave here with nothing-so we can say that the world does end, for each of us, on the day of our deaths.and if, by chance, the world does end, while we are still here- then we all go together-what is there for us to worry about. as Christ said''fear not, for I am''


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eleanor sawitsky 1

You are so right our world ends when we die. I like the way you put things.

(12 Jan '10, 09:17) flowingwater

perhaps most of the end-of-the-world prophecies come from the deep desire to feel something outside of the monotony and somnabulism that many people refer to as their lives. Disasters bring out the best in people, and have a tendency to wake people up. Perhaps a repressed yearning for waking up for real is the source behind the end-times assertions.

(09 Dec '10, 09:02) mr.g

Apocalypse now? 30 days when the world didn't end


answered 12 Jan '10, 05:24

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Life as we know it on the planet earth will end in about 5 billion years, when our sun runs out of hydrogen and changes into a red giant. Solar temperatures will increase enough to burn off the atmosphere and boil away the oceans.

Cheery thought, isn't it?



answered 12 Jan '10, 05:28

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how do you know this? ok, the article and the mathematic assertions, but really, do you really know it?

(09 Dec '10, 09:03) mr.g

@mr.g The sun has only so much fuel, and then it will burn out, as surely as you will get stuck on the side of the road if you don't put gas in your car.

(09 Dec '10, 15:38) Vesuvius

This is something I remember thinking there would be trouble when the calendar turned to 06-06-06 (or if you removed the zeros 6-6-6) and there wasn't. not a peep that I saw on any news at least.

I do remember the big Y2K scare all computers would crash, world power would not work all energy systems would crash and every computer or computer controlled machine would not work, so that would be electric, water, sewage, gas, anything computer controlled, financial system so our money would be worthless ect... we would be back to bartering, even our cars wouldn't work or we couldn't pump the gas again computer controlled stuff!

Thankfully that never happened, I remember a few cults that the end of the world was coming and they all killed their selves so they didn't need to experience dying in some disaster like the rest of us supposedly would. Again thankfully that never happened, and sadly the suicides did happen.

Now we have 2012 coming up in a few years, I have to wonder if people will again be killing themselves so they don't die in the end of the world. Then there are people that are very seriously preparing for the end of the world, buying tons of caned food to last hundreds of years or at least until they grow old and die. I used to think this was a good idea, have plenty of clear clean drinking water and lots of caned foods, but someone woke me up to the fact if earth gets hit by a meteorite that hits earth and I am prepared with all my caned food and water, what good would it do me? I am still going to die like everyone else I'll just be prepared! So I feel now if the end comes it would be better to go out side grab a seat and watch the final show, may as well enjoy it, it is the last thing I'll ever see.


answered 12 Jan '10, 06:37

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Wade Casaldi

+1 People are cynical about Y2K because nothing happened, but collectively we spent a lot of time and money rewriting software to make sure that nothing happened. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

(12 Jan '10, 16:17) Vesuvius

I have a lot of stuff that never had any new software from from before 2000 that still to this day works fine. VCRs video game systems, even my old Commodore 64 from the 80's. The only thing I notice is daylight saving time is different for those, it must be switch manual or it changes the wrong day.

(12 Jan '10, 19:04) Wade Casaldi

Those devices must have used four-digit years for date/time calculations. Y2K was a problem only for computers that used two digits for the year in dates, like mainframes. Mainframes are responsible for most of the financial transactions that take place in the banking industry.

(15 Jan '10, 20:00) Vesuvius

Oh this was a problem for main frames but personal computers were not a problem they kept working fine because keeping track of the date was no big deal they'd keep working even with messed up dates I understand now.

(16 Jan '10, 06:26) Wade Casaldi

it all collapsed and we all died. this is the bardo and no one told you. did you receive your complimentary copy of the Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased by Claude Needham?

(09 Dec '10, 09:05) mr.g
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I have this wild theory:

Some of us won't know that we're dead when we're dead. We will roam around as spirits still living our daily lives although we have died. This state is shown for example in the movie The Sixth sense or described as "Bardo" in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

What can we do with such poor souls that just can't let go?

This is where those endtime scenarios come into play. They are prophesied for some date every couple of years. The next is 2012.

The universe or their higher selves will make our wandering souls believe more and more in that next endtime scenario. Until they project it into really happening in their reality. That's when they finally can accept "the end" and let to. Some people just need to take the whole world with them you know. :->

(Yes I'm aware of the question of what is ultimately the difference between the Bardo and real life when everything is an illusion anyway.)


answered 15 Jan '10, 01:48

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Check out the American Book of the Dead..... and the Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased.... fun!

(09 Dec '10, 09:07) mr.g

I don't believe the world is going to end anytime soon. But it doesn't matter as eleanor sawitsky said we could say our world end on the day of our death. Now God said that it would be destroy by fire this time instead of water as before. He also said No one knows when that is but him. He also said their would be signs of when it would be like you can't tell the seasons of the year there are more but I don't remember them right now.

The best that we all can do is become one with God and develop a personal relationship with Jesus and ask Jesus into our hearts and lives and be the best that we can be, learn from our mistakes, care about other people and mother earth, always striving to be the best we can be spiritual everyday understanding everyday brings on different experiences that you might handle in different ways according to your spiritual, physical, and emotional state of being as a electrical-energy-magnetic-spiritual-being living in a human body which is the temple of God as stated in the bible.

We need not worry or get depressed over it but we do need to always be prepared with the Lord and seek his guidance and understanding.As God said what is the use of gaining the hold world and using your own soul. So, this journey that we are on we need to be careful that we stay in the circle of God, stay prayed up, and ask God to keep a protective shield around us. Also we much ask Jesus forgiveness for all of our sins and than we must forgive our selves.

This journey we are on is a life learning journey about God, the world, our selves and others. When we think we have some parts right we need to share or help someone else along the way spiritually to the fact that God and Jesus loves them very much and will forgive them. We must all strive to walk in the light of the Lord. That means his light will show us the way.

I don't have all the answers and I don't think if we live a 1000 years years and search every important library of old and new information we will have learn it all and I know our brains and minds can not contain all of the knowledge of God. We are spiritual being living in a human body so our humanness stops us from looking upon God or nearly containing any large amount of what God knows. But he does reveal some things to us who diligently seek him and his knowledge.

To be totally honest I do believe we have spiritually come close to the end many times but some one are a few people have prayed hard for the whole human race and God found favor in those or that one person and spared the human race and the world again and again. Like he did in the old testament. You also know that Jesus is up there intervening for us as well!

I don't think we need to look upon the world coming to a end kind of like chicken little who said the sky is falling one too many times and No one believed him when it counted. I think the world will come to a end as we know it and Jesus will come back and God will clean this earth up after he has destroyed it with fire (you know both fire and water is a way of cleansing things) and there will be a new heaven, a new Jerusalem, a new earth and God will dwell down here on this new earth.

Jesus said he came back so that we might have life and life abundantly. So we are to live life abundantly but in a kind, respectful, loving, considerate,and spiritual oneness with God and Jesus.

Now in places we are becoming like Salomon and Gomorrah. Or Babylon giving in so much evil. But again we are free moral agent we have free will we choose to do what ever of course we want too there are consequences and how it effects ourselves and other on down the road a little or a lot. Do we even care? Cause and effect are a product of the choices we make each day.

I do remember one day I went outside and it was a beautiful day and something had happen something had change I could sense it I could feel it but I could not explain it was as though God had stretched his hand forth and renewed The Whole Earth like he had washed it clean it seem a new again that is the only way I can explain it. You could inhale and feel and smell the freshness, the cleanness and I believe we in the yard might have been the only ones who really notice it and paid attention to the magnificent of it all it was so beautiful.


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"You could inhale and feel and smell the freshness, the cleanness and I believe we in the yard might have been the only ones who really notice it and paid attention to the magnificent of it all it was so beautiful."

Sounds like a nice Spring day.

(09 Dec '10, 09:06) mr.g

Why are you guys focusing so much on knowing when,whether or not the earth going to end(the problem)? Instead of focusing on how to be saved (the solution) if the earth is going to end?

What is the point of knowing when and how will the earth end without knowing how to be saved?

If the earth end at 2012 or whatever time it will be, would u want to know how to be saved?

If you are serious about wanting to be saved leave your information here, i will contact u with email or whatever you leave here.



answered 12 Feb '10, 06:49

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(09 Dec '10, 09:07) mr.g

yes i can tell you that the end will not end anytime soon i have been talking to Tim McHyde and he does know that answer the world was suppose to end 11 year's ago and did not so i wouldn't let it worry you and don't listen to all that on youtube either when you type obviously alot of has been wrong it's all lies which that's the antichrist's doing's probably but then not yet the world is going to end eventually but not anytime soon ok.:)


answered 18 Mar '11, 17:46

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Soon? Absolutely!

When is soon?


answered 19 Mar '11, 08:04

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Do you believe in the story of Noah’s Ark? If so, there are some lessons to be learned, even with our New Age beliefs.

Something of a very significant nature will happen some time soon in the near future, but no one knows for sure what this something will be, or when specifically it will happen. But the truth is we are in for a "Big Revelation" in life, so be conscious of this, and do not be like the virgins in the Bible Story, who did not have any oil in their lamps!


answered 19 Mar '11, 04:54

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Inactive User ♦♦

My answer is YES. THE WHOLE LAWS WILL COME TO AN END INCLUDING AIRLINE LAWS, MALPRACTICE LAWS AND COURT LAWS. According to the bible prophecies the time that right now the world will be unable to end. If the world is going to end, then we are all going to be dead and that's why it is going to happen to all of everybody (including me as myself) forever. The following reasons why the world will come to an end was there will be earthquakes, tsunamis, biggest wildfires all over the world (including all volcanic eruptions) and meteor showers and the refund American Airlines tickets will come to an end forever and will be destroyed and many many many of 32,000,000 flights will be cancelled forever and ever due to this. The whole prophecies will be part of Jesus Christ returned, Moses returned, muslim of God, Budhist of asian religioius and many more of the biblie sectors of the outworld. There will be the whole things will be failed, airlines will be failed, American Airlines customer relations laws will be failed, refund tickets will be failed, and all of them will be failed including the economies, stock market crashes and the dollar crashes and everything will be going to be gone forever. Jeweleries will be gone forever and rejection/denial letters will be gone forever and ever and AAdvantage miles will be gone forever.


answered 08 Jun '11, 18:20

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Danny Markfeld

The world is goin to end when no one believes it. Cause it says in the bible that JESUS will come like a theif in the night. When we are all having wonderfull dreams!!!!!!!


answered 16 Jun '11, 05:54

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Check this out. The Event Horizon

Love and Light


answered 16 Jun '11, 10:33

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Listen to my favourite Yogi talking about 2012. What he says is absolute truth.

What will also happen in 2012 that is not mentioned in these videos, is something that has to do with Palden Dorje. He is also called "Buddha Boy", altough this is not a correct name. He became known after he had spent several months in meditation without eating nor drinking. In 2006 he said he needed additional 6 years of meditation before he could start his work. He did not say what he will do. What he said was something along the lines of "What I will do, and who I will become, you will see". His website:



answered 16 Jun '11, 14:12

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