While making affirmations I feel a strain in my mind. As though a wave is going from front to

top of the head.Should I carry on them or am I doing it wrong?

asked 27 Jan '11, 07:37

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Could you say more about the feeling you call strain ?

(27 Jan '11, 10:57) ursixx

@URSIXX-a strain mean that i feel a wave in my head feel going some time front to back or some time back left to right.some presure in the center of my brain.

(27 Jan '11, 17:47) Zee
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I wouldnt, not if its causing you pain.

I would read "Ask and it is given" or follow some of Stingrays links.

In the past ive used affirmations that rebelled against my mind.I was overstretching my faith and couldnt deep down accept them.

After using some of the Hicks methods im far more comfortable in myself,and far more confident in a positive outcome.

Its helped me a lot,it may help you to.



answered 27 Jan '11, 09:21

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Monty Riviera

Thank you Graham for your kind reply

(27 Jan '11, 10:13) Zee

A lot of affirmations like to use the NOW perspective regardless of how ridiculous it is for our minds to accept.

Example: "I am now a millionaire!" Wow that feels so good to say and think but then after that moment of owwwww how exciting the thought, it disappears as not believed because I see no evidence.

But if I change this slightly to "I am now becoming a millionaire!" My brain again says WOW that is exciting this is so great I feel great. My mind has a harder time doubting this as there needs no evidence. Who knows what is in the future, this can not be disproved that I am now becoming a millionaire, I have money I keep getting more every time I am paid maybe I am becoming a millionaire! So the brain accepts this much more easily and thus keeps the faith that is acceptable and true.


answered 27 Jan '11, 18:23

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Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade for your nice reply.but my mind does not take nitice of miner and smooth affirmations unless i do it for much long timefucsing on NOW HAVING FEELINGS. i try hard to focus I do it visualising with affirmations and feel that i have money much money right now for long time.becasue if my mind wanders here and there..

(28 Jan '11, 05:06) Zee

In my experience, this strain is an indication of you communicating your affirmation. I mean like, it is happening, you are open and connected! So I wouldn't worry about it.

You're doing great! Keep it up! Lots of love, namaste


answered 27 Jan '11, 16:46

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hmm..thanks deniele.once i was doing this continously for more than one and an half hour and i felt as though a layer haa removed in my head.i felt vastness in my mind.my visualisation and affirmation were regarding money.so i felt as though i was very rich man. i was in need of money.but after that in evening i suddenly contacted my cousain who immidiately provided me the required money.

(27 Jan '11, 16:59) Zee

Deniele- i have found that iof an affirmation is not working or showing any sign of acceptance from our sonsciousness,then we should mold our sentence or words which could be accepted.

(27 Jan '11, 17:19) Zee

Wow, you Are doing great zulu!

(27 Jan '11, 17:20) daniele
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It appears that you are overwhelming your self, and it would be wise for you to slow down, and to be more patience with your self. Sometimes if you try to overload the brain it makes matters worst for you to focus, and to concentrate to get the desired result you want. So, be cautious, and take care of your brain!


answered 02 Feb '11, 03:27

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