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This question came up due to comments on @Stingray 's answer to this question: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5393/in-the-manifestation-process-is-there-a-point-when-we-are-living-in-two-realities

This is the scenario, Abraham talks about doing processes not for getting the "stuff" but just to feel better or to have fun. If you are doing a process to get a car for example, you are creating resistance to receiving that car, either by becoming aware that you don't have it, trying to make it happen instead of allowing it, etc.

My question is: if you are feeling bad and you do a process to feel better why isn't there any resistance to that? At that moment you are aware that you are feeling bad, you are trying to make it happen, etc.

I'm not questioning if it works or not but rather wondering about the inner workings of that.

I guess this excludes things like meditating and it's more related to other types of processes. Thank you

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maybe an internal insights recognizes the self-less or desireless action spontaneously undertaken. a break from the control of the obsessed/programmed brain-mind

(08 Mar '12, 19:44) fred

Yes this reminds me of my answer to this question How-do-you-attract-something-while-working-with-the-feeling-that-you-dont-have-it-currently?

Having fun with attracting makes it more like a game. This fun of imagining "what if" does not harm the attraction but empowers it! There is no resistance because it feels good, it is fun, not hard work. This fun happy mind set is in an allowing mode of enjoying the possibility of "What if things were like this? Wow would that be great!"

It is like giving it is boost of energy. Feeling good trumps feeling bad because high energy always wins. The more we play at feeling good, our health improves and good things happen for us.

It plants a seed within us that grows into a tree after the seed we have planted.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for the answer @Wade Casaldi :-).

(07 Mar '12, 11:56) Kriegerd

The reasons you offer less resistance when you do processes in order to feel good:

  1. The manifestation of the emotion (and an emotion is a manifestation, coming right after a thought) is immediate. There is no "why hasn't it come yet" or "this is not working" effect here. You think a thought with the vibration of what you want, you immediately feel good. You immediately experience success when you do this. You don't look for the physical manifestation, which usually takes a lot longer, and focus on it's absence.
  2. Obviously when you, for example, are working on an issue like money - you probably have lots of limiting beliefs that are so convincing, that it really makes sense you can't have it. And working on it can trigger a lot of that. The goal of "I just want to have fun" is much more neutral and non-resistant than "I want to find the right vibration so I can make myself a millionaire", the latter statement would trigger those beliefs.
  3. When you have fun, you don't need to beat yourself up for not doing the vibrational work - you are naturally motivated to do it since you enjoy it! So it makes you practice a lot more, and prevents frustration from what is called "procrastination" (which is really something that doesn't exist). So the entire process becomes more effective.

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Thanks for the answer @Benjamin, it made me see a couple of things in a different way.

(07 Mar '12, 12:01) Kriegerd
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