Why do people not feel bored when playing games and sometimes they can play for hours without stopping, but they cannot do the same when for work or any of their daily chores?

My definition of games here are the ones that are more digital (Playstation Portable, XBOX 360, Computer games as compared to games like Chinese Chess, Sepak Takraw, Five stones, etc)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Because games give the quickly received illusion of fulfillment. Where as the savings from ten years of wages take much longer to achieve but are a real fulfillment.

Games take no real effort to feel good about one self it is easy gratification, look I beat my record 10,934 points!!! What does that mean in life, nothing just an empty instant gratification. I suppose it is similar to sex really in that respect it ties into the survival and enjoyment mind, I think someone called it the reptile brain?

But the real gratification of savings that are working for you bringing in more money to work for you to bring in more money to work for you to bring in more money, that is not even close to instant and it is planed and not diverted from in all the years spent to reach it, plus it is never reached it just continues to grow as long as you feed it.


answered 27 Jan '11, 14:02

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Wade Casaldi

but how would you know that working at a job and saving money might not be a "perceived illusion" too ? :)

(28 Jan '11, 00:06) kakaboo

LOL you are so right I know Buddah would agree! ;-)

(28 Jan '11, 02:32) Wade Casaldi

Chores and I do not get along. recently, i "prayed" to enjoy doing the dishes, laundry ect. Thats when i found that wearing headphones and enjoying lectures or music turned the experience into 'me' time. Also, i often hear Terence Mckenna whisper, "I did my time - sweeping up at the Ashram" and think of the chores as an homage to my life experience. ;-)


answered 27 Jan '11, 16:27

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