Hello everyone, my name is Manny, and I'm a new member of this wonderful site. I've been studying and applying the basic mechanics of reality creation to improve my way of life for a bit now, and so far so good. I'm starting to see how my emotions and thoughts can help me reach my goals, everything is starting to go just the way I want it to.

But recently I've run into some health problems which are making my reality twist in a bad way, my digestive system is messing up and I've had to visit countless doctors and endure tests after test. Each have come up inconclusive. But what I have been told is that cigarettes may cause a variety of healthy problems. I've been smoking for about 4 years now and tried to quit a number times..each time I've gone back to the killer smoke.

What I'm asking here is how would I, the waycreator of reality who's barely getting behind the wheel if creation, finally be able to quit smoking cigarettes. All I ask for is some advice, knowledge or just your two cents on this topic. Thank you and much appreciations for your help.

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Regarding the digestive issues I recommend doing Dr. Schulze's bowel cleanse (herbdoc.com), drink LOTS of water and start eating more raw, full of fiber and enzymes foods. And of course, the biggest factor of your health is your emotional state. Here Bashar talks about how to achieve great physical health - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApkqX9abz7Y

(22 Mar '12, 03:22) Benjamin

In words of Bashar, you cannot be what you are not the vibration of. Here's something to think about. When you decide to quit smoking, the decision itself assumes the habit is strong and you will attempt to defeat it in various way.

Or you can truly decide you had never smoked and there will no need to fight anything. You may object that the latter is completely delusional. It is, ONLY if you see as such. You said it yourself, you're the creator of your reality.

(22 Mar '12, 05:12) CalonLan
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I smoked for 25 years and used smokeless tobacco for another 3 years. I changed and decided that I no longer used cigarettes .The cigarette use was easy to replace with the smokeless tobacco. Then when it came time to quit all together I decided that I was nicotine free and was very proud of that. Like Jai said nicotine is an additive Drug. It has remarkable properties as well. It picks you up in the morning and calms you in the evening. It becomes your friend and it has all the social aspects too, smoke breaks ..etc...
So how to quit? simply said it is all in your head.. when you decide that you are no longer addicted to nicotine. When you change that reality that you DO NOT USE. I would if you find it hard to quit the take it step by step in reducing your nicotine intake.but do it quickly and decidedly. and one day just stop and no longer want it . You will always be a smoker.. things will come that will remind you of times you smoked and you will have the sensation memory (I get it sometimes driving my car and certain places that I drove by with a cigg in my hand )
Think of other things you no longer do.Remember that feeling of no longer needing that or wanting it it will be that same with nicotine.
Learn about belief change it will help you in other areas of you life too.


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Thank you for your very helpful information, I am very commited to living a nicotine free life and with the help from I.Q. I know I will achive this goal in no time. Again thank you all.

(22 Mar '12, 10:16) MannyC

Adding to what Dollar Bill said, Hale Dowskin from the Sedona Method says something like: You cannot use "I have to quit smoking" or "I have to stop smoking" because first, you have the image of smoking all the time, second, every time you finish a cigarette you accomplished your goal!!!.

Also, take a look at this Bashar video (look for part 2 in the related videos): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxMIfXaN1Gs


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"Stop smoking" is a negative. If you are visualizing 'not smoking' there is - there HAS to be - a cigarette in the picture. You are pushing. You are being against!

And, folks, being against something is as close as you can get to it!

Mother Teresa said, "I will never attend an anti-war rally! But I will happily attend a Peace Rally." There is a vast difference.

It is never a matter of quitting a dis-useful pattern (I like 'dis-useful' better than 'negative'). It is a matter of replacing. Of a different way of thinking.

I smoked for many years. Tried all the fads available to give up smoking. But there was some part of me that liked smoking, and it fought me when I tried to give it up. The subconscious is a powerful thing, an ally if you understand how to communicate.

It controls my breath, heartbeat, digestion, blood circulation, maintains and repairs my body, all in silent powerful progression. It does not really analyse, nor deduce. I, my conscious mind, am NOT going to win a battle with someone who can control how I feel.

I have six dogs, four are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, adorable cuddle puddles. But I have two guard dogs. Powerful sleek and very protective, a German Shepherd and a hybrid, a Shepweiler, half Rottweiler and half German Shepherd. He is massive and incredibly strong.

He loves to play with tennis balls. One day he had a stuffed toy that was the favorite toy of one of my Spaniels. The Spaniel weighs 17 pounds, the Shepweiler weighs 100 pounds more! This was going to be an unequal battle for the Spaniel to get his toy back. He tried.

Now they all get along. As Pack Leader, I will not stand for inter-family aggression, but the Shepweiler would not let go of the stuffed toy UNTIL the Spaniel brought him a tennis ball. Then he gladly dropped it and played with the tennis ball. The Spaniel picked up his toy and walked away, he looked back, and I almost saw a grin on both their faces.

So how does this relate to the Question? If you want something better, replace! I thought about the fun I could have if I could run and breathe better, of the money I would save, of the friends who were more accepting, of the good things I could have.

I did not quit smoking. I have not had a cigarette in over 30 years. I could have one, but I don't want one.

If you want it to rain, it will not.

If you feel the rain on your body, smell the rain, hear it around you, taste it, see it, it IS raining!


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Yes, DB, like redirecting children. It is better to redirect a child to draw on paper rather than only telling them not to draw on the wall or furniture. In a psychology class, they said that when giving commands, our brains don't hear the negative 'not' but only verbs. That is why people do what they are told not to do. So keeping it in the positive, as in what to do vs. what not to do, allows us to follow the correct command.

(22 Mar '12, 10:34) Fairy Princess

Nicotine is just about THE most addictive substance there is.

You have to be really dedicated to quitting...I am hoping that since you have not smoked long, you will be able to stop.

I recommend "cold turkey". Why? Because this gets rid of the nicotine in your system really quickly- about three days. They will be days of difficulty, but in the long run, anything else just drags out the torture of withdrawal.

The American Lung Association says that if you try to quit, and fail, just keep trying. It has shown that the more attempts you make to quit, the more likely you are to finally succeed.

I wrote an article about quitting smoking. You can read it here.

I hope this information helps you. Quitting nicotine is worse than quitting heroin. At least, that is what I have heard.

Good luck,



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Funnt thing Jai, ive heard that too. But then i heard an Australian addiction councellor say that this was infact untrue, and indeed caused many to believe that quitting was going to be much much harder than in fact it is. His take is to convince his patients that the quitting process is very easy, and that nicoteen is no more addictive than anything else. Im a non smoker so cant really speak with any authority.

(22 Mar '12, 07:33) Lance

well lance i am a smoker and i have stop 3 time in my life. and i can tell you that it is not worse then annything else. it is always a mater of will and free will.

(22 Mar '12, 11:32) white tiger

I agree with "cold turkey" for a couple of days. In may case it's hard for the first couple of days then OK. Do some sport, you will see it is much easier after stopping smoking.

But if you can't there are other ways, it depends on what you smoke: industrial cigarettes are filled with chemicals to make them more addictive, beside nicotine. Don't take my word for it, try it: try to roll your own cigarettes and see that you can wait longer between cigs. Then you can use rolling tobacco without additives, like American Spirit (they do pre-rolled too).

Finally, try electronic cigarettes! this really helps. I use e-lites, but other brands should be the same: you don't have all the mess attached to smoking like finding an ashtray, lighter, going out, etc and slowly you even forget you need to smoke.


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Ok so you want to stop smoking here are some free tips I can give you. Do it for yourself not because of other people. Because it starts with you, it always does. You need the will to do it.
You could replace it with something else it might help you with the addiction or the habit. I think the habit is the worst out of the 2 because usually` the time you smoke lets say after lunch or during commercial then you will look for a smoke just out of habit you might not even understand what you are searching for. So by replacing the habit with something else like a fruit or a candy etc what ever works for you in place of a smoke. Will help you make the transition. So you will not search in a fee month with out knowing what you are looking for. Another way you could enforce your will is by doing something positive for you when ever you take a puff from the smoke like example: doing 50 push ups. last tip do not start again if it is to stop again in the future.
experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Sunday will be my 9th week not smoking, I agree with quiting cold turkey, I also agree with replacing it with something, I think it's a hand motion habit/addiction as well as nicotine (and what ever else they put in there to make them more addicting. I use lollipops,cough drops,toothpicks anything.IMO the ONLY way you can stop is if you REALLY want to, otherwise your just fooling yourself.(123 a day is still feeding the addiction) Take it one day at a time wake up and say I'm not gonna smoke any today, get through tOday and do it again tomorrow and again and again and on the fifth day when you have an urge to smoke think about this: I haven't smoked in 5 days, if I have even 1 drag of a cigarette Il have to start all over again, all that hard work and effort it took me to get to that fifth day will be for nothing. You can quit just KNOW you can. GL


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Try eating an apple every night about an hour after dinner for the digestive issues.

As far as quitting smoking, I would use EFT, ZPoint, Midline clearing methods, etc... to clear the cravings for the cigarette. I have not used them for cravings before, so I cannot say it worked for me. But there are many videos out there demonstrating EFT for cravings and addictions.

Also, you can start in your dreams. When you find yourself lucid dreaming, take charge of the situation and be a non smoker.

I think that using questions could be beneficial. I explain it here. So for this situation, I would think of what you want instead of smoking and create question/s about that. For example "Why are my lungs so clear?" or "Why do I smell so fresh?" or "Why am I so healthy?" Keeping them positive and in the the present tense as if it were already true.

Try a deep breathing exercise to replace the deep breaths of inhaling the cigarette. Here is one I made up. Breathe in for the count of 5, hold it for the count of 5, breathe out for the count of 5, breathe in for the count of 6, hold it for the count of 6, breathe out for the count of 6, breathe in for the count of 7 etc... increasing the numbers as far as you can. Except the holding part, I only go up to 10. I go up to 20ish for the in and out though.


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Fairy Princess

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@Ursixx thanks for the link. They didn't even address the digestive tract issue. I think it is partly to do with the pectin. The kills bacteria part helps too probably.

(22 Mar '12, 08:59) Fairy Princess

well there is a multi-reality but this doesn't always work for those who have very hard time with their medical belif systems, as do I. I was raised with high medicine beliefs and many doctors and this has stuck, it is only reinforced by my sons C.P. and seeing what happened with no meds for him and his seizures. I haven't smoked for almost 2 years now and if your belief systems are hard to bend, i suggest a better and more healthy option, e-cigs, and I do not mean those stupid ones that look like a real ciggerete. Those are cheap and fall apart. They use nicotine and vaporize the additive liquid in them so that u have NO harmful chemicals except the nicotine itself which isn't all that bad compared to teh tens of thousands of chemicals that were found. The F.D.A. ( food and drug administration ) found NO harmful chemicals and believe me , the tabacoo company and the F.D.A. were most defiantly NOT wanting a healthy alternative. If you want to quick this takes the nicotine withdraws and the hand to mouth and even the mental part of seeing smoke ( which is only vapor) coming out. Me an d a great friend and 2 others have been off from 6 months to 2 and a half years . so it does work. for your best dollar the 2nd deal is the best.

cheap- http://www.bestecig.com/product_view.asp?ID=152

better quality - http://www.totallywicked-eliquid.de/products/torpedo-vvv-ecig-products.html

best quality - http://www.provape.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=provari


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TReb Bor yit-NE

If you want it to rain, it will not.

If you feel the rain on your body, smell the rain, hear it around you, taste it, see it, it IS raining!


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Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill, unless you are writing answers that are completely unrelated, please only provide one answer to each question. If you wish to add more to an existing answer of yours, edit it and add the new information instead of creating a new answer. Thanks

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@Barry Allen. Understood. Edited above multiple answers to try to comply, but can not delete this second answer. Says to try again later. Will follow your advice re multiple answers in the future.

(23 Mar '12, 12:14) Dollar Bill
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