Hi I know from the title this may seem like a explicit question but it is far from it.I have been on a road to becoming a spiritual being and may i say it has been exceptional the new things that have come in to my life and some of the greatness that has occured has been profound.I have one problem and i think it is the problem that is holding me back from me reaching my ultimate goals.

This is pornography,through years of darkness i have become addicited to pornographic material and i feel it hampers the mental images of success,spiritual clarity,happiness etc. that i paint in my mind.I have even found that i can't even concentrate that well whilst meditating which i'm sure is down to my obsession.

To secure a spiritual state of mind or even to secure success in lets say the field of inventions which i hope to do, does one need to remove an addiction such as this?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

If one is addicted to anything, it is not the one that is the master and the addiction the slave but quiet the reverse that is the situation. The addiction is in control of you so naturally you are having a difficult time doing what you think you want. The addiction is in control over you, that is why it is called an addiction.

However as we turn to God these things fall away naturally, God says you do not need to make any sacrifices or give up anything just come to me. Something magical happens the more we turn to God applying our higher nature, the lower nature loses its grip and naturally the desire fades away giving way to more glorious ideals of who and what you really are.

I once read a story of a woman that had a teen son that had naked girls all over his wall, she went and bought a beautiful picture of Jesus and put it up on his wall in the middle of all his other pictures. After a while she came back and saw the son took down all the other pictures except Jesus, she asked him, "Where are all the other pictures?" He said, "I took them down, they just didn't seem to fit with Jesus in the center."

The more we turn to God, read God's word and apply it, the more we know we are free, we feel free and experience that we are. That nothing has power over us as we have power through Jesus over everything.


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Wade Casaldi

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@PlatosCave Thank you for best answer, I am glad you liked it and glad to be a help.

(26 Nov '12, 00:50) Wade Casaldi

lol . . . that's a disturbing visual @Wade Casaldi! Congrats on Best Answer. I tried voting you up; but my button isn't working.

(29 Nov '12, 04:27) ele

Awe thank you Ele! This comment means so much more than an anonymous point. :-)

(29 Nov '12, 12:08) Wade Casaldi

My button didn't work cause I used up my allotted votes for the day. You used to get a notification; but it's happened at least 3 or 4 times now. I voted you up later. I'm glad you won; but unless you are new to religion - meaning just discovered God, I don't think it will work.

(13 Jan '13, 04:28) ele
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Firstly let me say how much I applaud you for asking this question on this site. For the most part I agree with Tom. This may or may not be a serious problem but if you are posting a question on IQ and are still concerned about it, it possibly is quite serious. The first step is always admitting that you may have a problem.

The trouble with pornography is that it is designed to be highly addictive. A very interesting book entitled "The Brain that Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge has a chapter specifically about this topic. In it, the author describes the brain changes that take place and why users not only become addicted but then seek out harder themes to get that same "high". You see the same in alcohol and drug addiction of course. He explains why (in terms of the brain) what appears at the start to be a healthy pleasure paradoxically often leads to an eventual decrease in pleasure, stating that many of the patients he treated craved pornography but didn't like it - wanting and liking being two different things. The book explains a whole lot of other things including why Viagra is often advertised on porn sites!

The whole area of human sexuality is a complicated one, but my gut feeling is that pornography is eventually a powerful vibration downer and if you are still experiencing problems you might be best to seek specialist professional help. (EDIT - 27.11.12 Clearly from your recent posts, this is no longer an issue for you though - I'll leave the answer just in case other people might be inspired to read the book)


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Great answer wish i saw it sooner i would have considered it as best answer.Thank you very much.

(12 Jan '13, 12:44) PlatosCave

@PlatosCave You are most welcome PC.

(13 Jan '13, 12:00) Catherine

If you are worried it is bringing you down it most likely is... especially if you call it an addiction. I usede to look at it and whenever I did it killed my mood. So I made myself quit for 30 days... definitely a big difference especially in my mood and energy.

I don't remember where I read it but on other PD sites this question has come up and many people feel that masturbation and porn usually brings you down and makes problems worse, unless its just an occasional thing. There is a site (Your Brain on Porn, I think) that says giving up masturbation/porn has helped people with social anxiety and other problems. It has a lot of info on why they believe its not too good for you.

Personally it helped me a lot to stop, especially in my personal relationships, and I definitely feel I think more clearly and have an improved mood. It definitely made blocks for me at the time.


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(30 Jan '12, 19:13) LapisLazuli

Interesting to read this after almost 10 months... :) I don't feel this way personally anymore. The reason it used to affect me so much was because of the beliefs I had surrounding it.

If you look at porn... don't feel guilty or gross. Just enjoy it, like everything else. ;)

(29 Nov '12, 08:52) LapisLazuli

I agree with what Tom wrote above - it's not the pornography per se, it's your relationship towards it. Addiction will always slow down spiritual development.

But perhaps you need to take a deep look inside and see whether you are harboring lots of feelings of guilt and beliefs such as 'pornography is bad'. When I look back at addictions I have had (or thought I had, I'm not so sure anymore what addiction is and isn't), a lot of them were just fuelled with guilt. Whether excessive drinking, promiscuity, smoking, or other things, the pattern was always the same: Feel bad ---> Seek comfort in the 'addiction' of choice ---> Berate myself for doing 'bad' thing ----> Feel worse, and so try to distract myself from feeling bad by seeking comfort in the addiction ----> Feel worse ----> et cetera, ad nauseum.... Personally I've always been a bit compulsively drawn to doing things which I felt were bad of me to do, but removing the guilt about that behaviour often made me feel less inclined to do it.

Currently I watch porn, probably more frequently than a lady should (or should admit to in mixed company, at any rate!), but I don't feel it interferes with my spirituality, because I don't really feel guilty about it or feel that it is inherently bad. But I used to, and I believe that back then it did interfere with my spirituality.


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Thank you for you honesty and courage. I would like to recommend an author whose books have received the greatest praise from every woman (and open-minded men) who have ever read it. The author is Nancy Friday, and you should start with "My Secret Garden". It's a compilation of women's erotic fantasies. The book is a result of compiling the fantasies of over 10,000 female respondents from a survey on the subject. It's a deliciously naughty read.

(31 Jan '12, 02:15) The Traveller

I've actually got two of Nancy Friday's books, 'Women on Top' and 'Men in Love'. I haven't read 'My Secret Garden' but I think they are very similar. I loved reading it, and having grown up in an environment where the Madonna-Whore syndrome was prevalent, i.e. good girls 'don't do that', it actually helped me realise a lot about sexuality... And become more accepting of my own inclinations, which I always thought were 'wild', but were actually very vanilla compared to a lot of what I read!

(31 Jan '12, 02:39) cassiopeia

What Nancy Friday did was an amazing thing... There's so much repressed guilt surrounding sexuality in society a lot of times - like I said, where I grew up, even though I was raised by a liberal mother who was very good about discussing sex with me - but that society still managed to negatively influence me.

(31 Jan '12, 02:41) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia - vanilla, meaning just ordinary sex ... feels great to me :)

(31 Jan '12, 02:44) blubird two

Love your answer I definitely agree it comes down ultimately to how you feel about it :)

(31 Jan '12, 12:32) LapisLazuli
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Sex is a great gift of the Almighty-The Creator. So are HIS fine food and drink. It is the quality and the quantity of them that determines the end result. If by addiction you mean you eat too much, then, simply try tune it down-do not abstain, otherwise it will not last just like food diet. PONO is the secret. Just like your food and drink choose the right one and the right amount, then, you'll feel the real ecstasy, and when you do you will not go back to excess, cause it does not feel good. Just remember, it takes time to go back to balanced point as it took time to break the balanced point. Persevere and you will succeed. Namaste & Peace.


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yes one needs to find balence; extreme are never good yet some people are in extreme and until they reach the end of the extreme they are not able to go back to balence. there is a lesson to learn there lets hope they learn it on the first ride. experience and enjoy.

(31 Jan '12, 23:18) white tiger

Well pornography itself may or may not be to bad. It's that word addiction. Addiction robs us out spiritual development. One so addicted must totally abstain and work a spiritual program of recovery to "stay clean" shall we say.

I have 35 years of sobriety, not even a sip or beer. I frequently go to AA and try to give back by helping others. There is a sex anonymous, but I know how to get hold of them. I would try a priest, to get the information. After finding SA you must give it everything you have or you will succumb to your old ways. Over any considerable period you will get worse if you do not take action. Blessings!


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Oh and by the way church and God and all that is not going to be enough to over come a bad problem in my opinion.

(30 Jan '12, 18:29) Tom

No, I do not think it is absolutely necessary to curb a pornography addiction in order to become "spritual". As long as it is not taking over your personal life, it really cannot be considered as an addiction yet, and it is perfectly normal for a person to have the desire to fulfil his or her sexual fantasies in anyway possible.

I do not agree about what some people have posted about studies finding that a reduction in masturbating or pornographic watching helps in their personal life, for just as there are as much studies that prove that, there are also many other studies that say that pornography or masturbation helps a little in your personal life. So who should we actually believe? :)

Personally I think that it is more of the stigma that comes along with pornography that bothers a lot of people, because it is something that many people do not want to admit openly due to being scrutinized. But if a male claims that he has never had the desire to see a lady naked before in his life, he is most probably lying...

As for you not being able to concentrate well during meditation... I believe that almost everyone who starts meditating for the first few times have this problem , regardless of whether they have an addiction to pornography or not. Most people are unable to meditate for the full fifteen or twenty minutes the first time they are doing it, it only gets easier as you practice it more.

So as long as your pornography addiction is not taking over your life, I do not think you need to worry about it that much.


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@kakaboo, good point about almost everyone having difficulty with meditation, regardless of a porn addiction. I agree!

(26 Nov '12, 08:36) Bedazzled

Good well balanced answer,cant add much to it.

(13 Jan '13, 09:59) Monty Riviera

Hi I've read many great answers and I would like to share my knowledge of this situation. I have been taught that in the creative functions there is a source of "fire", energy what have you, that strengthens us, and the more we are able to retain this "fire" the stronger we get Spiritually. When we masturbate excessively we lose this energy and in so saying become less weak spiritually. Another issue with pornography is that it tends to bring out the primitive side of us, instead of seeing a man or woman in their true essence, which is true beauty, we see them physically, sexually, what have you and sometimes this way of seeing people tends to distract us from the true individual. I also have an issue with porn, being that I am single, I sometimes feel the urge to be with someone sexually and there is no one but me so..... But, I am making a conscious effort to limit the use of porn, it is not easy but with practice it becomes easier!! So yes, if you desire to become Spiritually advanced anything that clouds you're mind from seeing the good in life will limit your spiritual progression. Peace


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@alumni - yes i agree it can "drain" spiritual energy, however excessive porn can be used to chase away a too puritan education :)

(01 Feb '12, 05:11) blubird two

Yes, it all comes back to balance, I think.

(26 Nov '12, 08:28) Bedazzled

well i would say get has much porn has you can and you will see that it is not the way and get feed up. look at buddha he was a prince add a harem money power etc. yet something was missing once he got feed up he made a choice. you might be addicted on porn for another reason you are lacking something else. find what it is and make that choice.has for is it bad for spirituallity only has attachement it is a bond that stop your progress. experience and enjoy.


answered 30 Jan '12, 19:32

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white tiger


@white tiger - yes porn is just the symptom, get to the root cause ... the real problem is attachment and this prevents enlightenment :)

(31 Jan '12, 00:01) blubird two

Yes something was definitely missing.I think i'm on the verge of finding it.

(12 Jan '13, 12:45) PlatosCave

We know inside when we go too far. We become fixated. That fixation grounds you to its own reflection. And it begins to take a life of it's own. You can be spiritual, but you can always do better. Replace that fixation with a fixation that is not as grounding. Tai chi maybe. This will raise your vibration and you will expand.


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The Knights Alchemy

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". Shakespeare

I'd suggest using EFT and BSFF. These can go a long way in helping you get the addiction out of the equation and leave the action for what it is. Don't try to suppress it or fight against it, with these techniques you can clear this and many more things that might be in the way.

Hope it helps!


answered 31 Jan '12, 11:42

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Very true, love the quote :)

(31 Jan '12, 12:23) LapisLazuli

@Kriegerd - yes Shakespeare knew all about the law of attraction :)

(01 Feb '12, 00:53) blubird two

Hi thanks for your answer and sorry about my late reply could you shed light on EFT and BSFF if possible.Peace to you

(25 Nov '12, 20:59) PlatosCave

Here's a really short summary. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, BSFF for Be Set Free Fast. The first one is a technique that draws from acupuncture but without the needles. You basically tap through certain points (meridians) while you say some phrases that allow you to clear and let go of unwanted emotions.

The second one directs the subconscious to eliminate emotional roots, beliefs and "programs" that your subconscious is running.

There is a lot of information out there...

(26 Nov '12, 03:09) Kriegerd

Links: EFT: http://www.garythink.com/ BSFF: http://www.besetfreefast.com/index.html

A variation of EFT called FasterEFT, (I highly recommend it): http://www.youtube.com/user/HealingMagic

This can seem like a lot of stuff, just go at your own pace and see how it goes. I would read the basics from EFT and then jump to FasterEFT, The youtube channel is really organized, so it's easy to follow the playlists and explore.

If you have any questions or doubts just let me know. Hope it helps.

(26 Nov '12, 03:20) Kriegerd
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Something I heard that resonates with me is:

An addiction is only an addiction until you recognize it. If you continue doing it after that, it's a choice.


answered 27 Nov '12, 14:42

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Very true. Bashar talks about that a lot.

(27 Nov '12, 15:11) Kriegerd

Excellent Answer! Great Quote! Same is true for Happiness - it's a choice.

(29 Nov '12, 04:17) ele

Maybe you are ready to outgrow the porn addiction and are seeking ways to do that. Sometimes something comes along in life that gives so much relief from other pains and circumstances that it becomes the 'go-to' pain reliever.

Then one day it either doesn't work as good at relieving, which often drives some into more and more looking for that that great releif.

Or one realized they are soothing themself now and can let go of that once beloved pain reliever. It's like an old friend who is going on a different path...not good, not bad as said above. Simply growing in another easier direction.


answered 26 Nov '12, 23:38

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Great answer i feel its time to let go.

(12 Jan '13, 12:48) PlatosCave

Awesome answer @wade casaldi. You don't, CAN'T cure an an addiction by focussing on it. In your story, I submit that the young man replaced the pictures of the women with the picture of Christ.

I had wondered why so many pastors have fallen victim to pornography. They were all very much against pornography, then they accidently picked up a magazine, or an x-rated tv program in a hotel where they were staying and it all came crashing down. Often maasturbation is part of the syndrome.

If you constantly think about it, whether you tell yourself that you are for it or against it, you WILL include it in your universe. The LOA works inexorably that way!

"Against" something is the closest you can get. Right up against it!

"Replace" perhaps "redirect" this energy. Sex is a gift that goes far beyond the physical. Study the Hindu tantric exercises for a better understanding of the Sprirtual aspects. Sex, properly done can be a spiritual exercise!

Or better yet, get a girlfriend! One real woman is worth more than 10,000 pictures.


answered 29 Nov '12, 08:31

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Dollar Bill

Define "spiritual state of mind" and why you want to secure it. Your mind will automatically lock onto anything you do with intense focus and for long periods of time. Addictions happen because some things give you the feedback necessary to sustain that focus. If I play Starcraft for hours one day, I'll literally drift off and play the game in my head everytime I close my eyes. If I keep the habit for several days, I'll have trouble falling asleep or thinking of anything else because I keep thinking up new strategies that I just have to test. If the habit continues I'll literally have trouble thinking in a sane manner because everything becomes framed by the game structure, I'm not even sure how to describe this. If I watch a lot of porn, porn images will automatically flow through my mind. If you want success as an inventor you need to be an invention addict. Everyone that has success with anything is to some degree addicted to it.

Consider the possibility that addictions are not a mistake, they are part of how our minds are meant to work. A porn addiction is just a particular form of sex addiction which I imagine is a very natural thing, particularly in men.


answered 13 Jan '13, 13:22

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@flowsurfer :wonders how your handling your InwardQuest addiction? ;)

(14 Jan '13, 03:04) ursixx

One day at a time @ursixx, one day at a time...

(14 Jan '13, 11:56) flowsurfer


In the context of The Presence Process, addictions and afflictions (chronic illness and disease) are the same. Both are outer manifestations of an unintegrated charge within the emotional body.

Although we don’t discuss allergies specifically, they are considered in the same light as addictions and afflictions. An allergy is the polar opposite of an addiction. When we are addicted, we pull a specific experience toward us. When we are allergic, we repel a specific experience. The causes of both are an unintegrated charge.

In The Presence Process, addiction is defined not only as something we do uncontrollably and habitually, but also as seemingly random activity we are magnetically drawn toward when faced with specific emotional triggers.

The Presence Process is efficient in instructing us how to integrate the causality of addictions and afflictions, no matter how long we have entertained them and how acutely we have allowed them to color our experience. The Presence Process doesn’t instruct us in how to achieve integration by promising a cure, because a cure is a destination.

It instructs us how to enter an ongoing inner journey toward complete emotional integration, which gradually leads us beyond the manifestation of these outer experiences. None of us are immune to “living in balance,” no matter how acute our ailment! It’s a matter of personal will, commitment, and consistency. When we intend activating Presence, and when this intent remains in the forefront of our awareness, integration of charged emotion is inevitable.

The Presence Process demonstrates that addiction, whether to illegal drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, or legal prescription medications, is self-medicating behavior that we manifest to sedate and control the charge within our emotional body. Without self-medicating, an addict inevitably manifests an affliction. When an affliction is successfully suppressed by ongoing prescription medication, the same condition manifests as addiction.

Both conditions are manifestations of an unintegrated emotional charge. Whether an unintegrated emotional charge manifests as an addiction, affliction, or allergy – or a combination of the three – depends on our individual circumstances.

When charged emotion is sufficiently integrated, there’s no longer a foundation for addiction and affliction.

Excerpt From: Brown, Michael. “The Presence Process.” namaste Publishing

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 13 Jan '13, 15:06

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