I have been interested in Law of Attractions for a while and I have read some books about it. There are many theories to explain how it works so I am confused now.

Due to my understandings (from books, website, etc), there are 2 main theories that are frequently claimed.

  1. We will become what we (frequently) think about and
  2. If we feel positively about it, we will get it, and if we feel negatively about it, we block ourselves from what we want.

If I apply these 2 theories on an example:

Situation: I am in a middle-class family. I want to be richer. I don't want to be poorer.

If I apply the first theory (we will become what we think)

If I think about being rich (no matter what feeling): I will become richer.

If I think about being poor(no matter what feeling): I will become poorer.

If I don't think about it: I will remain the same.

So we get what we think, nothing complicated.

But if I apply the second theory (If we think positively about it, we will get it. If we think negatively about it, we won't get it.)

If I feel positively about being rich: I will be richer.

If I feel negatively about being rich (I worry/fear that it won't come true): I will be poorer/remain the same.

If I feel positively about being poor (I get comfort to be poor): I will be poorer/remain the same.

If I feel negatively about being poor (I hate/fear of being poor): I will remain the same or might be richer (since negative thought will push what I think away)

As you can see, according to my understanding, if I use the first theory, i will get 100% of what I am thinking about. But if I use the second theory, I have a 50% chance to get the opposite thing.

I understand correctly? If it's correct, it means that when we cannot stop feeling negative about our goal (fear/worry/disappointed that it doesn't come true yet), it means that we can think about the opposite thing and feel negative about it so I block myself away from what I don't want and get my goal? (which is opposite to the first theory) So confused now. Hope you understand what I am asking :D

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perhaps it is more complex
than just thoughts and or feelings
and until understood we
fool ourselves chasing wants


answered 12 Dec '14, 20:11

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It's both and neither. We tend to think of the LOA as a doctrine of "specifics." We want "cut and dried" percentages as we do with scientific studies, but it doesn't work that way. The LOA is an "umbrella-term" for a vast combination of concepts. The main one being:

It is about adopting a new way of life, not just a law or two.

The LOA doesn't "give" you what you want and it doesn't "give" you what you think about; it doesn't "give" you anything at all. Understanding the LOA helps you to attract the vibrations that match who and what you are. This involves much more than just "thinking and wanting" material things. This incessant "wanting of material things" stems from our "exoteric" upbringing, which defines success as having a certain amount of "things."

The LOA involves "being" that which you desire. If you want more love in your life, you have to become more loving. Do you want more friends? Be more friendly. If you want to become more abundant, which you alluded to by your example of: "I am in a middle-class family," it starts with you realizing and being grateful for the abundance that you already have right now.

If the example you gave is a true reflection of your life and not just an example, it is a reflection only because you have spoken it into existence by saying that that is "what you are...or "in." Think of the LOA as a "mirror"...what you "see" in the reflection is what you get back.

I hope this helps.


answered 12 Dec '14, 15:06

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esoteric life-coach

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Thank you very much. You mean to get a thing we don't have it yet, we have to change our action so the result or the circumstance will change, right?

1) If we want something that we don't feel fully match with our vibrations yet? We don't have a chance to get it? For example (just example :P), I want to be a model but I am so short and short people cannot be models, it means that what I am wishing for is not match with what I really am? How I can adjust ourselves to be a model? (continued)

(13 Dec '14, 00:48) MrMushroom

Another question @esoteric life-coach

2) In my example (it's one of my wishes but not what I really concentrate about), if we want to be richer, do we have to spend more money and feel like we have financial freedom like rich people? Doesn't that make us poorer?

(13 Dec '14, 00:49) MrMushroom

You cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of. Unless you can feel rich you can't become rich. The universe responds to your vibration. If you feel middle class you'll always be middle class. Find a way to live like a rich person and think rich, feel rich, behave rich, think rich thoughts about how much money you always have, without worries, without doubt, without fear, without any kind of other vibration that will confuse the richness, and you'll become rich. It's that simple! Which is why many of us are not rich as we are not able to get into the exact frequency that will shift us into the 'rich' reality. So, the next best thing to do then is to constantly imagine richness. Abraham has said to carry around $100 in your pocket and look at about 100 things a day that you may want to spend those $100 on. By being able to do that and thinking 'I can buy that if I want to' rather than 'I can't buy that because I don't have the money' you begin to shift your frequency into an allowing frequency that attracts more money into your life. Bashar says that you must have zero expectations of the outcome so you focus on more money but you don't think at all about how that money can come. As soon as you start restricting it through deciding it'll come this way or that way, it's less likely to come.

As my personal example, I was living with my ex and kids and she was draining me dry, mentally, physically and emotionally. I decided that there was no way I could go on like that and certainly not afford to live that way so I had to leave (I tried my best for 12 years but it just wasn't going to work and I had to face the facts). After leaving and changing my life and becoming more positive I began to think about getting my life back together, getting my debts paid and moving forward. When I started imagining a nice apartment with a balcony and a freer lifestyle and happiness and a nice girlfriend and not thinking about how these things would come, one day a bank teller said to me. "You know, you're pre-approved for a $40,000 loan. Would you like that?" !!! Needless to say I said yes, rented a beautiful apartment, paid off some of my debts and got an amazing girlfriend who matches me vibrationally, and we're regularly in synch with each other. So, it does happen. If you can shift into a positive vibration with no expectations, amazing things can happen.


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If you feel good about being poor, then that's what you want.

When something feels good, it means it's what you want. Being rich or poor is your choice. Of course, you might actually want to be rich, but at the same time you may believe that being rich is bad (you may believe that being rich won't make you happy).

Thinking is everything. No matter what you think or think that you think, you're always within the realms of the law of attraction, the realm of thought, the realm of consciousness. You can never get out of this realm in terms of thought until you choose to leave.

Thinking however, is conscious or unconscious. Beliefs can be conscious or unconscious. Most people's reactions are unconscious, driven by their beliefs. When you catch yourself feeling negatively, try to listen to the thoughts accompanying those feelings: those thoughts will be of limiting nature, worrying, "what if". These beliefs make themselves feel real. An environmental trigger causes your beliefs to activate, e.g. "I think I've lost something" or "I don't think I've locked the house door"... and voila, you will believe it and act on it, whether you have actually locked the door or not, is irrelevant. Now, coming back from my tangent...

Just thinking something doesn't mean you will create it. If you want manifestation, you must think clearly. That means no accompanying thoughts doubting your very ability to do that. Have you ever noticed when you've wanted something, i.e. you've thought about it, then moments later (seconds...) you look around and it's there? Because you didn't think about creating, you just were. But if you tried, you'll have most likely failed :) Because your beliefs won't allow you to think that you really can and will create.

So, thinking is conscious and subconscious. When you're thinking and you feel no resistance you're creating. Effortlessly. When you're thinking and you feel no resistance, you're working closely with your own vibrational frequency. Thinking far-out thoughts about what you want will likely feel unpleasant.

If you start to feel bad thinking about being poor means that your thoughts are powerful enough to cause a change in the way you feel, which means that you're manifesting becoming poor. Feeling negatively about it means that you're moving away from what you want, it is a signal to change your thoughts, it is a sign that you are manifesting negatively.

If you think about being rich and you feel bad, then you're not thinking about being rich, you're actually activating existing thoughts/beliefs that tell you quite the opposite (if you listen, you'll hear those thoughts, or look around the website about how to dig deeper to uncover them).

Doesn't entirely answer your question, I think, but hopefully of use.


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