If desire is an essential element in the process of manifestation, then how does the degree of desire affect the manifestation process?

Does greater desire cause manifestation to occur faster? Does it make you more sensitive to things in your environment that might help you get what you want? Does greater desire cause the manifestation to occur in a greater way, or does it just help you enjoy the manifestation more when it does arrive?

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Thank you Nikulas for reminding me of this answer from the past. After reading it, I decided to do a couple minor edits by highlighting two key points within my answer.

I am starting to discover that desire is actually counterproductive to manifestation. Desire has its own value and purpose, but in the application of the law of attraction it actually keeps your manifestation away from you. The greater the desire it seems, the greater the distance between you and the manifestation of that desire.

Let me try & break down my understanding of this phenomenon as follows.

The most appropriate use of desire, it seems, is to use it as a pointer towards your joy or excitement. You can imagine it like a sign post pointing out your greatest joy available at your present point of reference, & manifestation from an unlimited potential available to you at all times. But that is the extent of its beneficial application with regards to manifestation.

When it comes to manifesting your desire there is a catch 22 relationship with desire & manifestation. Desire represents something that you want & something that you don't yet have. This is why you desire it. If you already had that thing you wouldn't desire it.

Imagine it this way. Have you seen someone who just won the lottery having the desire to be wealthy? No. why not? Because it is no longer a desire, it has manifested. Well how about health? Have you seen someone who is already healthy having an intense desire to be healthy? Well I haven't. I have found that only a person who is sick, or someone who believes that they don't have health, will have an intense desire to be healthy.

So desire doesn't represent the experience of "having" something. It actually reinforces the not-having of something, therefore the desire to have it.

The next factor & perhaps the most important key factor in manifestation is the moment of "now". Also known as the eternal now moment. We exist only within the moment of now. Our entire lifetime unfolds within the moment of now.

When we envision an experience we desire, it has to be held in consciousness within the moment of "now" if you want to have any chance of experiencing that desire. Why? Because it is the only moment in which our existence actually happens.

So therein lies the paradox. The strong desire reinforces the Not having of something & if you imagine having your desire, "which you don't have yet", you tend to imagine having it in the future which doesn't exist because only Now exists.

So you have to take your desire & intently daydream "or live the moment" of already having it in the "now moment". You must never imagine it in the future or "desire having it". It should be "thank you God for providing this experience" & intently feel that power of faith in living in that moment as-if God has already provided it for you.


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I honestly believe this answer should be voted up alot more; yes, to manifest the thing you really do have to intently 'lie' to your physical reality of already having it right NOW and forever and ever.

(02 Feb '12, 09:15) Nikulas

Hey Nikulas. Thank you for reminding me of this old answer. I have forgotten about many of these answers and; would you believe that I find myself learning new things by reading these, now forgotten answers? It’s hard to keep the specifics of each answer in the head over time. Although I would have answered this question in a similar way today, I don't think I could have repeated these same words. It’s kind of scary when you think about it. (To think "how did I come up with these words?")

(02 Feb '12, 12:58) The Traveller

@The Traveller- I believe this 'discovering things from past answers' is very common on the website. A few users would feel similar with you here. Sometimes it just takes that unkown angle or re-reading something to finally make the bigger picture click.

(24 Feb '12, 08:32) Nikulas
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I think greater desire would cause the manifestation to occur quicker, provided the feeling behind it is positive. However if the desire is great but the feeling behind it is coming from need or desperation, it would hold the desire further away because the feeling would be on the same frequency as the absence of the desire.


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I agree, the fact that desperation and need is a fear of the opposite to occur, Therefore, making the opposite of the desire to manifest. There must be a confidence or faith that knowing what you desire is yours and on it's way for it to manifest in the quickest fashion possible.

(11 Dec '09, 12:54) RPuls

Here I have a question that answers it. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1104/what-is-the-process-of-manifestation.

Wanting is ok. Faith that it is yours and on it's way must accompany your desire. It's the "I don't want" thoughts that are detrimental to your desires.


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My question is a little more nuanced than that; specifically, I am asking about the relationship between the level of desire and the nature of the manifestation. I have edited the question to make my intent clearer.

(09 Dec '09, 20:29) Vesuvius
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