According to the Bible, acquiring the knowledge of good and evil is what got man cast out of the Garden of Eden. If we deny the knowledge of good and evil, will this allow us to enter back into the Garden of Eden? That means we would be creating heaven with our thought, or lack of negative or evil thoughts.

When I say, "Deny evil," I mean like is taught in Dynamic Thought.

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think it's more the acceptance rather than the denial of both poles that helps us realise our true nature and ultimately step into that Heaven on earth. I don't mean that we accept that evil as part of our reality but rather we accept the fact that we are a part of All That Is and as such the potential for both poles exists within us but the choice with which we align is always ours. It doesn't mean we accept the evil just that we accept it's potentiality. When denied the opposite pole will always be struggling for recognition and manifest in some way in our reality.

However, when we choose to embrace our Christ/Buddha consciousness that Garden of Eden becomes our reality and what shows up in our lives will be in alignment with that.


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Very good answer :)

(10 Aug '11, 01:49) Eddie

Thanks Eddie :)

(10 Aug '11, 14:28) Michaela

I suppose it's all right for a second person to say "very good answer" ;)

(10 Aug '11, 16:39) Maria 3

good answer michaela we being made in is image have that potential in us duality and free will. and we cannot deny our selves we can only accept our selves and use the potential we have to the best of are knowledge.

(13 Mar '12, 21:42) white tiger
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you probably mean according modern interpretation of bible stories,
if man could not think or have choice, he would exist as an automaton,
and, no doubt, in his ignorance all would be bliss or your proverbial 'Garden of Eden'.
however, the gift of mind, with will and free choice set him apart from animal existence;
and as he learns through his understanding and mistakes he grows in self-concsiousness.
is this what you refer to as evil?


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No, evil as in pain, suffering, murder, etc...

(10 Aug '11, 01:20) Fairy Princess

fairy princess, it is our chosen actions that are 'evil' or 'good' or somewhere in between. if we do not use our higher faculities when considering what to do and defer to semi-conscious reaction to our sensual impulses, pain and suffering will be our teacher. and it will be awhile until we realize what the connection is, our imperfect/gross thoughts just prior to the taken action

(10 Aug '11, 21:41) fred

he is evil only if he does not consider it has a mistake and that is the sin.

(13 Mar '12, 21:45) white tiger
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I would like to add my interpretation to @Michaela 's beautiful answer.

Man and woman were created to have free will. They chose to eat of the Tree of The Knowledege of Good and Evil. Had to do with the knowledge of duality. I don't see God getting mad. Can we mites make Source angry? Can Source get angry? I don't think so.

God said do whatever you like here, but if you seek knowledge of good and evil you will die. I don't see this as a threat or command, God was explaining a consequence. Man made a choice and the consequence was to come live, and die on earth while experiencing duality.

So here we are in this wonderful fun space/time school of manifestations. Where things feel soft or sharp. Hot or cold. Rich or poor. Your choice. But somewhere along the line, we feel a deep spiritual yearning for something else. A hole that I believe is God-shaped and nothing in the World of Duality can fill it.

Let me use the analogy of a circus and the metaphor of reincarnation. Lets say you were dropped from the Garden into a Circus full of wondrous things! You look around and see the lion tamer. You think, That would be fun! So you are born into a family of lion tamers and have a great time, but along the way, you get bored and you look up and see a family of wire walkers.

Boom, you come back as a wire walker. That is fun for a while and then your dersires lead you into your next life. Maybe you are a fortune teller. The Bearded Lady. The Juggler. A custmore who gets cheated by the barker. You come back as the barker and have to pay back the cheated customer. Karma.

However after a while you begin to feel that hole in you, and you know there is something that you yearn for, something that may interpenetrate the physical plane, but is not of it.

Then, maybe, you go hook your fingers into that chain link fence surrounding your circus, stare into the surrounding void and say, "I know there is something greater out there and I yearn to bond, to be one with it."

God says, "Yes." But can you return to the Garden, to God and still be you? Will your ego fit in with God? Leave the concepts of duality, the concepts of "good" and "evil" behind. They have no place in the Garden. No place with God. Let your very last decision to be one with God. No more choices. No more decisions.

You will be Home.


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Dollar Bill

Good and Evil, or God and Material, no difference,no Edgeing God Out,we are all simply One.Good answer. love and light and life

(13 Mar '12, 19:15) Roy

what you are looking for(home) is allready there, but you do not see it. you are always with God but you are your self made in is image. that you see the circus of creation or the light of truth from the alpha to the omega does it change the truth?

(13 Mar '12, 21:54) white tiger

what is done is done men wanted knowledge and is on the learning curve. the child wanted the knowledge of the father. the father will give the knowledge. the snake offered the sin and transgression of the rule. to have knowledge is not the sin. the real sin is to not respect the rule and think we know better. if men would know better would he blame and judge him self and other? what is God? truth. what is truth? it is to know. can the father blame the child for wanting to know? of course not. can the father blame the child for not respecting is rule because the father know best? of course. but will the father stay mad at the child or will he help him to learn and grow? the life is the proof of that. experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Mar '12, 21:36

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white tiger

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