I actually do feel like Law of Attraction is real and whatever I focus on grows and I will get it. I believe this because I've tried it and experienced it for myself.

The weird thing is, I don't get what I want until I stop thinking about it. This is a real experience that happened. I thought in my mind "I want yogurt" but I didn't have any at the house and I didn't care to actually go to the store to buy it, it wasn't a huge desire it was because I saw a commercial on tv and I quickly forgot about it, but then a couple of days later, I went to visit a friend and they offered me yogurt even though I never mentioned the fact that I wanted it to them and had forgotten about it by then.

The same exact situation happened with Pizza, and a Donut (although not with the same person). So why does it come when I don't care too much for it and not thinking about it?

I didn't "Appreciate" anything. I didn't "Meditate" on anything, I didn't even ask for it because I didn't care to have it, it wasn't something I really wanted just something that I thought would be enjoyable if I did but I didn't care either way.

Can someone please explain this to me so that I can use Law of Attraction better and better with more skill?

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@arpgme - I've found that it can be quite a bit of fun to play around with this phenomenon. Releasing a request to the Universe for something "fun," but that still feels "small"...then forget it. Examples: to get a certain ice cream flavor, to see a type of songbird on your walk, to get some correspondence from an old classmate or friend that you haven't heard from in a while. It's a low-pressure, fun kind of way to play around with manifestation that takes your mind off of "the big stuff."

(25 Jun '14, 10:15) lozenge123

And because these small things are "easier" to forget about than "the big stuff," you typically see evidence of your manifestation much more quickly.

(25 Jun '14, 10:16) lozenge123
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If thoughts create reality, why do I get things I don't think about much?

Your thoughts create your reality but the reality-creation happens whether or not you are consciously aware of what you are doing.

The process is completely automatic. You just need to get out of the way of it

So whether you get (in the form of physical manifestation) what you want or not is about how much you are standing in the way of it coming, or in modern Law-of-Attraction jargon, how much resistance you have. That's why it's "easy" to get things you are not bothered about, but "difficult" to get things you desperately want.

Things you have little resistance about, like yogurt, can therefore manifest extremely quickly. For more examples of quick low-resistance manifestations, see the Abraham quote in What does it mean when synchronicity occurs, but it doesn't seem to have a direct connection to your desires or manifestation requests?

What this means is that you can just casually decide what you want, forget about it, and it will manifest automatically just in the course of you living your normal physical life. (See the roof-of-the-mouth technique).

If it is the case that you must do something physical towards getting what you want, nudges will come in the form of inner, intuitive inspirations that you will feel happy to do...and so those actions will feel effortless and fun.

alt text

It's only when you have prior resistance built-up to what you want that you need to consider any kind of manifesting/clearing method at all. But even then it's not essential that you engage in any process.

What you want will still find a way to get to you through the path of least resistance in your life but, in that case, often you might not even notice your vibrational request has been answered unless you are at the same vibrational level as it and can thereby perceive it in your physical reality.

So, often it won't be until much later (sometimes years later) that you realize that you did receive the physical manifestation of what you wanted but it just came in a different physical form to that expected from the original limited perspective of the conscious mind.


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@Stingray, I love your answer :) especially the image :)

(25 Jun '14, 06:01) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber - Here's the alternative "ultimate secret to life, the universe and everything" image...

(25 Jun '14, 07:55) Stingray

Thanks @Stringray, real eyeopener for me here:

"If it is the case that you must do something physical towards getting what you want, nudges will come in the form of inner, intuitive inspirations that you will feel happy to do...and so those actions will feel effortless and fun."

(25 Jun '14, 08:07) RYXON

@Stingray-"Ultimate secret to life, the universe and everything"... So only now you tell me Stingray!? The sooner I get myself a nice pair of Dark Sunglasses the better. :) Excellent answer by the way. :)

(26 Jun '14, 16:23) Satori

@Satori - Better make sure you get the right kind of dark sunglasses :)


(27 Jun '14, 04:29) Stingray

@RYXON - You're welcome

(27 Jun '14, 04:37) Stingray
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Your thoughts and feelings can influence your reality depending on how dominant they are, though they are not everything there is a reality out there that others also influence, we are all doing it.

On getting things when letting them go. The LOA works when you know in your mind you already have what you want and feel good about it. You let go of the wanting because you know you already have it, and you will not need to think about how you are going to get it.

When you let go of wanting the yogurt it works like a ball in your hand, you where holding the wanting of the yogurt in your hand until you let it go and made it eventually bounce back to you.

In short the wanting of something can prevent you from actually getting it, this is a principle called wanting-tax. The more you want something the more you will end up paying to get it.


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Thank you. I like the way you explained it. It helps me see things in a different way.

(25 Jun '14, 08:21) arpgme

well, if there is resistance then meditate to raise vibrational level. Get clear on what you want then forget it. Just work on you self, meditate, and bring joy and raise vibrational level. Breath and thrive!


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Hello! Hope you are well.

I have had the same experience as you have. Not with the yogurt, but with a book. Many years ago now, I use to work in a bookshop. One afternoon while on the shop floor a gentleman asked me for a book. He said he wanted a copy of the Koran. I took the gentleman to the shelf where the book would be, but there wasn't any of the Koran. I checked on the computer and had a look in the warehouse. Also checked the delivery for that day. I explained to the gentleman that we didn't have a copy, but could order one. He said no thank you and left the shop. The next day in the shop I was asked to put out the books that had just arrived. The very first book I picked up to put on the shelf was a copy of the Koran! Why did that happen? I didn't need the book now unless the gentleman came back into the shop.

Another example was while working in a different shop. I needed some sticky tape to repair a box. I thought to myself I need some tape and just as I was thinking about needing the tape my friend handed me a roll of tape. It was as if I was getting what I wanted before I asked for it. Is that possible? We seem to get what we want when we don't need it. Take care Chris


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Chris Fowler

chris, perhaps a thought, developed enough to be a thought form, seeks completion, even if we have not given it anymore desire to become

(21 Aug '16, 06:47) fred

Hi Fred, Thank you for your comment. It is something I hadn't thought about. Take care Chris

(24 Aug '16, 13:09) Chris Fowler

In this third density, fourth dimensional reality we live in, the more we desire to manifest something, the more likely we will doubt our ability to manifest our desire. A good example is the yogurt. There is no emotional attachment to the yogurt, only the momentary enjoyment of the food. However, if you are trying to manifest your "soulmate" or "perfect job" you are very invested in the results. Those manifestations truly affect your reality, thus immediately cause self doubt, self doubt causes resistance. The yogurt shows how easy it is for us all to manifest what we desire if only we could let go of the "worry", "self doubt", "resistance" that come along with our greater desires. Thats the true test. Set the intention clearly, and let it go. What a challenge, right? :)


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Let me suggest two possibilities:

1) Early on, I discovered that after manifesting sessions, I had to let go of the idea when I knew that what had been manifested was manifested.

2) I've been manifesting for over 30 years now. I've become so adept that I don't need to manifest most of the time. Things I want just come to me. Of course, I straightened out my belief system so that could be possible. Most people's belief systems are really screwed up, and belief is the core principle of manifesting.


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Hi Gail, Hope you are well. I agree with your two possibilities. I've had some success with LOA and all I had to do was let go. That meant showing no interest or thinking about what I was trying to manifest. However, I only seem to be able to manifest small stuff. I am thinking about moving on, back to the South of England. Do I focus on the money I need or focus on living there? what doesn't help is that I must move now! Chris

(29 Aug '16, 08:39) Chris Fowler

Hi @Gail, you mentioned elsewhere that you were writing a book. Is that out yet? Thanks.

(26 Jul '17, 09:53) cod2

hi @cod2, I'm not sure if Gail still writes here but i managed to get hold of a copy of her book a few years ago and still have it, I can email it through if you'd like, I throughly enjoyed it

(26 Jul '17, 16:16) Bluebell

Hi @Bluebell, thanks but I'm not sure Gail would approve. Would you mind giving me the name of the book or the ISBN? I'll see if I can locate a copy to buy. I'm of course assuming it's a published book.

(26 Jul '17, 17:04) cod2

@cod2 That's true she probably wouldn't. It wasn't published when I read it. Hope you find what you need

(26 Jul '17, 21:19) Bluebell
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what if thoughts are of a
hierarchy, besides in
themselves their own entity,
who structures the truth.

does it let me have that wanted


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