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When I completely let go and was OK with not having what I wanted, in many cases, unfortunately not all, but in more than I expected, things turned around for me.

I'm not sure how it works, if it fits into anything on this site but I would use all these methods for many things and a lot of them only came when I completely surrendered and told myself I would be OK without them. In one case i got a phone call the same exact moment I was telling myself I am OK with letting go of it.

I have made a list of 5 major things in my life that ended up working out like that...

I thought I would share this, even if it can help one person.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I'm so glad I attracted and allowed this thread today, it fits where Im at.Driftwood!! yay!

(25 Jan '13, 21:06) clearheart

@Back2Basics "in many cases, unfortunately not all" Tell us about both sets of cases. What was the difference between them?

(27 Jan '13, 11:15) flowsurfer

thanks for the reminder

(27 Jan '13, 11:58) blubird two

yes completely let go = surrender to the universe :)

(27 Apr '21, 01:56) jaz
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The feeling of wanting only has relevance in the absence of having it.

When you want something it is a declaration that you don't have it yet. In the eternal NOW moment that declaration is a form of asking.

So a continuous NOW moment of wanting and not having is maintained as an equation of balance.

In this equation of balance, as long as you want something it must be balanced with the not having of it.

Once you have it, the wanting of it is meaningless.

The way we approach this is by tricking the equation.

We take the equation where when you want something, it must be balanced by not having it and in our mind we shift to a new balance point of already having what we want.

When you have it, you no longer want it.

So you have it in your mind and you no longer want it, (within your mind).

But the equation is not in balance, because what you already have doesn't exist yet. So the universe moves mountains in your favor to fix this imbalance and the opportunity to participate in the physical counterpart of what exists in your consciousness thrusts itself into your reality.


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The Traveller

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Wonderful insights, as always :)

(30 Jul '10, 20:20) Michaela

Awesome response!

(31 Jul '10, 00:56) figure8shape

Thank You Michaela & figure8shape. Appreciate your comments :)

(31 Jul '10, 02:07) The Traveller

Dear The Traveller, your last paragraph is astounding. Great insight.

(09 Dec '10, 06:30) Aphrodite

I missed this the first time around. Excellent answer, Traveller

(12 Jun '11, 09:19) Stingray

@The Traveller - breathtaking explanation wow

(20 Jan '12, 04:51) blubird two

Love it. So wise.

(18 Mar '12, 08:45) Paulina 1

I am blown away by your answer, TT! Wow! Has great meaning and depth!

(28 Apr '12, 05:53) Dollar Bill

29th June 2012: Wow! Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments. This was a very quick answer when I put it down and yet when I read it back I knew that it was a lucky strike. We all know and understand this concept before we started participating here. I guess, occasionally, we get lucky in conceptualizing what we know in a manner that is impossible to repeat after the moment passes.

(29 Jun '12, 01:49) The Traveller

@The Traveller There is always a succinct clarity to your explanations - loving your work!

(29 Jun '12, 01:56) Catherine

@The Traveller , you have made me understand so very clearly now , why I can literally ask for a desire and then have a "if it comes that's good and if not , so what " attitude and then the desired is there almost instantly and then..... the opposite ....the thing I have "yearned for" , for 3yrs eludes me , lol.

Thank you , from the bottom of my heart Dear Sir ♥♥♥

(06 Aug '12, 23:16) Starlight

@The Traveller - This must surely now be the highest voted answer on IQ :)

(07 Aug '12, 04:25) Stingray

(07 Aug '12, 05:52) Liam


(07 Aug '12, 06:24) Satori

wow, very clear

(07 Aug '12, 12:23) Inner Beauty

I just thought that this observation is worth mentioning here.
When we want something that we don't have, we are in balance with wanting and not having.
In addition, when we have something that we don't want (problems, suffering) we are also in balance with NOT WANTING that which we are HAVING, and long as we do not want it...we will continue to suffer with having it.
(Because there is always something balancing every outward experience with an inward obsession)

(08 Aug '12, 02:55) The Traveller

Thanks for that trav, very nice answer.

(04 Nov '12, 05:25) Monty Riviera

@Traveller, even though I answered this in Aug , I have a question for you. Does one totally forget the desire ,or if able, take what steps one can toward it but still maintain a que sera sera attitude ? I thought I had understood this before but seems maybe not . Oh boy I can confuse myself at times . From Stingrays writings, I've thought it was kinda like write an invoice , lol, to Universe then post and await delivery ? though I have done this before and it worked , hmmm confusion reigns :-)

(24 Jan '13, 17:55) Starlight

Hi Starlight.
Consciousness is very fluid and not rigid and finite as our dreams and desires are. Our desires themselves are visual snapshots of an experience in emotional physicality. We tend to become very protective of the details of our desire, not realizing that we are actually after the "physical/emotional experience" of that desire. It is a bit like being hungry and trying to attract a very specific dish or flavour to satisfy that hunger, not realizing that any food will do.

(25 Jan '13, 20:52) The Traveller

The conditions that are available to you may have changed since you launched your desire. However, you are actually chasing the emotion that you believe will unfold within the physical interaction of that desire. Therefore, as a hungry person looking for food, let the emotion materialize in every way possible within the confines of your current conditions.

(25 Jan '13, 21:07) The Traveller

As long as you do not authenticate your desires through the opinions of others, your joy does not have to be confined to a house with a white picket fence (although there is nothing wrong with that)

(25 Jan '13, 21:07) The Traveller

Hi@Traveller , so my understanding now is , ignore what my friends think my desire "should " look like and , lol, latch on in whatever way I can to how I would feel ... " let the emotion materialize in every way possible within the confines of your current conditions."

....when the physical event has/had taken place , saturate myself in it yes ? which for me would be like winning the lottery , he he , but in a different context than money .

(26 Jan '13, 10:04) Starlight

The key is (happiness/euphoria feeling ) it doesn't necessarily require any action as feeling is the first manifestation maintain that and the physical turns up . I am a silly girl , I thought this but I read so much thats says one has to take action, though I can also now see that if an action toward the desire also gave one the "feeling" that builds up too.Thank you so much for switching on the light :-)

(26 Jan '13, 10:13) Starlight

You absolutely must take action. Visualization and attraction is only the energy side of reality. Action is the physical side, where you actually exist. Unfortunately, we are forced to convey wide concepts in short paragraphs, so the reader tends to put too much emphasis on the singular meaning created through those words. These conversations are really meant to help you align you with your own inner conversation of understanding, instead of learning through the words of others.

(26 Jan '13, 10:47) The Traveller

You already possess the inner wisdom to guide yourself towards your purpose. Most of our answers we share here were meant for us. As you read them, you get something out of it for yourself. Therefore, our answers are just triggers for your own inner wisdom, which you have to cultivate and depend on. Your inner wisdom will most likely be different and not consistent with our answers. THIS IS A GOOD THING. It means that you are trusting yourself.

(26 Jan '13, 10:47) The Traveller

My original answer regarding wanting something and therefore not having it is still valid as it can be tested very easily. It sounds too basic, but it is an understanding of feeling + resultant manifestation, expressed in the simplest form possible.

(26 Jan '13, 10:58) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller , I obviously ( to me ) needed this extra bit of info :-) bless you for the clarification .Recently I wanted to buy an item and I txtd the lady to ask if she would accept a certain price I didnt immediately hear back from her , though I already had her address for pick up , I decided to just get in the car and go and whatever the outcome was I'd be happy with it ......

(26 Jan '13, 19:47) Starlight

Just as I left , I received reply saying yes she would be happy with reduced amount . I'm guessing this is a good example of "action " toward my desire ?

(26 Jan '13, 19:48) Starlight

read this ! @flowsurfer

(25 Mar '13, 06:44) ursixx

@The Traveller,

What I get from this:

The Traveller: "When you have it, you no longer want it." "But the equation is not in balance, because what you already have doesn't exist yet. So the universe moves mountains in your favor to fix this imbalance."

The situation:

Want of individual: "I don't want to be here." Situation: Individual can not leave present place. Want of individual alters: "I love being here." Situation: Individual disappears from space and time.

--Welcome to the Twilight--

(12 Apr '13, 21:46) Mr. Smith

@The Traveller - what about when we have something which we want? looks like an imbalance to me then.

(12 Dec '20, 06:31) nbd028

Yes nbd028 it is a deliberate choice of imbalance. And the universe, in trying to balance this imbalance, projects the missing counterpart into physical reality to bring back balance. (and that is Law of attraction in a nutshell)

(08 Jan '21, 03:03) The Traveller
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Yes this is the way the Sedona Method works.

The more we release the better life becomes, even the need or want of things is a hindrance to getting those things, because instead of going for them it is more of a complaint. Complaints achieve nothing.

Here is an example of the difference.

Say for example I want a new car, I have the thought of how I want that car to be, the model and every detail. Now I can say "ohhh I really want to get this new car!" I am in the wanting mode of thinking which is different from the "burning desire to have" mode of thinking. It is like saying "I wish things were different...." Good keep on wishing and wanting and see what that achieves! But when you get a burning desire to have that new car now it is not a want it is not a wish it is a goal! This is what people like Robert Collier and Napoleon Hill talked about it motivates you to move and as well it enacts the law of attraction to pull into your field things you need to fulfill every step toward attaining that new car.

Joe Vitale said in his book The Attractor Factor letting go of the want releases this so it can come back to you. It is sort of like to bounce a ball you have to first throw the ball and it returns but first you need to let it go. If you fail to let it go you keep the want it is yours to keep as long as you want.


answered 31 Jul '10, 06:59

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi: nice, thank you.

(02 Aug '10, 23:07) Back2Basics

You are very welcomed B2B also so are everyone this benefits.

(05 Aug '10, 09:16) Wade Casaldi

Now I have been reading a lot of great quotes from that Joe Vitale's book. Thanks for sharing. I might get the book.

(09 Dec '10, 06:32) Aphrodite

%Wade Casaldi - "If you fail to let it go you keep the want it is yours to keep as long as you want." GREAT STATEMENT! Let it go and allow the Universe to give it to you.

What a treasure trove of useful information is Inward Quest!

(28 Apr '12, 08:58) Dollar Bill

You can get the original PDF version of this book here free

It was originally called Spiritual Marketing

(07 Aug '12, 09:24) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi,

This reminds me of when I lost my 'keys.'

So I had a "burning desire" to obtain my keys, but I couldn't find them for the life of me.

Then as I lost the desire to obtain my keys--magically they rested on my dinning table; even though I had already looked there.

Just another example shortened a bit. Good stuff :)

(12 Apr '13, 21:58) Mr. Smith
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I know exactly what you mean. I have experienced this on so many occasions myself. Let go and let the universe do its thing is what i was told once. I dont know how that works exactly but it seems to work! Let things come to you without trying to force them to come to you. Blessings!


answered 03 Nov '12, 22:27

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Yes ask and you will be given. Just realize and let go! What you want and what you need are not always the same! Yes, I have done that a few times also! Example: When I was a child there was lottery in my class and in my self I said I will win it and after I said it does not matter if I win it! Then I won it!


answered 01 May '11, 02:20

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white tiger

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Dollar Bill

if it is really for the greather good it usely happen!

(01 May '11, 02:22) white tiger

Hi, I heard Bashar say that in order to manifest, there are two basic stages, the first being the "wanting/desire" aspect, and the second being "letting go". The letting go aspect , he describes as "letting your higher mind do its job", ie manifest the desire. After we have "asked", if we continue to dwell on the absence/lack of the desired thing, we are opposing our initial request .
I found his video "Brick walls and beliefs" very helpful on this subject.


answered 26 Jan '13, 15:00

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Letting go is also an empowering feeling. Every time I let go, things always have a way of working out, sometimes even magically. I know for CERTAIN that Universe will NEVER FAIL YOU, once you let go and simply trust the process. Everything is working out for our highest good. It may not appear this way initially, yet circumstance and appearances don't matter, only state of being matters :)


answered 24 Jan '13, 13:39

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I'm feeling this. In fact I can see things unfolding easily to help me do this. At times my mind wants to defend or figure and the I quiet my mind to allow the unfolding. I know that everything is working out for my highest good and I trust the knowledge of my worth. I trust the lessons now, and I trust my ability to grow. I feel like I'm riding on the bus, and in the bus we ride within those conditions, soon however is my bus stop and I am home.

(25 Jan '13, 20:59) clearheart

What a great feeling! Congrats @clearheart :)

(26 Jan '13, 10:44) figure8shape

Thankyou figure8shape :) , I am using this thread as one of my focus tools today.

(26 Jan '13, 19:55) clearheart
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Wanting is a vibrational state. As long as you are wanting, you will remain in that vibrational holding pattern and attract more wanting. Being it already—and, as you said—just letting go of the outcome... YES!

My interpretation of Bashar/Elan/Abraham teachings.


answered 21 Sep '19, 21:16

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This is one of the most important components of manifesting.

It's like an archer, shooting an arrow. The arrow can never hit the target unless you fully release it.


answered 18 Oct '20, 21:57

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I suppose this could apply to circumstances as much as things. Say an external condition/circumstance arises that you do not particularly like. Better to find some way to be okay with it than, as they say, to push against. Or maybe sometimes what we think is a 'want' is sending out signals of need or neediness. Action could be taken to address the need, but this will only attract more need-based circumstances (something I am presently learning the unnecessarily challenging way).


answered 23 Apr '21, 23:10

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When I was a child, about 15years, I ll ask God to give me a kind of fancy boots or crayons or money. When I reach one week without seeing any resullt, I ll sit down and start telling God that I asked so and so so-so time You didn't give me, and now I asked You this one and You also didn"t give me. God I don't need all those things anymore.I'm ok. And I take my mind off it totally.To my surprise God will answer all of them seperately within a shortest time. I thought God doesn't want me to be angry thats why whenever I'm angry He cools my temper by granting me all what I asked. Its now that I begin to understand that by rejecting what I asked and taking my mind off it, I was applying a principle of Law of Attraction unknowingly...


answered 16 Jul '21, 16:37

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