Does technology take away our personal power or does it enhance our personal power? And where should we draw the line, or should we draw one at all?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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I think like anything technology will always have a good and bad side depending on who uses it for what purpose.

For example in Germany microchip implants are restoring eye site, then there is the microchip that stopped a charging bull made it turn around and go away like it didn't care. Here are a full bunch of real microchip articles, Now there are also many conspiracy articles I won't link to, but you can use Google to find those.

Can this be used not only for people but against people? Of course; even a match can be used to cook food or to light a blow torch gun like in WWII.

There is the First Telescopic Eye implant, this is another very good thing, can it be used against, us sure why not. We have devices that can read thought now too, and devices to control the outside world with thought, thought control chip.

This is only with the brain, I have not even started anything with the advances in cybernetic limbs, it is looking more like The Six Million Dollar Man isn't so far off in their fiction. Things like brain implants, limb implants and eye implants, there may come a day when we will be more machine than natural. Again I have to say is this good or bad, it all depends on who uses it for what purpose.

For example imagine the first cybernetic football game, it would be like a cross between the Datona 500 and Football, how exciting is that! We might even need a new much sturdier foot ball because it might pop the first time someone catches it! lol


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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks Vesuvius yes it is Million, that seems hard to believe now 6 million dollars for a right arm, left leg and right eye all with super human abilities. 6 million today probably wouldn't even pay for the eye today! That is why I was thinking 6 billion lol

(31 Jan '11, 17:23) Wade Casaldi

It is what we perceive it to be.

For me, personally, I would have to say it's a blessing - It led me to Inward Quest. I don't have any line to draw. I look forward to what the future holds :)


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It all depends on it use. A knife is piece of our technological growth. As a tool it has fed us helped us build our shelters and used by medical practitioners to aid in healing.
And as a weapon it has cost countless lives.
If You allow technology to be used as a weapon yes it will take away your power.If it is used as a tool ,it can only enhance your power


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We agree, you just kept yours short and to the point. :-)

(31 Jan '11, 17:18) Wade Casaldi

I would put the question: "Is technology a hardship or a blessing?"

Then the answer is: this is pending to how much we allow to technology, and not to "how much can help the technology, where the answer is inestimable much.

If technology become sovereign over the man, it is a hardship

For be a blessing, the usage of technology must accomplish two conditions (excepting the availability of performance):

  1. To be controllable and controlled in any moment by men;

  2. The man shall be use the technology for the benefit and only for the benefit of humans (individually and collectively). Remember the nuclear bombs! (unfortunately, this isn't the single example; they are too much)

Therefore, my answer to the asked question is: The technology is a blessing if and only if it is contrllable & controlled by men - remaining a crutch of man - and used with responsibility.


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our personal power, defined or formless, how would technology take that away,
it sould be us who decides how to use it,
or surrender to it


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Terence Mckenna called the internet "the manefestation of the collective unconsciousness." I'm beginning to see what he meant. as we make choices of preference on the web, it brings to us more like things... for example, the ads on facebook. (mine are all about Yoga and Art) how about u?

as far as personal power, i think technology does inhance it. My 12 year old daughter has all knowlege past and present at her fingertips in an instant. When i was her age, i had to rely on dusty encyclopedias :)


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It is more of a blessing than a crutch. It is a reservoir of a wealth of information at our finger tips that would have been otherwise difficult for us to access immediately. So, if this is not a blessing, then what is?

We are responsible for our actions, so it is up to us to decide how we will use this wealth of information that is available to us!

Good question!


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