My uncle (moms brother) recently died unexpectedly. I had a dream with great detail and color. When I told my mom about it, she was speechless. I had explained in great detail (down to the color of sheets that were on the bed) the house she and my uncle grew up in. This house has never been discussed, no particular reason. Why and how was I able to do that? Thank you, Kelly

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Kelly knoblauch

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Were you closely connected to your uncle, Kelly Knoblauch?

(07 Feb '11, 02:03) flowingwater

are you the knobluch from s.w. MI?

(02 May '11, 20:19) TReb Bor yit-NE
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We are all connected to each other, and to the physical universe, by an underlying order. Because of this, under certain circumstances, especially during periods of strong emotional energy, we can gain access to information about different times and places, information that would otherwise be hidden from us by the veil of this physical world.

To put it another way, what we perceive in this physical life as time and space, the separation of events by time and the separation of things by space, may not actually exist. It might just be an illusion constructed by our brain and our five senses, albeit a very convincing one. If you could lift beyond this illusion (which some speculate is what happens when you die), you would be able to see everywhere and every-when all at once.

So if everything is just an information system, connected together by this underlying order and interpreted by our nervous systems, and there isn't any actual separation between times and places except that which we give meaning to with our mind, then it seems perfectly reasonable that we might have access to information from places and times that seem separate from us, but are not in actuality.


answered 31 Jan '11, 04:13

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Can we do this intentionally? Knowing everything without using our senses?

(03 Feb '11, 11:39) Pranay

yes but don't tell anny one! some would not like that!

(02 May '11, 09:23) white tiger

Well based upon old flocks’ tales, when you dream about a house, you will hear of someone’s death. But in your case as it appears, you had the dream after the death of your family member. There is only so much of the spiritual aspects of things that we really know and understand, so somethings’ will always remain unknown to us!


answered 05 Feb '11, 06:39

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well your spirit travel when you dream so you must just have gone there! it happen to me once i have fallow someone i know flying over is car to is new place and 1 month later it was the same place when i went there!


answered 02 May '11, 09:20

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white tiger

It is your real soul leaving your body, Dreams are many diffrant thuings but this was your consiesness leaviing your body and going into the real world, thats how you could know all teh details! You were realy there !!! if you want to understand dreaming better, read the chapter on it in the book,Seth Speaks, the Eternal Validity of the Soul,,,, by Jane Roberts

love n light,



answered 02 May '11, 20:21

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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