After my boyfriends dad died, I had a dream of him a week later.

Were were in a boat at a lake surrounded by Willow trees, very peaceful and calm place. He was fishing (he actually had a thing for fishing in real life that I wasn't aware of!) and I was sitting in the little boat watching him. He calmly told me he was at peace in the dream.

Was this a message from him?

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Yes, we can receive messages from people who have died. Those people are just on the otherside of the veil and often times they want to communicate. Your dream may or may not have been a message from your boyfriend's father but it probably was. Just the fact that it happened to you and you are asking the question means that is was a message. I like to think everyone is spiritualy connected dead or alive, and we are all existing together as one. Just because we don't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We don't see sound waves, but when we tune in the radio we can hear the message. Your boyfriends father wanted to get a message out, and you were the one who was tuned in.


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Thank you Brian!

(04 Oct '10, 00:30) Mina

Are you worried about your boyfriend loosing his father? If so, this can trigger the off set of you having this dream of your boyfriend’s father, just to put your boyfriend mind at ease, and to comfort, and support him in his time of loss.

Actually, you manifested the dream to support your boyfriend, and to give him back his confidence that his father was at peace and resting. You just wanted your boyfriend to open up to you, and to talk you about what he was feeling, so that you could help him. So the dream, and the message was ideal for you to openly address this issue.

In all honesty, I can appreciate that this is a difficult time for both you, and your boyfriend, and you just want to help, and to make things better for him. Certainly, loosing a love one is devastating, because death is so final, but the pain will get easier with time. I am sorry about you, and your boyfriend’s Loss!


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Thank you! Do you mean, Was I worried about him loosing his father?? The answer is no.

(04 Oct '10, 21:30) Mina

If you look into the "spiritualism or spiritualist churches across the world, they have mediums that do this for the church. The churches' whole existence is to prove that life is eternal,(or your soul is) . I learned many different techniques from them, and I can receive messages from them. I have also sensed then learned to channel. I do this now because I opened my consciousness up enough to do so. Its not hard - a lot of meditational techniques. I teach them to many people who are constant watchers of my channelling !!!love n light.


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By George Carlin, No :P But to answer you, everything is energy and vibration so there's really no such thing as death. The communication may be there to suggest more support for your bf.


answered 01 Apr '11, 16:58

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Yes, as Vee said, unfortunately your brain was providing the solace it knew you needed (metacognitive intuition of the brain). Had you NOT known of the death and had this dream, that would have been a sign. As for JT (James Thomas, red hair, mustache) he says "hey." Could it be Phil?


answered 26 Mar '11, 02:23

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yes you can receive message from people that have died you might also see some people that die and don't know they are dead! so just tell them that every thing will be ok and that some one will come help them and that they have nothing to fear! you are just dead this is what happens after!


answered 08 Jun '11, 04:06

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