the first dream I had, He randomly showed up and was crying. When I asked what was going on he replied, that he didn't feel like he was able to be a part of our family. (we do have a 3 year old together btw.) And said something about getting married and not knowing what to do. In the dream I told him to pick a wedding date and he did. I don't remember what it was. This dream felt super real though. We have talked about getting married but I have no idea what this dream meant.

In the second dream, I dreamt that I had got a text message from him saying "I'm sorry I haven't said anything to you sooner, but wanted to let you know that i'm okay and I love you." He is currently in Florida for school and our daughter and I are Indiana. We've both been super busy with work and school so we haven't really talked much. it's actually been about two months now since we've last talked. I don't know if this dream was just my subconscious or what exactly. I do miss him and hate not being able to talk to him but I don't want to bother him by messaging him either so I don't know what to do.

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Why not share the dreams with him? It should bring you closer together. It sounds like they are spotlighting issues you need to work out with each other. You have a child and you've talked about getting married, yet you worry about bothering him with text messages. Does he dislike them that much?

Remember Bashar said of our dreams:

Those are real scenarios. Real realities...your dreams are always representations of an actual experience. You are very busy when you are dreaming. Your lives do not stop. They go on, in many different ways, in many expanded ways. The way you usually think of the idea of a dream, and the way you usually think of your physical life as being more real, than the dream reality, can be turned completely, 180 degrees around, as you say, to let you know, that in a sense from the dream reality, physical reality is, what appears to be the limited dream and the dream reality, the non-physical reality, is, what is the most expansive and ecstatic of experiences.

If it has really been two months since you talked (yikes!) then I think your dreams are filling in the gaps in your relatedness. So actually it hasn't been that long. The dreams count. :) But go ahead and drop him a line, I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you. Share those cool dreams! And send him a pic of you and your daughter.


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