I think that the "New Age" is actually a large group of people who are seeking their own answers to life's most powerful questions. New Agers are exploring everything from manifestation to shamanism. I don't think it is a fad- I think it is the wave of a new future for religion. What do you think?

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Jaianniah, stay in good health and you will see the awakening of human spiritually, our spiritual soul given respect for guiding our choices by mitigating our sensual desires.

(03 Mar '11, 01:56) fred

@Jaianniah - What exactly do you mean by "New Age?" Thanks

(04 Mar '12, 09:09) Fairy Princess
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I don't agree to the term "New Age" its actually getting back to basics and rediscovering the essence of every religion on the planet which had been lost in the dogmas, rituals and literal translations over thousands of years. All religions were formed on the teachings of truly great Masters and I believe that as our mental capacity evloves we are able to understand the deeper meanings of their words. When Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha spoke their words humans were not able to comprehend anything but the surface literal words of their message, it is only through the ages that we have reached a point where we are able to comprehend the depth and the truth of their message and how they all actually came at different times to different nations basically to teach the same Universal Laws.

Spirituality has always been around, it is not the new awakening. The various monastic orders, the Sadhus and the Sufis are all people who have been searching for spirituality and the Sufis and Sadhus actually place a much higher value on that way of attaining Oneness with God rather than religious rituals.

Hence the current wave of "New Ageism" is nothing more than more and more people trying to understand and decipher the Truth. Since we are now more and more connected through the internet and thousands of books are now coming out on the subject people mistake this for being a fad, but it is simply due to modern technology and publishing that more and more people are becoming aware of this quest and more and more of us are travelling on that path. Also I think as humans we are now more confident as a species and our modern laws and economic independance of most of us allows us to veer off the path our elders followed i.e. ritualistic religion and ask "Why?" without repercussions.

In short "New Age" is as old as time and is a journey on which historically only a few travelled but now it is gaining a critical mass.


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I Think Therefore I Am

Thank you for your fine answer...!!! Jai

(02 Mar '11, 23:11) Jaianniah

The term New Age doesn't really make sense to me, mostly because the beliefs aren't really that "new". Jesus taught this same thing 2,000 years ago yet the church took His messages far too literally, distorted His messages, and created unjust rules as a form of controlling and manipulating the population. Of course, this was the early Catholic Church and they have since reformed. In short, I don't see myself as part of the "New Age Religion" because Jesus, Buddha, Abraham, and other major religious figures taught it first. I was raised a Christian, but I was also able to see through the parables; to me, this is just Christianity at its finest.


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Michael 1

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I believe the "New Age Religion" is any search outside of the church for a spiritual message or experience. Too many people have come to see the churches as corporations or businesses, even mafias. The church became a place of rules and judgment, not of spiritual enlightenment. Many churches are so deeply imbedded to old traditions and beliefs that they are unable, or unwilling to see the world as it is today... and because of this, many people have went in search of older traditions, extinct beliefs and new ideas. Evolution is still not taught in many U.S. schools, because the church is against it and feels threatened by the idea. Birth control has only recently been made available to many third world countries, because only recently did the Pope decide it might no longer be a hell worthy sin, and it could perhaps prevent suffering to thousands. I bet the term "Priest" is used more globally, when telling dirty jokes than when speaking of spiritual enlightenment. The New Age Religion is a step by the masses towards a new meaning of life. This is a step from old tradition and extinct beliefs into an understanding of global existence, of global unity. The days when the Gods would fight one another using the faithful as soldiers, is now coming to an end. The New Age religion is a growing system of beliefs where all religions and all ideas are kept as possible, and as equal. Blessed be Actylo~


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Totally agree with you! I quote you: "The church became a place of rules and judgment, not of spiritual enlightenment." "Evolution is still not taught in many U.S. schools, because the church is against it and feels threatened by the idea." and many things like this made me step out of Church for good. BJ09

(07 Jul '10, 12:40) BridgetJones09
                 There is nothing NEW about the New Age.

It's a rediscovery of lost information that has been kept locked away because of it can be used as a tool to have power, control and abuse. We have powers that would boggle the mind, but they must be learned progressively with care and a loving heart. Recognizing trickery is one of the marks of a true master, this field is riddled with land mines.

It can cause a fixation in people that they can't get rid of, a kind of spirit possession that is harmful because they are not ready to handle such energies. Separating oneself from the whole is tough when you have to open yourself to the whole and the whole knows you just as well because that is where we all came from.

We must learn the road map slowly and consistently to understand the landscape and not be caught up in the tangle of our own opinions.

alt text


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The Knights Alchemy

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I used to be very interested in books and ideas that fall under the "New Age" category. Then I stumbled on some information that made me question the motives of the whole "channeling" system of information.

There is this lady who communicated with the spirits of those who have passed on. She was making contact with her good friend who was a New Age channel for quite a few years before his death. When she made contact with him she heard him screaming that it was a trap and that there were demons everywhere trying to contaminate everything spiritual. The entities he was channeling were, either, primarily demonic or were forced to communicate through a system that was controlled by a demonic structure.

Now is any of this nonsense true? I have absolutely no idea. But I am honest enough to admit to myself that even my favorite author "Jane Roberts" who channels "Seth" may or may-not be trustworthy, or for that matter my own religion, Hinduism could be a trap for my soul as well.

This demon thing I speak of is not something new. I knew about it many years ago when I read the works by Carlos Castaneda. But I never realized what he was talking about or even took it really seriously until recently.

I am now starting to trust my instinct to tell me which way to turn at each moment. I try to look at information that is for and against my spiritual outlook, just to test how the instinct feels at that moment. I haven't dismissed my favorite "Seth" books yet. But if such moment arrives, I will have to let it go.

I have been in this process for about a year, but didn't want to admit my caution of the "New Age" until this moment. My instincts tell me that we are approaching a moment where everything will go crazy. If such a moment arrives, apparently the best chance to stand your ground is to know that "You are the One" that knows how to guide you. It is a process of giving over your trust to yourself. Not the self that thinks, but the self that is still left and present when you switch off the thinking layer.

But there is no way to know If I am the one who is being deceived by this contradictory information. I know that I am not paranoid. But plenty of people who listen to me are convinced that I am, and In turn I am convinced that they are the lost sheep.

My inner instinct has never failed me, and has always kept me safe. In fact, I am ashamed to put it this way, but there are times when I feel like giving my inner self a bear hug of a loving embrace. There is a lot of love there.


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The Traveller

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All due respect, I think that every time you find something that makes you feel so good that people notice it, and you tell them the sources of your change, they try to scare you out of that speaking about demons, hell and sin. That's why I always keep to myself what I am doing, respecting beliefs. I only tell them I am doing meditation every day and that's why they see me so changed. And that's all I say. If giving advice were clever (but it isn't) I would say 'don't share with people what makes you feel good, they will always have something bad to say'. Regards, BJ09

(07 Jul '10, 12:52) BridgetJones09

Go for it and give yourself that bear hug!! love every part of you, every cell! And cheers to giving credit to Jane.

(03 Mar '11, 01:42) all2gethernow

Demons??? All of us have questions as to what is truly right. My only comfort is in the firm belief that God the creator loves me way too much to allow such an energy to exist! The only time we here of demons is when someone wants to instill fear in another!


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I don't thing this new movement is a fad. Only I don't feel comfortable with the term "New Age". I think it sounds a bit deprecatory, but that's myself. I totally agree with @Michael. The Church distorted Jesus' message to control the masses.

I like this video very much:

Abraham-Hicks: Why Buddha, Christ & Mohammed?

And about demons...demons are inside ourselves. Our fear (either self-imposed or imposed by others) is the most powerful demon we have to fight.



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Great insights. The "New Age" movement is here to stay. Jane Roberts' work is credited as being the start of it all. It need not have a name, temple, tradition, or ornamentation; however, these are clearly emerging.

In my experience, I went into a year of isolation. Simply living life and practicing yoga and meditation, and when I emerged, I found this entire community of people who think the way I think and want what I want.

We are not our Name, Temples, traditions, or ornaments.

We are those who agree. alt text

(Temples of Damanhu)

alt text


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I think the spirituality of this "new age" is one in which each individual searches for truth independently, rather than simply accepting the tradition or religion in which they were born, hence the popularity of "New Age" movements. There are many others ways to come to the truth in this "new age" including through science as well as traditional Faith. While the core of spirituality never changes, I think humanity is moving to a new phase in its collective life where it will be able to integrate spirituality with scientific understanding and the needs of the modern age. The "New age" movement is part of the process of humanity reaching it's collective spiritual adulthood, leaving behind wars and low vibration activities and embracing love of all humanity at it's core.


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Inner Beauty

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