I have "suffered" from depression all my life.

I have noticed, though, that in the last few years, my depression has abated to a great degree. I have become increasingly more spiritual through those years. I go to Church now, and Bible Study, and I have found that prayer has helped me a great deal with my depression. In fact, I feel better in general since I have become a member of Inward Quest.

Is this a coincidence? (I do not think so.) What are your thoughts?

Blessings, and Love, Jaianniah

asked 09 Jun '11, 12:43

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One of the factors of depression is lack of interest. When a depressed person gets involved with something that they are interested in, then they will feel less depressed. Studies have shownlink text that people who receive prayer heal faster and better than people who don't. Also, people need other people. Being involved in church and Bible studies helps on a social leve as well as a spiritual level. We need something to 'live' for. As well, when a person not suffering from depression finds spirituality, they grow and develope a new joy in life. So all of these things would take a not depressed person up a few rungs on the happiness scale. So I do think that it could take a depressed person out of depression and help them to move up the scale. God is love. When we forget that God loves us and is with us always, then we look for external means of fulfillment. My experience with church was not always a good one. Some of the churches are cliquish, and breed hypocrites. I see them making new rules to live by, while ignoring the fact that the people they have praying for people are married to the person they committed adultery with and divorced the mother of their children for. This is not spirituality, nor is the child molestation in the catholic church. When we put our faith in church and the people that go to church, we become disappointed, disillusioned. So, spirituality is seeking God and His ways, not just going to church and Bible study. I am sad that the church has become something so unChristlike. I know there are good churches out there. I hope everyone can find a good church, but we must remember to seek God first and His kingdom. I am glad you have found hope and relief from your depression. I hope you make it to the top of the happines scale.


answered 09 Jun '11, 14:17

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Fairy Princess

Thank you! Wonderful answer! Love,>>>>>>>>

(09 Jun '11, 15:32) Jaianniah

You're welcome! I am glad it didn't come off as anti church. I am not anti church, but pro Christ.

(09 Jun '11, 18:27) Fairy Princess
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