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This symbol is said to tie together all beliefs into one symbol that as it changes you can see all religious and philosophical symbols. While I find this interesting it doesn't necessarily seem useful, maybe as a meditation tool it could be.

It hasn't had the world wide impact that Lynnclaire Dennis seemed to believe it would have. As a matter of fact it is hard to find on the web anymore almost erased from existence somehow. Can there be some significance other than entertainment value to this one symbol that supposedly ties all symbols together depending on the angle it is viewed from? ,,,,,, ,,,,,,

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Wade Casaldi

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As I look at this I even see oscilloscope patterns in this.

(05 Feb '11, 00:40) Wade Casaldi

Good evening, To learn 'what's what with 'The Pattern', now known as The Mereon Matrix, please visit and Lynnclaire has not 'disappeared'; she has simply been paying dues with the scientific community to unfold this work from the scientific perspective. Thank you!


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Symbolism is our way of identifying with the world around us. The symbol or symbols Lynnclaire Dennis created was her way of organizing and/or identifying with the world around her. The study of comparative religion analyzes these similarities.


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But it is so much more than that, everyone that saw this for a while wanted to contact her from physics, chemistry, mathematicians, scientist, cosmologist, quantum physicist. held one way it looks like the symbol for the atom, held another way it looks like the sine wave, held another way it look like a circle, held another in looks like a line, she was told it is the space time continuum, held another way squeezed in looks like the flower of life. Plus all the religious symbols to boot yet, the yin and yang, the hexagram and all of them in one.

(07 Feb '11, 07:45) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for answering my question Constantine.

(15 Mar '11, 02:23) Wade Casaldi

The Pattern was known by early french alchemists as "L'├ęstoile Internelle" which translated into english becomes "The Internal Star" and thus gives a clue to what it signifies, it corresponds to non manifested internal unity.

L'├ęstoile Internelle

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is especially the final possible representation of absolute interior unity, beyond which is the domain of pure spirit. The multiple faces of the star evokes unlimited interdimentional exchanges between the physical and non physical worlds, it acts as the portal.

This Star graph can be used whilst meditating to significantly raise your vibrations, though it does require a great deal of internalization, concentration and mastery to obtain satisfactory results. It's the domain of the yogi's, spiritual leaders and master channelers.


answered 12 May '14, 04:56

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