A few days ago I was walking my dogs. I live in a subdivision in the country and saw a very large bird with beautiful feathers slightly off the road I was walking on.

I tried to figure out what it was, but could not and did not feel comfortable touching it. On the way back from the walk I was again drawn to the bird.

I gathered it in a plastic bag and realized it was a red owl. I felt strongly it deserved a proper burial (something I do when I dead animals cross my path) and thought maybe I should do something with the feathers.

A few hours later I went to my hair stylist. She was outside her shop with plastic gloves on. When I asked what she was doing she was stating she had to remove a large bird that was outside her shop for the past week and she had been dreading doing it.

I told her I would take care of it and picked it up with a plastic bag. It was a hawk. She was going to put it in a dumpster and again I felt I should bring it home and give it a proper burial. I cannot help but feel there is some spiritual significance behind the fact I found these two birds within a few hours of each other.

It does not seem like a random occurrence to me. A friend stated perhaps I should take them to a taxidermist, which is an interesting thought, but I do not want to disrespect these birds, who to me feel like animals that should be honored. I recently joined a metaphysical church and a few months ago made a Talisman.

I wondered if it would be a good idea to add a few feathers from these birds to my Talisman. I live in Wisconsin and wondered if perhaps an Indian tribe would want the feathers?

I just want to do the right things by these birds that have crossed my path.

Thank you in advance for any insight or advice you can give me. Namaste!

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what does those to bird have in common? do they eat something that is the same? why do they die at same time? I think you have a mystery on your hand. could be coincidence or maybe there is a link it is for you to find out. both hunt small animal one at night, the other at day. as for talisman how would you feel if someone took part of you after your dead to make one to show around? if you do not feel good with that idea do not do it. for indien it represent the great spirit or messenger-

(21 Mar '16, 05:47) white tiger

of the great spirit. chief or warrior would put on feather. dropped by the bird. now if the bird drop dead I can't tell you if they would still put the feather on display or see it as a bad omen. you will have to ask indien about this that live according to the old indien way and custom.

(21 Mar '16, 05:51) white tiger
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Hi @sandybk13 coincidenses of this kind mean you have a deep connection with all infinite possiblities, they're synchronicities that mean something to you but not necessarilly to anyone else, so ultimately only you can interpret the significance of the two dead birds.

Here's a text you may enjoy

"Synchronicities are sometimes regarded as signs, and some people consciously use them to make decisions in life. In the novel The Celestine Prophecy, a bestseller which thrust synchronicity into the public consciousness, James Redfield says that all coincidences are significant because they point the way to an unfolding of our personal destiny.

MaryAnn had moved to London to live with her boyfriend, only to discover that she hated the city and that he had a nasty streak. One morning at 6 a.m., after a tearful fight with him, she fled the house and was out walking the dank, grey streets, feeling completely miserable. Suddenly a dead bird fell out of the sky and landed at her feet with a plop. "That did it," she says. "It was a sign from the Universe and it was shouting, `Go home!' And I did."

Often synchronicities are simply a lark, a wink from the cosmos. Rebecca, a screenwriter, was researching the life of a mysterious woman, a famous writer's lover who had died tragically at a young age. Driving to Boston to view the writer's archives, Rebecca on a whim stopped off at the sprawling cemetery in the woman's home town, and quickly chanced upon her gravestone. On top of it was sitting a rabbit, its pink nose quivering. At the sight of Rebecca, it started skittering around in circles. In Boston a few hours later, she was reading through the writer's diaries when in the margin of a page, she came upon a few lines of curlicue, schoolgirlish handwriting, which she recognized as being the young woman's. The words? "Thank God for the rabbits and their funny little habits."

ref; http://www.flowpower.com/What%20is%20Synchronicity


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The requested object does not exist at the specified location. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed to not let you have it.

Your link does not work @jaz. I sure hope the reason isn't that last one :(

You can still get there by going to flowpower.com . It's a very interesting link. Thanks for posting it.

Reference link


(15 Mar '16, 22:52) ele

The 'rabbit' made an appearance a few minutes after I read this as did England as I'm sure you know.

(15 Mar '16, 22:54) ele

thanks for putting me on the right track @ele :)

(16 Mar '16, 00:56) jaz

Your link prob works perfectly fine in France.

"thanks for putting me on the right track" no, thank you :)

(16 Mar '16, 02:10) ele
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