I love PsiTek and Inward Quest. Both sites have led to immense personal growth for me in the last year.

I'm curious though - why is the favicon of PsiTek something that looks like a pitchfork? I'm not familiar with symbols but this pitchfork looks a tad like what some people might call "satanic"? :D You know, devil's pitchfork?

Just curious. Hope someone can shed some light here. Thanks!

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Pat W

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It is meant to be the Greek letter Psi but there's only so much you can do with a handful of pixels.

alt text

That letter Psi (or Psy) is often used to represent the ideas of mind and soul such as in PSYchology, PSYchiatry, or paraPSYchology.

I've never thought of it as looking like a Devil's Pitchfork before - you can blame the Greeks for that!


answered 13 Nov '10, 18:25

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

Hahaha!! Told you I wasn't familiar with symbols in general. Hehe. Thank you, Simon! :)

(14 Nov '10, 03:39) Pat W

Most Hindu Gods especially Shiva are shown carrying a pitchfork called the Trishul with which they slay their enemies. What is interesting is that Shiva is also considered as the deity who taught the Tamil language to his people and hence increased their knowledge which resonantes with the Greek meaning of 'Psi'.

Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden because Eve tasted the fruit from the tree of knowledge and later on the pitchfork became associated with the devil, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and they gave him Pandora's box as punishment. All these myths and symbols lead me to believe that perhaps knowledge and the awakening of the mind is a double edged sword, it can slay the enemy of darkness and evil within us as well as set us off on a never ending quest - the more we ask the less we know. Perhaps that is why ignorance is bliss??


answered 15 Nov '10, 08:49

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I Think Therefore I Am

Well I always thought that there was a special meaning to the symbol, but I never got around to asking the question. I think it is a very important question to everyone on this site to know what it represents, and I am enlightened by Simon’s answer. Thank you Simon!

In my opinion, I do not see the symbol as a pitchfork in fact: it appears to me more like a Brass Candle Holder. But on the contrary, ever pair of eyes can see something different!

Nice picture of the symbol Simon!


answered 14 Nov '10, 06:00

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