Consider: And does this belief of lack become one’s rhythm and vibration to spin in?

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The Law of Attraction operates on Like attract like - in Biblical terms what we reap so shall we sow. Without a doubt if we think scarcity, our mantra ( albeit unconscious ) is obviously one of lack. However, we always have the power to choose a different thought or mantra and change our belief to one of abundance.


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I like to refer to poverty as poverty consciousness. I believe that is true for any lack or scarcity that we have in our lives. The reason being that we have not opened up our consciousness to accept what we desire as a reality for us. This may sound too simple to make any sense but when you put it into practice it can be an amazing experience and things can change rather quickly.


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I believe more instead of mantra you mean affirmation, but it could be a continuous mantra too. Every time you want to buy something saying out I don't know if we could afford that to whomever you are with at the time. Everything has a frequency I believe a lower frequency of poverty or lack can predominate and bring about the experience of lack. I remember reading in a Ted Andrews book he went to a fund raiser and wore a dark brown suit, he was hardly approached for money, everyone else was approached ten times more than him. The others said to him "why aren't you being approached for donations as much as us?" He responded "they must not like my suit." Truthfully he prepared he didn't have as much to give as others and so he decided to dress in a more lower depressed poor color than the rest of them so he gave off the vibration of "don't come to me for money." He prepared his vibration with his choice of color and purposely experienced being poor at a fund raiser he really didn't want to be at but had to be at.

Joe Vitale bought a David Off Gold Plated lighter for $612, now he talks about this extensively in Subliminal Manifesting vol 4. He said what this lighter does is say to him he is wealthy he is successful. It was his anchor to the feelings and experiences he wanted to have. He said it has twin flames for his cigar and a "ping" sound every time he opened it, he spent hours just opening and closing it and lighting it. What he was doing was building his wealth vibration, when he went to buy it he said he wanted something like maybe Donald Trump would buy.

So our vibration frequency we are in is very much a factor of our experience we experience.

In my book Be Rich! (The science of getting what you want) by Robert Collier it talks about this, A woman wanted a house she could not afford but still she bought things she could afford for in this home that she is going to own, she bought pots and pans and shelves she will use, the house did come to her and she owns it now.


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Does abundance become one's mantra of excess? We live how we think and think how we live.


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