I need air to breathe, I do not want it, I need it. Same goes for food and water, I need these things.

Once needs are met (and there seems to be few), aren't all other desires "wants"?

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Our true needs for survival: air, food, water, shelter and clothing are naturally taken care of as long as we're not pushing against them and focusing on the lack of them in some way.

Allowing all that we desire (want) in a relaxed and confident manner IS the catalyst that will bring those things to us. When we fear and doubt an outcome, we imbue it with our needy, faltering attitude which can only serve to hold our desires away from us.

This helps me: You can have anything and everything that you want as long as you don't need it.


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This is what confuses me. I need food and I always seem to have it. Are you saying do not confuse a real want ( desire) for a need? That I get.

(25 May '11, 02:39) you

Yes you need food, but are you constantly fretting about getting it or do you just know and therefore trust that you'll have food? Think about the word neediness or think about people you meet who are needy. The emotions they generate are what keeps the things they want away from them. Yes, a desire is just that, it's something that's not absolutely necessary, but you want it :)

(25 May '11, 03:26) Eddie

Thanks Eddie :0)

(25 May '11, 03:43) you

eddie, sounds like you live in a country that has sufficient supply of eatable food and clean water for all of its citizens; plus a fair system of distribution of these resources to them

(25 May '11, 09:28) fred

Hi Fred, yes I do and I chose to live where I am because it feels the best to me, I love it :) However, if I were to worry about what others have chosen I may feel bad and I may experience lack.

(25 May '11, 12:25) Eddie
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The word that came to my mind was expect Yes you need to breathe ,but maybe you want to control your breathing being more conscious of how you breathe and with that there are expectations.

Yes you you need to eat but you want a Caesars salad!

Again expectations of what you have to do to get such a salad. A want without expectations is lack. A want with exceptions has no lack.



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Depends on the context. It is important to assert our needs, but not be run by them. I can want something but not need it- and also assert that want as well.


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I can want more of something, only to find out there is a lack of it!

I can want to give you something special for your birthday, only to find out there is a lack of supply in stock!

I may need funding to start up my New Business, only to find out there is a lack of funding for New Businesses!

So in essence, lack, more, want, need: is needing something that might be absent, or unavailable!

Of course you have to desire something to want it to manifest in your life!

Now to manifest your desires: there is no lack in the universe! You have to know how to get your piece of the “Pie.”

Now the secret to manifesting my desire is believing, expecting, and patience!


answered 29 May '11, 00:02

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