The reason I ask this question is because in the past iv'e always been afraid of the world and getting hurt.

For example: Let's say I get road rage and cut someone off and they do something to me in return. Even if I feel bad for that moment I would like to know if the bad thing becomes undone once cleared.

I feel as though my family still has limiting beliefs even though I share the laws of creation energy healing tips with them and all that.

I don't expect to tell them how to live nor is that my goal.

But for some reason I get bothered and annoyed and feel resistence when they tell me stuff that no longer resonates with me.

I would like to believe that nothing and no one can hurt me, but I get bothered when the people around me drag me down into their limiting views. Even family.

I would like to know if cleaning up the inner world changes the outer world as soon as you start to feel relief.

I wish I wasn't afraid any more.

I at least think i'm seeing improvement in the way I behave but I keep having setback after set back after setback.

This really bothers me:

People tell me that "i'm not improving thought i'm trying". I know this shouldn't bother me but it kind of puts doubt in my mind. I wish I knew what was going on here.

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CreativeOne, from my perspective, there are a few things in your question that need to be addressed. I will offer a brief overview here, with the suggestion that you explore these points in greater depth by reviewing the source material referenced.

Your question begins by asking "Is it true...?" If it is your wish to develop a better understanding of the nature of reality, you must first recognize that "Truth" and "belief" are not interchangeable concepts. Truth is what it is regardless of whether you believe it, accept it or know it. You could say that truth is what governs all reality, physical and non-physical. Bashars four laws of creation offer a clear and simple explanation and can be reviewed here:

I'm going to assume that you are familiar with the idea that you create (your own) reality. Your personal thoughts and beliefs, governed by the aforementioned laws of creation, stimulate the energies of all that is, to bring forth what "you" perceive as reality. Based on this understanding, rather than asking "Is it true...?", what you really need to ask yourself is: "Do "I" believe that as long as I continue cleaning up obstacles, nothing and no one can hurt me?". The "cleaning processes", whatever they may be, can be better understood, by Basher's concept of "permission slips". More on this can be found here: .

In short, it is your belief that the cleansing will protect you from harm rather than the cleansing process itself. You could just as easily believe that "When I am kind and considerate of others, they will never seek to hurt me." Both beliefs are valid and can bring about the desired result. The one that requires a cleaning process, however, is far more labor intensive. That is just my personal opinion. Free will allows you to pick and choose whatever beliefs you prefer.

The last aspect of your question to consider is how to deal with your emotional responses to circumstances that arise. If you are familiar with Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction), I would suggest you review her explanations on the meaning and significance of emotions as an inner guidance system. (There are a number of you tube videos where she explains this process). Briefly, the idea is that our emotions are a reaction resulting from the alignment of misalignment between our beliefs and our desires, between who we are and who we prefer to be as we portray and express ourselves through our thoughts, words, and actions. When in alignment we experience positive emotions. When we are not in alignment, we experience negative emotions. Thus, the emotions you are experiencing are due more to your own inner state of being than to the circumstances and interactions with those around you.


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Think sync, I was just reading this:

Permission Slips, Placebos, and Conscious Imagining

I've been thinking and reading a bit these days about the placebo effect. Here's a great book, if this kind of thing interests you in depth and you'd like to see some documentation and research.

A Course in Miracles talks about the concept of "magic." For example, injecting ourselves with a bit of chemical elixir in order to prevent disease would be considered magic, as would taking a pill to alleviate a symptom, or believing that we need to eat certain foods or have a certain amount of money. They are magic because they are symbolic agreements we've made with each other, through which we create or release our agreed-upon limitations.

In truth, we can heal ourselves or create abundance by allowing in the belief that such a thing is actually possible. This, however, requires (for most of us) a huge leap, both in self-worth and in faith.

So we take a pill, or inject ourselves with a shot of something, or get a degree, and because we believe it will work to cure us or to alleviate our state of dis-ease or poverty, it does, temporarily. That's the placebo effect, and I'm beginning to believe that just about everything we do in the name of healing or prevention, in any area of life, depends upon this very thing.

The idea of permission slips, a term I first heard used by Bashar, that cranky extra-terrestrial channeled by Darryl Anka, is the same thing. We cannot easily step into our own WORTH, so we create rituals that give us permission to do so.

Perform the ritual, whether it is some sort of spiritual process, or running a 5K, or not eating gluten, and we will then allow ourselves to feel better. But it's not the ritual--there is nothing inherent within the activity that does anything except crank up our sense of worthiness enough to allow us to temporarily feel better.

We hand in our permission slip to the great big authority in the sky and then we allow ourselves to release a limitation.

When we begin to get an inkling that we are the authority--that our inner selves are the authority--we can begin to do away with permission slips and placebos. We can begin to do away with magic. But how?

One way we can do this is through consciously, deliberately imagining who we would have to be, and how we would have to feel about ourselves, in order to be healed, fulfilled, fully creative, and free.

We have invested eons of human mental effort to make manifest the idea that we are victims, that we cannot heal ourselves, that we cannot create our own abundance, that we are unworthy. We have created these limitations, which are not real, through our own focus and intent.

Now is the time to reverse this momentum, and there seems to be a lot of assistance available if we'll put in the effort to use our imaginations in a new way.

We can write our own permission slips.

You can ask yourself: What would it feel like to be completely free of fear--fear of lack, fear of loss, fear of pain. I'm not talking about some kind of bravado in which you force yourself to do things even though you are afraid. I'm talking about being free of it... as though it doesn't exist... as though you are completely safe. Like awakening from a nightmare and discovering that it was all a dream. What would that feel like?

What if it is true that I need no longer be afraid? What if it is true that I am completely safe. What if it is actually true that I am cherished and adored? What if it is actually true that my body will heal itself perfectly? What if it is actually true that I am worthy of being done with suffering? What if it is actually true that "it is what I say it is, 24/7."

It's easy to read those sentences, but we mentally bounce off of them. We have a hard time letting ourselves go into imagining such things. Yet I'm beginning to believe that the key to transformation is this very allowing of imagination.

The emotional arousal that accompanies this type of elated imagining is what helps reprogram our bodies, our mental habits and our physical reality. Just the simple act of allowing ourselves to do this imagining, and put some energy behind it, is the key. Everything exists in imagination first.


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Nice blog :) Thanks !

Your link does not work for me but it may be due to location.

If anyone else is having trouble they can try this one ~

(14 Aug '16, 22:21) ele

Thanks, I edited my reply and fixed the link. Want to explore her blog further, myself.

(15 Aug '16, 01:42) Delphine
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