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This question is for Inward Quest Simon Templeton. I have noticed that many of my answers given a while ago were not rated, and a Zero is still outstanding. Why is this?

asked 05 Feb '11, 07:07

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Inward Quest operates on a voting system. You vote for questions and answers you like and, in return, others vote for answers of yours that they like. As a by-product, the best answers "bubble" to the top of each thread. It's nothing to do with Simon Templeton or any moderator. It's to do with how the community views your questions and answers. Please refer to the FAQ:

(05 Feb '11, 07:57) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks to everyone for your gallant input, and answers, and it is wonderful that we do have each other to share with!

(23 Feb '11, 04:14) Inactive User ♦♦
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I believe we all do Vee, when you go through all the questions I have answered when you get to the last page it is nearly straight zeros, I even have one that is best answer and still zero! LOL

You are not alone I believe we all do. :-)

That doesn't upset me as much as when my questions are not taken seriously, unfortunately I did have a bunch of those flops.

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answered 05 Feb '11, 08:43

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Wade Casaldi

Isn't this actually an opportunity to apply some metaphysical principles?

If you make it a point to happily vote for others (without any sense of obligation or expectation of reward), wouldn't you be putting yourself in the perfect vibrational stance to allow others to vote for you?

As you give (vibrationally), so shall you receive.

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answered 15 Feb '11, 21:36

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answered 05 Feb '11, 11:40

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I don't think you really need to worry too much about this.. people are lazy, and it is a pain and chore to click that little up arrow beside an answer you know ? haha... and I dont like the way it looks after I vote! So I seldom vote unless I have nothing better to do...

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answered 07 Feb '11, 11:12

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Just because people haven't voted doesn't mean they don't read or value your input. I'm not really sure that it matters that much to be recognised in this way. We are all here to learn and help each other, but I don't personally feel I need to be recognised or publicly 'approved' for that.

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answered 07 Feb '11, 11:18

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