Why do I feel the need to belong under a group consciosness?

Subconsciously it seems like I'm trying to always fit in under some group and it's thinking and average state of consciousness. Why do I do that and how can I feel complete with just my own everything as from what I learn we are complete alone.

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I think its really a very natural thing. Consider how many people belong to supporters clubs,sports teams,political parties,churchs,leisure clubs etc etc.

Humanity always does seem to seek a collective consciousness ( subconsciously or consciously) and are very much a pride of lions rather than a lone wolf.

Were all part of ONE spiritual organism,so its hardly surprising that we tend towards things of a collective nature spiritualy,emotionaly and physicaly.

Your complete in your own right of course BUT your ( in your own right ) one with God/Source anyway.

Either way you look at it your ONE. You cant be any other.It seems a strange dicotomy that your 100% individual AND 100% one with Source.

Best of both worlds.



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Monty Riviera

Wow B2B I had to check if you were American first, because if you were someone from a Communist country I could understand this feeling. What made our country what it is is our individualism, it is that individualism that is responsible for the shape our country is in right now.

To have workers under you all cooperating for the good of the company is one thing and some feel that need to fit into that group mind. But how much can all the worker bees achieve without that king bee to say "Hey I say we go over them there hills and conquer that flower garden now get out there!" They would all be of one mind with nothing to lead, it is the leaders that made things great the ones that said "I want to not just fit in, I want to make a difference, I want to not produce value! I want to actually create value!" If people like Tesla just wanted to fit in and be in the group mind, we would not have electricity today, it (ac current) would never had been invented. If Henry Food had said he just wanted to fit in, we would still have horse and buggies, great people say that they want to create value.

Be that king bee! :-D


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Wade Casaldi

You entered into this life from two people, male and female. These two people entered in the same way. We are part of a system of life that does not allow us to separate ourself from it. The separation that we desire is as important as the bond that we have with each other.


answered 07 Feb '11, 03:01

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Abraham says without other people 'you could not be you' (in the Vortex meditation on relationships). I think there is comfort in knowing that you are 'like' other people, in finding kindred spirits or groups of people with whom you share things in common.

And in interacting with others and seeing how you are similar and different to them you build a clearer picture of who 'you' are. Humans are social animals and like to be in groups, but as Graham pointed out we like to be individual too, to be recognised for our uniqueness.

To me, learning to feel you are complete as you are is an ongoing process of whatever practices resonate for you, like meditation and finding your flow in certain activities, and learning to love and accept and value yourself for who you are (which by the way I really think they should teach in schools!).


answered 07 Feb '11, 11:16

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