I used to pray for a few minutes everyday as a ritual for several years. Now I just dont feel like praying. I am not in my highest spirits at this moment in time, and I just feel blank about everything. No fear, dont care attitude, emotionless. I used to be superstitious about certain things, and now when I see something happening which would bother me before, I tend to just ignore/dont care about it anymore.

Actually I feel like telling the god to leave me alone and sometimes feel like yelling at him to go take a hike. :)

Is it wrong to be so careless?

asked 22 Oct '10, 15:59

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AVBhat 1

sounds like there a lo of issues going on there beneath this question?

(22 Oct '10, 16:19) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics, which ever way I look, I just find myself in a deadend.. Dont know how/when/where to find that silver lining/light which people talk about..

(25 Oct '10, 16:34) AVBhat 1

what god are you refering to? the human god's or the god? if it is one from religion i agree with you. if it is the true god the alpha and the omega with in and with out then you are missing something. so experience and enjoy.

(24 Dec '11, 01:14) white tiger
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I was facing the same situation a while ago. First of all, I was depressed. Are you sure you're not depressed? I also felt like telling god to leave me alone :) If you do so, nothing bad needs to happen, believe me.

Maybe you're facing a crisis in your belief system. If you feel like changing it, it's fine. I decided I would just be a believer, but I wouldn't belong to any religion in particular. So I stopped praying. Now I meditate, which amounts to the same thing in the end.

If you don't feel like praying, then don't. It would be fake, don't you think? :) It's worse praying with a fake heart than not praying at all, IMO.

Whatever you decide, do not fear. The earth is not going to stop spinning, and fear is paralyzing when you're trying to make a decision.

Take your time, think things over...Everything will be fine at the end of the day, you'll see! :)

Be strong, and good luck!



answered 22 Oct '10, 17:22

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Hi Bridget, thanks a lot for those kind words. I am not too sure what I am feeling now. It could be depression or call it any other name, I just feel empty. Like, there is no happiness left for anyone to take away from me..

(25 Oct '10, 16:25) AVBhat 1

It is ok to stop praying, The all omniscient God knows what is really on your heart even before you pray for it.


answered 22 Oct '10, 17:33

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Thank you RPuls.. :)

(27 Oct '10, 12:22) AVBhat 1

Sounds like you're actually angry at God at the moment and that's perfectly okay. If you "feel like yelling at him", go right ahead and do so - he won't be annoyed. It's much better to express that angry energy within than to suppress it and let it fester.

I know you said you've stopped praying to God on a conscious level. However, I don't believe we can ever really stop praying, every desire we have is a form of prayer whether we're conscious of it or not. You don't have to sit in a certain ritualistic way to pray, we're praying ( asking ) all day, every day. I'd say even this question is a form of prayer.

There is no right or wrong - only what meaning you give to things. If it feels right, go ahead and be careless - only you can know.


answered 22 Oct '10, 17:16

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edited 22 Oct '10, 17:23

Hi Michaela, I am indeed angry with god :)... I am not yet yelling at him, but I am in my own way trying to tell god that he could have been a little nicer to me.. Yet I havent completely turning away from him either.. Just need some time to gather myself I guess and forgive god and let things go..

(25 Oct '10, 16:29) AVBhat 1

You don't need to forgive God - He doesn't need your forgiveness. The 'letting things go' will be enough to make you feel better - Hope you feel better soon:)

(25 Oct '10, 18:36) Michaela

:).. Yeah, I actually meant to say stop blaming god and let things go.. Thanks you Michaela :)..

(27 Oct '10, 11:56) AVBhat 1

You're very welcome :)

(27 Oct '10, 13:46) Michaela

You cant really turn away from God. Hes part of you and your part of Him.Your one. Hes cool about you,youll soon be cool about Him.No probs

(27 Oct '10, 14:53) Monty Riviera
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It sounds like you have disconnected yourself from the 'Source'. Usually that happens when we are putting up resistance to circumstances in our life. I recognized that when I am disconnected, I am only hurting myself and delaying the manifestations that I desire. As I become more spiritually conscious I spend more and more time connected to the Source. I do not pray because I make every effort to stay in the vortex throughout the day and really that is what we do during prayer. So why not make your life one long big prayer.


answered 22 Oct '10, 23:53

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Hi Drham - I'd tend to say 'distanced' rather than 'disconnected' -you can never become 'disconnected' from Source.

(23 Oct '10, 00:35) Michaela

I stand corrected. Thanks Michaela.

(23 Oct '10, 23:32) Drham

Hi Drham, I know that I am only hurting myself.. Just that I am not finding any motivation to pull myself out of that space.. Thanks for your answer..

(25 Oct '10, 16:32) AVBhat 1
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I suspect that there are many people on this site who either have been through or are currently going through the same situation. I am one of those who are currently going through this. I too find it hard to pray ritualistically, like you I too feel that its really pointless. But then at times I find myself fighting with God and telling Him that if He doesn't care neither do I. But you know what? I realized that my fight is actually a prayer, if I didn't believe in Him I wouldn't be having this fight. I realized that this conversation inside my head really means that I don't need a ritual to feel close to Him. God knows how we feel and so its pointless being hypocritical with Him and pretending to be all submissive and pray when He knows that inside I am angry and hurt. I feel the very act of being honest with Him is one of the highest forms of prayer.


answered 26 Oct '10, 10:41

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I Think Therefore I Am

:).. Thank you..

(27 Oct '10, 12:21) AVBhat 1

I have had a similar experience to some of the postings. I stopped praying when I left home to go and study abroad at the age of 18. This was a major turning point in my life.

My parents were fairly strict and very religious and although I did become quite religious at some point whilst living at home, it was mainly driven by my parents always going to the temple and bringing me along. It was sort of one of the few distractions I had sop I went along with it. I was brought up to believe that I should pray everyday for at least a few minutes and God will reward me in return and I remember on so many occasions, not wanting to pray but my parents insisting that I still go ahead and do it anyway.

Well, when I left home, there was no such pressure and absolute freedom to do whatever I liked. Guess what? I gradually completely stopped praying and personally, I gradually became a lot happier and it started to open my mind to spirituality and reality creation and I realised that I had a lot more control over my reality than my parents had told me and I saw hard evidence of it in everyday.

Although I am not making this a general rule here, but from my personal experience, I see praying and religion as having kept my parents very narrow minded in numerous aspects of life. It laid some boundaries that prevented them from fully living life.

From the Law of Attraction's point of view, you can believe in anything you like and there is no right or wrong. So, in summary, there is nothing wrong in any choice you make in life as you have always got the power to change your reality and beliefs at any point.


answered 26 Oct '10, 17:42

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Pink Diamond

Thanks Rani.. I can relate to your early experiences with parents as I have been brought up in a similar environment.. Guess this my cue to start looking for what exactly is brewing within me and enjoy the experience too.. :)

(27 Oct '10, 12:03) AVBhat 1

When the rug is pulled from under your feet suddenly, and the emotional pain starts to festered, there seem to be no end to the misery. I can identify with your emotional pain, and your spiritual upheaval. Therefore, it is important for you to vent, and for you to take the time you need to heal.

Your behavior is not abnormal, and when you are ready to find the answers, and to make peace with your inner self, and God, you will feel free because you have come to terms with your emotions, and spirituality. If you can believe that you have forgiven yourself, then God has also forgiven you. Do not be hard on yourself, in fact, take all the time you need to heal, and remember after a storm, comes calmness.

Be strong, trust and believe, and take control of your life! This day too will soon pass. We should always pray for safety, good health, and protection in life.


answered 27 Oct '10, 04:03

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you so much Vee.. 'This day too will soon pass".. These words have dramatically soothing powers :).. Thanks :)..

(27 Oct '10, 11:53) AVBhat 1

"Actually I feel like telling the god to leave me alone and sometimes feel like yelling at him to go take a hike. :)"

Watch what you say to God. This is the supreme being here you could be sorry for telling God to take a hike.

This reminds me of the movie Bruce Almighty. In the movie Jim Carry actually says "Smite me, Oh mighty Smiter!" Now God knew Jim Carry was only acting and not actually challenging God to kill him so Jim Carry's life was pretty safe since it was only acting for a movie.

But you telling God to "take a hike!" You mean that! You are not just acting, but you actually feel this! That is pushing buttons you don't want to push.

It is like saying to a big pro-wrestler "Go ahead, try and body slam me!" You don't want to temp him, Just as Jesus said, "Do not tempt the Lord your God."


answered 23 Dec '11, 18:43

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Wade Casaldi

I think this is a very good answer and a very important warning. "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it."

(23 Dec '11, 19:33) Snow

no, prayer is only a consies sending of intent to creator and to ur higherself, so if there is nothing u want then no, the practoce of praying for others is used in churce because teh intent of christ was to help others, that si why its importnat now, only if u want to send intent in the betst way besides consies consistant thought. ( or meditation , which some say is the same )

love n light



answered 24 Dec '11, 04:28

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Develop a relationship with jesus and by doing that stop sinning on purpose ( turn away from all sin ) but first repent to the lord and get baptized and become a christian.


answered 23 Dec '11, 13:54

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John Butts

How do you define sin? Based on how you define sin, what does it mean to repent to the lord? What does it mean to become a christian?

(23 Dec '11, 14:37) Fairy Princess

I am going through the same. All I have to say is: Dont run from God. But dont do the rituals if you are not fulfilled doing them. In your heart, express your pain to God. Like unloading to your therapist. But also take the time to express your submission to Him as Supreme (i.e. worship). Do these in your heart and you will recover soon. As that person said 'this too shall pass' Love, peace and joy


answered 04 Jan '12, 17:13

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what do you mean by praying getting your body on the knee and reciting words over and over? or do you mean connecting with god through your soul (heart and mind) and having a real connection like with a friend that knows you and you know him?

  1. His disciples asked him and said to him, "Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?"

Jesus said, "Don't lie, and don't do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed."

  1. Jesus said, "When you see your likeness, you are happy. But when you see your images that came into being before you and that neither die nor become visible, how much you will have to bear!"

  2. Jesus said, "Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Don't you understand that the one who made the inside is also the one who made the outside?"

  3. Jesus said, "If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, 'Move from here!' and it will move."


experience and enjoy.


answered 24 Dec '11, 01:33

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white tiger

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