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I am seating in the most comfortable chair in the cafe. I have an Arnold Palmer and I am listening to the Audiobook form of "Being You, Changing the World (Now Is The Time.)" It is a book about this thing called Access Consciousness. I am debating getting Reiki Level I... on a side note.

I asked at the cafe and they are not hiring until September. My Artwork is on display at another coffee house. The replacement tips to my Bose earbuds are too big and my headphones decided to pop out of my ears.

So I ask you, does it get any better than this cloudy day? The last of summer hangs in the air. Michigan is so beautiful! In Fall the leaves will change. I have a punch card to a free drink filled up. It is my niece's birthday. One month before my birthday.

Does it get any better than that? I am excited to see what the day holds. Does anyone here know anything about Access Consciousness? Should I get my bars run? Hope you have a happy Thursday. The main question is what happens when we don't answer questions with our minds but let the Universe answer them.

asked 17 Aug '17, 11:59

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@Igot7- Appreciating even the small stuff that happens is a big part of being a happy person. It can put you in the vortex- and it did, from what you have written. Wade came home from the surplus outlet with a big box of my favorite flavor of Keurig coffee cups. He got 42 for pennies on the dollar, which was wonderful as we are usually broke. This was something that made me smile a lot- it was Wade's way of "giving me roses"! I have been humming happiness for hours.

In the midst of even hardship and pain, we can be at peace and happy. I am glad that you felt this way this day.

No, it doesn't get any better that that!

alt text


answered 17 Aug '17, 15:42

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I like this response, but do not accept that it doesn't get any better than that. I think we both can be surprised at how much closer to the center of the vortex we can access. Which brought a question to my mind.

(22 Aug '17, 13:20) Igot7

i see that!

(23 Aug '17, 01:27) Jaianniah

as one looks inward and
begins to see a connection
with nature, exploring
possible probables, it does


answered 06 Sep '17, 19:15

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