Dear All,

I am sure many of you here are successful entrepreneurs and if not, sure ones in the making :)

I certainly believe that we can achieve whatever we want!! I aspire to start my entrepreneurial venture soon and I had a question with regards to it.

As an individual when I do business and have complete control over my business activities, it is my vibrational offering which will bring the commensurate success to me.

However when the organisation which I start grows and there are many people working with me, how much weight would my vibrational offering alone carry in terms of determining the success of my business?

I had learned that true success of an organisation comes when there is a harmonious, peaceful and a strongly positive collective vibration cumulatively offered by all employees in the organisation.

To give an example, I would be at the top and I will be in complete alignment and things will look great for me. But the person at the bottom who is executing what I am planning / strategizing, if he is not in alignment, then how does the whole thing collaboratively work out.

As we all know, I cannot control the behavior of all the employees in my organisation. I can only influence them to some extent.

Hence I want to know how to get the employees in my organisation to raise their vibration or be in a positive frame of mind so that there is complete harmony and therefore a resultant success story.

I am highly grateful for your views, ideas, comments and suggestions on this.

Thank you so much :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

As the visionary of the business, your most important role is to hold the...errr...Vision. :)

It's not your job to try to control the behavior of others within your organization - leave that to the Law of Attraction to sort out.

If you remain true to your vision then those who are not in harmony with it simply won't feel like they will want to be a part of it - and even if someone does join your organization that is not harmonious with your vision, eventually they will simply clatter away again, if you allow that natural clattering process to occur.

The vision you hold basically acts as a vibrational template which is overlaid on all the activities of the business. Where visionaries tend to go wrong however is, once the business is up and running, they get so distracted by the day-to-day activities of the business that the original vision gets muddied and now the organization reflects that lack of vibrational clarity.

For this reason, it is a good idea - as a visionary - to step back every so often (perhaps take a break from it) and remember why you are doing what you are doing and what your original vision was.

I run an organization (in the loosest sense of the word) and it is fascinating to me how whenever I am distracted by the mundane everyday aspects of operating that organization then petty difficulties and nuisances start to present themselves within it.

But whenever I take a step back, remember the ideals I had at the start and what I hoped to achieve, then almost magically those difficulties seem to melt away and everyone and everything seems rosy again :)

That's the power of vision :)


answered 18 Feb '11, 00:10

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+1 Consider what happened to Apple when Steve Jobs left, and what happened when he returned as CEO.

(18 Feb '11, 00:45) Vesuvius

Hi Stingray,That is such a wonderful insight. In fact after I posted this question, I too was pondering that I should just focus on what I want and be happy, LOA will take care of everything else. Thanks once again, all your answers are extremely insightful :) btw also wanted to thank you for the amazing FB spreadsheet, which I had downloaded months ago but just started using. Really enjoying using it. Now I know why have you been emphasizing on FB's :) Thanks so much, the efforts you have taken for the spreadsheet and training videos is really commendable!!

(18 Feb '11, 07:05) Sourabh

Hi Vesuvius,

Thats a great example to prove the point!! Completely agree with you, Thanks so much :)

(18 Feb '11, 07:06) Sourabh

@Sourabh - You're welcome. And, yes, the Focus Blocks spreadsheet is pretty powerful stuff...glad you're finding it useful :)

(18 Feb '11, 07:53) Stingray
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I would have used that template for the hiring process. Since you have a crew already, I would schedule a motivational or spiritually uplifting speaker to uplift your employees every once in a while. Offer Tai Chi classes or start a group. Bring old uplifting magazines to work that you would normally throw away, and leave in the lunch room. Participation can be rewarded by a point system. Points can be used for time off or gifts. Just a couple of ideas to get you started.


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The Knights Alchemy


Those are some really interesting ways to keep people motivated and I think a lot of companies have started doing it these days. I will surely keep this in mind when I start my organisation. Thanks so much :)

(18 Feb '11, 06:58) Sourabh

Ive just started a business venture too Sourabh. I have, or had ( and if im honest still do have on occasions) many of the concerns you voice above. I guess the biggest one being that im not in overall charge of the business because so many others,ie partners,clients,suppliers etc are involved. All with differing beliefs,vibrations and desires.

In the end i just kept to the simple maxim of always reaching for a more pleasant thought.I just made it a point of steering clear of the details ( and theres tonnes of them ) steering clear of the means to achieve,steering clear about the manifestation and just and only looking after my own personal joy levels.

Ultimately we cant radio control others.We have one joystick in life and its connected to ourselves. I know it sounds far to over simplistic,but i just reach for better feelings and thats ALL i do.

Sure there will be the odd inspired action or decision,but if your in faith/Joy/Vortex this will happen almost automatically.

And if it doesnt....then ill have been in a happy place anyway.



answered 16 Feb '11, 10:28

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Monty Riviera

Hi Graham,

I can sense that the answer is coming straight from the Horse's mouth. Actually makes a lot of sense. It is in fact quite simple which I thought was complicated. Thanks so much for the wonderful response!! Really appreciate :)

(18 Feb '11, 07:00) Sourabh

As a business owner I understand that ALL aspects of the business fall under my responsibility. If I have a high vibration it is needed for me to find all like "vibrational" people in my upper and mid management structure. At those levels with clear direction, these individuals can carry out the vision. If my immediate upper teams are not vibrationally matched with me, my vision and vibe means nothing but a 'good idea'. As the person above me stated, it is not the job to control anyone. But making great hiring choices lessen the need to even attempt to


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be example in everything you do treat other as you would like to be treated. there for no one will be able to do bad because the boss accept it or the boss as lower expectation or standing. experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Sep '11, 17:28

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white tiger

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