Hi All,

My newly started business is not doing to well and I really need it to do well as its a matter of my subsistence. The Irony is that my business is "To help people identify and mould their limiting beliefs for them to get their results". I somehow feel that I took this plunge too early, before I could get massive changes into my life. I am feeling that how can I actually advise people when the process that I am doing has not resulted in massive changes in my life yet.

So to speak, I am slightly in a fix. Where I have quit my job 2 months ago and I do not have the money to run my house and meet my obligations. I somehow know that things will work out. But I really want to take off now.

In such a scenario, would it be advisable to do Vibrational work around business and money (intensifying my desire / moulding my limiting beliefs / listening or watching helpful vibrational material) for most part of the day when getting new business is the top priority for me?

When I actually do what I mentioned above, my family tells me that I should rather spend more time in doing the "Actual Business Work" like prospecting, talking to new clients, reaching out, selling and stuff like that.

I want to understand, how to balance both these requirements.

I somehow feel that I have a lot of things to clear and mould before getting on to my work and in order to get better results for my efforts. When I start working on my issues and moulding those, it takes up most of my time and I end up giving very little or no time to my "Actual Business Work".

I spend my time doing vibrational work for most part of the day, for me to do well in my business. In a way, that doesn't seem to exciting either.

I really want to do well in my business soon and I want to put my efforts proportionately in activities which give me the maximum benefit.

I am sure, some of you might have gone through this situation.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

asked 20 Jan '12, 04:40

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sourabh, there is a path from thoughts to thought forms to reality. but how pure are the thoughts and the compensation set into motion, or does it not matter as one gets what was believed wanted

(20 Jan '12, 20:32) fred

I appreciate your concerns and your situation, and I almost hesitate to answer this question because I'm only going to end up repeating my same old answer that I've given many times about getting into the Vortex first and then deciding what to do because often the answer is blindingly obvious once you are tuned-in there.

Whoops, I've just given that annoying answer again, haven't I? :)

And if you're not in the Vortex when you read that answer, it's going to be a particularly annoying and seemingly-useless non-practical answer :) ...even though it's actually the key to everything and is the most totally valuable and practical answer it is possible to give.

For me, getting from outside the Vortex to firmly inside the Vortex takes about 20 minutes maximum using the methods mentioned on this website, especially the Advanced Focus Blocks Method of climbing the vibrational ladder from Focus Blocks/Wheels to Positive Aspects to a Rampage of Appreciation. When you can write out a Rampage and mean it, you're right in the Vortex.

If you are spending the whole day molding your limiting beliefs, you may be trying too hard and it implies you're not in the Vortex. When you're in the Vortex, you just don't care whether you have limiting beliefs or not, and you certainly don't feel like working on them.

It's when you find yourself focusing on something that kicks you out of the Vortex that they become important again.

You're never going to "clean up" everything in your life because your life is geared up towards always giving you more stuff to "clean up".

So you might as well enjoy the ride, clean up a little bit every day (as an excuse to focus) and sail into the Vortex as often as possible - because that's where all your unique customized answers, to every problem you could possibly have (including this problem) are waiting for you.


answered 20 Jan '12, 08:29

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Excellent answer Stingray! I agree that it's one of those answers that seems annoying when you're not in the Vortex, because then your natural inclination is to 'fix' whatever is wrong. But when you're in the Vortex... There's nothing to fix.

(20 Jan '12, 08:36) cassiopeia

@Stingray:Thanks so much.This makes so much sense! I know what you are saying is the best and easiest way to get what I want.Also I have received this answer from you several times in the past. And every time I fall, you are kind enough to remind me again!:) I realized that I was jumping around too much and trying out several things together at one time and was getting overwhelmed. I have some better clarity now about how to approach my work. I am grateful to all of you and especially my wife!

(23 Jan '12, 02:01) Sourabh

Is there anyone who could possibly vote you down? :)

(23 Jan '12, 04:58) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Oh yes there are :) I've certainly had my fair share of down-votes in the past. There's a core community of strong-willed, independently-minded thinkers at IQ which makes it one of the most leading-edge and open-minded places I've encountered on the internet. But there's still plenty of people out there in "the world" who don't like knowledge of this kind being openly discussed. You can spot them because they join, make a lot of critical noise, get nowhere, and then give up :)

(23 Jan '12, 16:26) Stingray

@Sourabh - You're very welcome. I'm glad you took that answer in the spirit it was intended. "Get into the Vortex" is really the best answer to every possible question but when one is not in the Vortex when hearing that answer, it can seem completely trite and meaningless

(23 Jan '12, 16:28) Stingray
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I like all the answers, but, do the Business Work. That maybe all you need to turn everything around. Set yourself up as a expert and find a way to get there. If you find people that really want to change they will probably need you service. I have a business So I know what you are going through. I spend about half the time prospecting, and half practicing LOA. Many of the others carpet cleaners spend all their time discounting their way to jobs and success, a sure way to fail. I Keep higher prices and love myself enough to ask for them. Best of luck.


answered 20 Jan '12, 22:09

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Thanks Tom, that does help a lot. I was having this see-saw of priorities. Wherein for some time I used to focus only on prospecting and sometime only on vibrational work. What I think I need to do is better prioritization and have improved focus by doing 1 thing at 1 time and giving my 100% to it! :)

(23 Jan '12, 02:09) Sourabh

Hello Sourabh

Personally I feel that there is no one fix for everyone which has been mentioned many times before as everyone is different to a certain extent - which is why some people do not know about the Law of Attraction but yet able to achieve almost everything they want in life without doing much vibrational work.

One thing I would suggest though is maybe you could try considering changing your business to something else since you are only two months into it and not too attached to it yet, or have a separate business at the same time while you are trying to take the original one off. Because from my own experience (or should I say my own beliefs :) ) , self-help is something which is very difficult to sell to others if you come from having benefited from it before - especially at a low cost or for free (such as on this site). As you might have the feeling that you shouldn't charge something which people (or which you got for free) can get for free. Of course this is just from my own experience, you may feel a completely different way.

Coming back to the question, for my own issues I sometimes find that it is very difficult to be molding or doing vibrational work on it everyday. For instance if I want to a partner at this point of time, it would literally impossible for me to be doing vibrational work on this issue for a continously two weeks, for after all it usually takes 12-20 complete sentences for a focus wheel or block to be completed.

Well, after typing this I felt like I didn't really answer your question directly but since I already typed it what the heck lol and I shall just leave it here - maybe you would be able to get some new insights from this. :)


answered 20 Jan '12, 05:36

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@Kakaboo: You are right, all it takes is 12-20 sentences.1 Why spend the entire day! :) Yes, 1 thing that I have come to understand, by reading on this site repeatedly is that, different things work for different people and hence one should keep experimenting till the time something works for himself / herself. At times one does get confused and overwhelmed with so much of information about different processes and ways, that one loses track. Thanks so much :)

(23 Jan '12, 02:16) Sourabh
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