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Hey guys,

I was always into sports since a young age.

In terms of a superstar like David Beckham, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, etc. I've read their biographies. Fernando Torres loved soccer from a young age and he practiced and practiced hard, however, he did not seriously think he was going to be a elite, world cup winning soccer player. He wanted to play soccer because he enjoyed soccer and just wanted to play at club level, he was seriously not expecting to play for the Spanish national team. When he played at club level at 17, he worked hard at his game and eventually got better which impressed the Spanish national selectors to select him for national matches. He was young, fit and atheletic, he was confident in his abilities and backed himself, he worked hard at his game which made him a regular fixture for the Spanish team and he had passion, he had confidence, courage and was responsible.

David Beckham from a young age loved soccer and would play with his dad. From a uyoung age, he wanted to be a professional soccer player. He practiced and practiced hard, especially his unique 'bend it like Beckham' free kicks. He joined amatuer teams wanting to get notice by scouts. He worked very hard, he was responsible, mature, persistent, tenacious, courageous ad confident which he impressed one scout which got him talks with the Manchester United team. From then on, he worked hard and took responsiblity for this fortunate blessing and worked hard, turned up on time for practice sessions and was very dedicted and responsible.

In terms of vibration, they felt confident about their abilities, worked hard, pursued execellence and were ambitious, they are dedicted who were professional. They earned good money from their late teens and because they were in a fortunate position due to the good feelings of making progress, getting somewhere, having value, confidence and earning money, they just had enormous good feelings which attracted even better things. However, they were very confident, responsible and courageous, which are needed to perform at an elite level. They created immense value through knowing what they wanted from an early age, working hard, staying responsible and disciplined and backing themselves, being assured since they created value and getting on.

Create value, be of service, build value, what can you offer? Be resposnible, pursue excellence, believe and having condidence in yourself, be appreciate and happy in the now and just go with the flow and see what happens?

Hope this helps,


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