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For me, it was last year, March 3, 2010.

On that day, I decided most deliberately to let God get into the Driver's Seat, and do everything I could to become a more positive and better person. It has been a remarkable year! So much has happened since then...

I now have a Great Dream, a Path, and Someone who wants to share that path with me! (In what way, we'll see!:) )

I also count the day I accepted Christ. That was a pretty great moment, for it was the start of all of everything to come.

Blessings, and to Happiness!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

I guess for me it was probably about 15 years ago - can't remember the date or the year.

I was staying by myself in a large mansion house in the middle of a large deserted private's a long story how I got there and I won't bore you with the details :)

I was very isolated and cut-off from humanity in general and had been so for years. I was desperate to understand why my miserable life was the way it was. My self-imposed isolation felt like part of my Inward Quest.

Then one day, out of nowhere, a packet arrived in the mail and there were two copied cassette tapes inside. They were sent by someone I had met briefly at a New Age convention a few months earlier. We had exchanged addresses at the time but I never followed up.

I took a look at the titles scribbled in handwriting on the covers of the cassette tapes and kind of shrugged to myself because I had no idea what they were about.

It was a nice sunny day so I decided to take a drive to a nearby town and walk around the shopping center just to be in the company of human beings for a while. I picked up one of the tapes and started playing it in my car...and almost immediately, I was virtually in a trance from the information I was hearing. I could feel my hair almost standing on end from the thrill of finally understanding things about life that had never made any sense before.

I never reached that shopping center because I just drove and drove and drove so I could carry on listening.

You could say my life changed dramatically from that day onwards as I immersed myself in that information.

A few years(!) later, I remembered there was another cassette tape in that packet - I rediscovered it as I was packing to move house - and I finally decided to play it to find out what it was. Again, I was captivated as yet another amazing perspective on life flooded into my reality.

A few years ago, I contacted that friend who sent the tapes. In all that time since the tapes arrived (a decade earlier), I had never contacted her or told her of the effect of that information on my life.

But I just felt curious about what had made her start me on my journey. I asked her why she sent those tapes and how the information had helped her. She told me she had completely forgotten she had sent them and did not even know what was on them...they were given to her by someone else, she had never played them, but she thought I might be interested instead even though she knew virtually nothing about me.

So what was on those cassette tapes that I received in the post on the same day 15 years ago from a virtual stranger that had such a profound life-changing effect on me?

The first tape featured "someone" called Abraham. The second tape was by "someone" called Bashar.



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Sincere, interesting and worth story. Nothing is accidentally! Thank you

(16 Feb '11, 23:08) Gleam

Yes, no such thing as accident. The tapes came in right when you were ready and your isolation was just what you needed, your very own cocoon! Thank you for sharing, it is nice to know a bit of your journey

(17 Feb '11, 06:59) daniele

Oh thats beautiful :) You draw into your experience what you need, when you let it. poignant indeed :) thank you for sharing this.

(17 Feb '11, 17:44) Nikki777

What a great story...I call these events "God-incidences"-for I believe that there are no "coincidences" without God! Thank you so much for sharing- especially since you are such a gift to IQ!!! Blessings, Jaianniah

(19 Feb '11, 20:20) Jaianniah

That is awesome Stingray, i got chills reading your post =)

(13 Nov '12, 21:09) Skuldr
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For me it was in 2002. I had gone as low as I could get on every level and just could not make anything work for me. I was really down on myself..... confused,disappointed with life, even angry. I would at that moment in time been happy to die.

I went to the beach and cried my heart out. I was angry with God and questioned why when I had being trying so hard to walk this path of Awareness, I was finding it so hard. Then out of the blue came a loud loud that I felt that everyone on the beach that day must have heard it and the voice said;

" You see what I dont see and you dont see what I see"

It took me another couple of months to work out this wording and to realise that I had got lost in my Ego.What was being said to me in laymans words was......your see only negativity in yourself,attachment to form or how you want the world to see you, which I (God) dont see and you dont see the beauty in yourself.....your TRUE ESSENCE that I do see.

I had become so attached to identity or form that I had lost the essence of who I truly am.

It was an amazing revelation for me and one that has stayed with me every day since


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Susan 1

Fantastic story...such a great revelation! Thanks for sharing it. Blessings, Jaianniah

(19 Feb '11, 20:22) Jaianniah

that it amazing.. very nice! =)

(13 Nov '12, 21:10) Skuldr

From the age of nine when I thought I understood what death was I had had terrible panic attacks just after falling asleep. After I read "The Testemony of Light" my whole understanding changed completely. Not since that time have I woken with the panicky dread that I needed to run away from death only to realise that it was still there. Some days I even think now that it will be a fantastic adventure.


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I, too, was afraid of Death...until I came to Inward Quest, and was enlightened by the community here. I am so glad you are here now! Blessings, Jaianniah :)

(19 Feb '11, 20:25) Jaianniah

Thank you Jai, the more I read here the easierit get and the happier I become.

(21 Feb '11, 08:16) evelyn

I was in Kauai overcoming an addiction when as I walked through a place called secret beach, on my headphones a song came on from a band called Train. I knew the song (as it started I knew the first words were "I need a sign") and just as those lyrics came on I looked up and simultaneously all at once a flock of doves flew out in front of me. I got my sign :)


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very cool! :) Jai

(21 Feb '11, 05:47) Jaianniah

I saw the birds as having community. I imagined all that is as atomic and that we are each part and have a place. I felt a waterfall of light and heard the crackle of eggshell.


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That is a nice experience, you must have been very "aware" at that moment.. Nice story! =)

(13 Nov '12, 21:14) Skuldr

I have to add a bit to my best days Spiritually...One night, I awakened to see a Being, enveloped in a glow of bright blue light, standing beside my bed. I thought I was dreaming, and pinched myself...But I was awake, and she was there! She was the most gentle and beautiful Being I ever saw. It only took me a short while to realize that it was Mary.

She spoke to me for about twenty minutes. During that time, I was filled with a profound sense of peace and love. She told me to make a Rosary, to pray on it, and to wear a Miraculous Medallion. All these things I knew nothing about until she told me of them.

I cannot remember all the things she told me, but when she left, my belief in God and and the Spiritual realm was firmly established in my soul. I especially will always remember that feeling of peace and love given to me.

I know you may perhaps think all this was a dream. It was not...all while Mary was with me, I was hitting my sleeping husband with my elbow. Mary finally giggled and told me to stop! She said he would not wake up until she was gone! But I decided to post this because it is the truth, and Mary's visit changed me forever.

Such is the way of our best spiritual days!

To open minds...Blessings, Jaianniah


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Reading your answer I'm covered in goose bumps,do you feel privaliged to have had the visit?

(21 Feb '11, 08:18) evelyn

Absolutely! Jai

(21 Feb '11, 08:39) Jaianniah

That is awesome! When you see such a miraculous being and they are chatting with YOU.. it makes you feel so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your story =)

(13 Nov '12, 21:13) Skuldr
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