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almost never in life we ask ourselves this question, but it would be interesting to know, to see that we are not doing today that are important to us, and not do it because we believe that the time never ends ..

asked 13 Apr '10, 12:37

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If finances were readily available , I would have to say - see as much of the world as possible ( with my husband and kids ).

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answered 13 Apr '10, 20:58

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Hi Robert - I don't think you're supposed to accept an answer on a community wiki question :-)

(14 Apr '10, 13:27) Michaela

I believe that what is the "curse" and "sickness" of people today, is the feeling that they are IMMORTAL.

What do I mean by that? Well they procrastinate their life's waiting for a better time to do something.

It was the story of my life too. I used to say "Ok, now that I've got this concept down all for me left to do is to put it into action..but maybe I could learn something more before I can apply it, something even more useful and awesome?"

So I procrastinated and waited for the "perfect moment" to do something, but you know what, it never came. Why? Because the perfect time to do anything is Now. It is Now because Now is the only moment there is.

When you think of the past you do it in the Now and when you plan for the future you also do it in the Now; there is no other moment except the Now.

So if you wait, if you procrastinate, what you're in fact doing is putting your life on hold. Do you really want to do that? You really want to wait for those great gifts life has to offer?

I was in a situation lately when I was offered to go to Egypt for w week. Well, "back in the day" I had a lot of beliefs about money and abundance that were pulling me back.

I thought I've had to accumulate enough money and only then I could do what I wanted.

Well since that time my definition of abundance changed. Now my definition of abundance is.

Abundance - the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Period.

So when my friend asked me about the trip I was hesitating. I wanted to go, but I still had beliefs about money that were holding me back. I could afford the trip, but somehow I felt my sense of security was jeopardized.

So I thought about the definition of abundance; "Can I do it? Do I want to do it?" Both answers to those questions were "Yes" and it was one of the best weeks of my life.

So if I had only one year to live I would adopt this belief - DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO WHEN YOU NEED TO DO IT. Why?

First of all, because it is fun.

Second, because the Universe will support you in that. It has supported you all your life and it will support you still if you give it a chance.

So start living like this moment is your last moment on Earth. Stop being immortal thinking that you have all the time in the world, because you don't! You could be dead tomorrow or even today. You can be like the Polish President and 92 passengers that crashed few days ago and all of them died.

Don't procrastinate and start living, Now!

You can read more about living in the Now and "getting of your butt" in my book, which you can download for FREE here

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answered 13 Apr '10, 18:47

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That is the principle of Zen meditation. Living in the present, it is your only time available, the past has gone and the future will come...? we dont know

(14 Apr '10, 01:49) Robert

Same thing than nowadays.

The only thing which separate animal from human is humans capasity to evolve spiritually whole life. I mean between year 0 and year whatever.

So, if I have 1 year of life left, thats means only that I got 1 year left to evolve spiritually.

1 year, thats very long time!

Ps."Its" really only a ride;-)

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answered 14 Apr '10, 20:05

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