I have met people who do and say all sorts of things people would label as "spiritually bad".

How is it that many of them seem stronger, more in control of their life and are not affected by it vs. others that are aware of it?


asked 31 Mar '11, 18:52

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it is BECAUSE they are not aware of it. it is because their belief systems are not allowing them to have the neggitive "consiquinces" that we would feel when we are doing "bad things" it is like children who eat ice cream by the tub are not aware of the sugar intake they are gettin, while a diebetic realizes it is bad for him so when they do eat it they are automaticly aware of the consiquinces and begin to feel the effects imediatly. in all reality they may APEAR to have their life in order or not be affected by it BUT in their lifes behind doors or even if they are only subconsiesly aware of it, they have horrible lives, like energy blockages, they do not have good relationships, they truly cant feel or experiance love! they can not fool their souls! this is where we need to realize the fact that just because someone has money, or a great job, or no hardships paying their bills,or seem to have greatr material possesions, do NOT make them happy people! they in fact are usally the WORST in the area of spirituality ! i promise that you would rather have a great sense of spiritualness than lots of kewl stuff. me and my wife went through almost a half of a million dollars in a year, and it was one of the WORST times of our lives. sure we could pay the bills and buy a ton of cool stuff. but we were bothe dead inside! hope that helps my freind. love n light, rob


answered 31 Mar '11, 21:02

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TReb Bor yit-NE

back to basic what do you mean by spiritually bad? from one person to the next it could be many thing! if you mean to not follow religion! well it is not spiritually bad even jesus and buddha and bodhidharma where against it! if you are talking about someone doing bad(mind speak action) to them self or other then it is spiritually bad!


answered 14 May '11, 18:26

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white tiger

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