And then one regarding life in general that fluctuates with where our vibration is on the other topics, or is it one emotional scale for our life ?

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Thanks for asking this question!

(17 Feb '11, 17:47) Chris 2
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Good question - and one that is so fundamental to understand that I'm surprised it hasn't come up before.

Yes, there is a different emotional scale for every topic you can give your attention to. But, obviously, there will be some overlap between similar topics. For example, it is probably fairly likely that your setpoint on the emotional scale regarding red cars is going to be fairly similar to your setpoint on the emotional scale for blue cars...unless, of course, the difference in those colors is especially significant for you in some way.

Given what I've just said, it might seem that the more topics you feel better about, the better your life will be overall...but it's not quite as simple as that.

It comes down to where your attention is focused predominantly throughout the day...the quality of your vibrational airtime, you could say.

For example, you can have 1,000 topics in your life right now that you are happy about and just one that makes you miserable. But if you give the most daily airtime to that single miserable topic, that miserable feeling can overflow into all those other topics (because of your habitual attention to that bad feeling) and drag all those other topics down their respective emotional scales.

But it can work the other way too.

You can have 1,000 topics you are miserable about right now and just one that makes you feel great. And if you predominantly focus on the one that makes you feel great, it can pull up all the others.

Ever noticed how things start to go well for people who suddenly find themselves in love with someone to such an extent that they feel love within themselves all day long, even if their lives have been generally miserable up to then? you know why it happens :)

Now this point about vibrational airtime is quite an important one...and it can lead to quite a startling revelation if you think it through.

Most people think that they don't manifest the big things in their lives because of their feeling about those big subjects.

But that's often not the case, because it's not usually the big things in our lives that grab most of our attention during the's little things!

It's things like being frustrated by the traffic snarl-ups on the way to work, the uncomfortable way your messy desk at home makes you feel, the unpaid bills that make you feel unsettled, the petty arguments with your spouse that make you feel irritated...all those apparently little things are making up the majority of your vibrational offering - your overall vibrational mix, you could say - and are dragging down other aspects of your life (the big things) that you may otherwise be manifesting easily into your reality.

So these little things that cause this vibrational drag are really well worth clearing up in your life every so often.

And over the past few years, I've evolved my own way of doing that vibrational clean-up which I call The Focus Blocks Method (Manifesting Experiment 2). It's a variation of Abraham's Focus Wheels Process but is aimed directly at clearing up all those pesky little issues :)


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Thank you so much for your reply. That makes sense to me, so it comes down to focus on the good, and that amplifies, or focus on the bad and that amplifies... How do you recognize which topic needs a vibrational clean up? As so many thoughts run through your mind throughout the day? I try to follow my emotions, if I feel bad about something, then I will probe to see what made me feel that way and try to soothe myself on that topic.

(17 Feb '11, 18:01) Nikki777

My approach is to just clean everything up :) ...if it crosses my mind and I noticed it made my feel bad then I add it to my Focus Blocks. That particular method involves you noting down whatever bothers you during the day to clean up later. Because of this effect whereby feeling better brings everything else in your life to a better place, it's not as difficult as it sounds to clean up everything on a regular basis

(17 Feb '11, 18:41) Stingray

In the past, I would have thought omg cleaning everything up! that is gonna be one long process, time consuming, is it even possible etc. etc. but it makes me so happy and releived to realize I actually believe I can do that. Thanks again! :)

(17 Feb '11, 19:35) Nikki777

You're welcome, Nikki777

(17 Feb '11, 21:06) Stingray

Good answer Stingray. Im looking forward to a large manifestation soon,BUT i will continue to focus on the smaller things which give me pleasure and leave the bigger issue on the back burner.If cleaning up the smaller stuff helps the aggregate emotional levels of our lives then it does seem to make sense to eliminate the smaller gripes in life as fare as we can.

(18 Feb '11, 14:58) Monty Riviera

Brilliant answer, could not have put it better myself

(18 Feb '11, 22:46) Susan 1
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I agree with Stingray's points. Our emotions do vary on different issues but if we start to feel bad about one issue we are likely to start feeling bad about other things as well. The opposite is true as well. When we start feeling good about one thing it spreads. The reason for this is that we attract energy that is similar to our emotional set point. So no matter how you put it when you start feeling good about anything you will be in a better place to attract positive energy. What I advise is that if you have a situation that is difficult or challenging do not focus on that but rather find something that you can allow yourself to feel good about or ideally imagine the situation the way you want it to be and let that be your focus. I know it is easier said than done but what I am learning is that this new way of thinking takes practice and it does get easier with time.


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Yes we have many emotions depending on the topics, for example you feel wonderful when you think of Christmas, but what about when you think of soldiers being tortured in some war? Of course you do not feel the same wonderful you feel horrified, you cannot have the same emotions for all topics.

So we can get angry but we mustn't let that be a destructive angry, we must let it be a constructive anger. In other words something that makes us want to change things for the better. For example I can get angry seeing all people that need help and have none and say why why why doesn't anyone do something for these people!!!! Or I can get angry and say someone has to do something for these people, let it start with me, I am going to change this!

The point is to not let the emotion control you but act in logic and value and this acting in logic and value to make things better will as well lift your emotions as a result of your good work you have produced.

Emotions do not produce results, they are the feeling effects of the results produced or not produced. If value is not created then the feeling emotions are poor, if value is created then the resulting emotions are happiness.


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Wade Casaldi

to question '2'
by now most of operate on a conscious or nonconscious belief as to why we are here, no doubt coloring all that is chosen.
to question '1'
as an addendum to '2', then look at the initial receptor then sender of the impulse.
with more than one way to sense and with combinations there of, do we rank order out of past wisdom or venture something new


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