I'm asking this out of curiosity. :D

I've never taken drugs, but it's supposed to give one a feeling of euphoria. If that is the case, wouldn't drug addicts be in the vortex all the time and hence should be able to manifest all that they want? And if not, what is going on there?

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Also see:

What is the difference between taking drugs and creating an alternate reality with your imagination?


(13 Dec '10, 23:40) Back2Basics

Thanks! I must have missed seeing this topic...

(14 Dec '10, 00:48) Pat W

caffeine is a drug. And I experience extreme euphoria when I take a redbull

(10 Nov '11, 12:21) Nikulas

Abraham-Hicks touches briefly on this subject:


(15 Apr '14, 02:21) TGunn
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The way I see it is it's a huge area to explore and it's best if our conclusions are not formed by thinking from limited perspectives. It's better to be open-mindedly skeptical when examining subjects of this nature and their implications to self-discovery and the nature of reality.

Inquiring into the works of people, who have actually ventured down the drugs rabbit hole, such as: Carlos Castaneda, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley and Terrence McKenna as well as psychiatrists (in the case of MDMA), nets us greater understanding than relying on and believing people who've never even tried drugs, no matter who they are.

The answer also depends upon the nature of anyone who's actually tried or is currently participating in drug use. For example, if someone has an addictive personality they may not really get anything important from drugs and in the long term may in fact ruin their life experience. Then there's the non-addictive personality type who takes drugs with an inquiring mind and who may decide to become a non-addicted drug user.

Personally, prior to trying magic mushrooms some 25 years ago, my hard, fixed, self-righteous opinion was that all drugs were bad. Upon taking the mushrooms my hard egotistical shell was cracked and I experienced another side of reality, a new perspective which, imho, is just as real as normal everyday reality.

Yes it was wonderful and there was a feeling of euphoria and bliss for 8 to 12 hours. However, the next day I was so happy just to be alive on our seemingly solid Mother Earth and immediately began appreciating everything; just because it was or because it existed in my life. My journey had begun...

And why do you think psychiatrists used mdma with patients and couples who were having relationship challenges? The answer is simple, it's because mdma forces you to be real. It forces you to stop the constant self-chatter, drop your ego-created mask and to be the real person that you actually are behind the mask and to experience love and communion with another human being. In that way all challenges can be overcome and healed!

So my bottom line take on drugs is this: while drugs are not necessary for all of us, they can be hugely beneficial to certain people. And yes, you are in the vortex while being influenced by certain drugs, but it will not last and so you will not be happily manifesting. However, you will have experienced those states of being, tasted them, and you will want to be back there.

And being a rational, logical and sane person, you'll realize that drugs are not the way to achieve and integrate those states into your being for the long term, so you look for ways to get there that do not include drug use. Knock and the door will be opened for you. So certain drugs can be the catalyst to one’s inward journey 8-)


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Good to see a rational and well-informed answer on this topic. I'm a pothead and I've had to address how it affects my spirituality. For example, when I meditate, sometimes I'll smoke first because it helps in dropping away the stress and elevating the mood. Of course, there's also a reduction in awareness and focus so when I have specific work in mind like visualization then I want to be sober. Very simple. It's all about educated, responsible use (or abstention).

(05 Aug '14, 20:00) Concolitanos

Wow, that's a really good question.

Here's my take. Your brain has pleasure and pain centers. These centers are designed to act as the carrot and the stick, leading you away from undesirable behaviors and towards productive behaviors.

From a Law of Attraction perspective, your brain tells you when you are on track towards manifestation by giving you pleasure when you are pointed in the right direction.

Taking drugs short-circuits this process. You are no longer choosing the behavior that is producing the euphoria. Instead, the drugs are stimulating your euphoric centers independently of your thinking and feeling processes.

So no, taking drugs does not get you into the vortex. In fact, taking drugs has the opposite effect, because it dulls the pleasure centers of your brain. The drugs bind to the opiate receptors, and prevent pleasure from being obtained in the usual ways.

Addicts can tell you this is true; when you recover from addiction, it takes awhile for the addict to be capable of feeling good again, because it takes time for the pleasure centers to recover from being burned out by the drug use.


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Thanks, Vesuvius. This makes a lot of sense. :)

(13 Dec '10, 07:04) Pat W

Yeah, this is realistic and practical info

(10 Nov '11, 12:22) Nikulas

Just randomly found this old answer... I've never seen the relationship between drugs and the vortex laid out so clear, and it's something I've always wondered about. Thanks, Vesuvius! I know drugs have genuinely gotten me closer towards manifestations, but this must have been when I was already close to the Vortex before I took them, and whatever activity I indulged in while high (eg bonding with friends) pushed me into it.

(01 Feb '12, 12:23) cassiopeia

My turn on the "just randomly found this old answer."

Of course I feel drugs when abused as an addiction, like anything when abused as an addiction, can interfere with healthy living. That being said, this answer is amazing and an extremely beneficial explanation for how feeding your happiness through addiction rather than true fulfillment can be very dangerous and hazardous to living. Now how to adjust life from one of the 'types' of addict ( http://tiny.cc/j5v1yw ) to 'non-addict'.

(21 Jun '13, 18:47) Snow
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Your question is based on the assumption that people on drugs are happy. I do not know if that is necessarily true. They might feel good when they are on the drug but when they come down from the high I do not think that they feel good. Addiction is not a good thing.


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I think that definitely certain drugs can take you into the vortex. Furthermore, being in the vortex immediately made me relate it to the effects you would get from ecstasy (MDMA). At the same time, everytime a drug is taken the effects lessen until eventually you no longer get high or feel euphoric and you need that specific drug just to be normal. Your mind become cluttered with thoughts only relating to drugs and this puts you in a selfishly desperate state all of the time and almost total detachment from your soul. So while the effects from drugs can be mind altering and a wonderful experience, it is also a dangerous game to play.


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Yes, they are in the vortex, but only while they are 'high' from the drugs, not in any other moment of their life.

People who are addicted to drugs usually feel 'neediness' and continuous 'craving' for the drug, even a need to 'depend' on the drug for the happiness.

This is very bad for your energy during manifesting.

Be happy Now, as Abraham says.

Feel excited Now, live in your excitement Now as Bashar says.

Then you realize you don't 'need' a substance to be happy because you can choose joy now by your focus and by choosing your behavior.


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There are vids on Youtube answering this question by Abraham. Yes, you can be in the vortex due to drugs but not always. And that feeling is transitory and not to be used to manifest with.


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